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what's everyone's ideal robot girl?

>mature woman, JK, loli?

>completely human personality, completely robotic, or some middle point?

>appearance-wise, basically just a human with robot parts, or entirely robotic?

>and finally, what would you use her for and how would you care for her (if at all)? any extra things you want to add also apply.
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Deffo animu catgrill meidos in tiny mini skirts. Uncanny Valley ashite. Besides,
wo would even? o.O
not sure why it won't set the time then, but it's around 0:19 what I want to showcase
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>but it's around 0:19 what I want to showcase
Maybe it's time to pick up ShotCut or KDEnlive Anon?
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I wish to keep as far away from uncanny valley as I can. Think animegao kigurumi if you need a point of reference. Also a cute tail would be a big plus!
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>Also a cute tail would be a big plus!

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>inb4 not allowed
please don't ban me, board owner-san if this wasn't allowed.

To keep the weeb theme, Kemono/Japanese furry style only!
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I love faint seam lines
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a cute!!!
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What are your ideas for a society with robogirls or even your ideas with robogirls? Can be SFW or NSFW, just any ideas you really wanna get out there and share.

Can range from the whole society, to specific things about bots themselves.
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i agree, maybe this answer is retarded but it's my first thought: detroit become human does display this

a lot of people don't like the game but it does answer a lot of the questions asked, for example people still have their jobs but pretty much half of the work force is robots and it causes a sort of anti-robot mentality - at the very start of the game a mother is distraught and screams asking why a robot is going to save her daughter.

i don't care much for the game and it's bot super about "robots" and more about androids basically becoming humans but the worldbuilding is interesting at least.
>>95 (OP) 
Interesting. I kinda envision a world where if sentient robots exist, there must be regulations for their activation, rights, etc. They cannot have freedom on their own, but needed to have an owner attached to them, so everything they do will be the responsibility of the owner as well (basically a parent and children relationship?)

Detroit might be a good inspiration, but I kind of dislike the grim interpretation of it (although kinda realistic, especially with the current political climate?)
This sort of thing would have to be very accommodating. After all, there are some esoteric tastes out there. For example, someone may want the robot to be 'unwilling' and putting up token resistance. If they were able to disassemble with ease, this same person might wish to behead the partner during the activities. Perhaps such whims would be best catered to in specialist venues, whereas your basic proposal would be the common model.
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Vanilla Lily is the brothel for more tame things, things like vaginal, intercrucial, nuru massages, baths with girls, gentle sex, anal. The less intense things.

There's another brothel for more intense things, but not too far - things like footjobs, kneejobs, dismantling (but not in a ryona way, just turning her into a fleshlight essentially), futa, mommy kinks.

Then the final level of brothel, you can guess what goes on in there.
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>>95 (OP) 
If a dastardly criminal sneaked into someone's house and fucked their house cleaning robot, what should he be charged with aside from breaking and entering? What if the robot was a companionship robot instead? Should the robot be able to simply smash his face in?

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Oh fuck, I didn't think you'd actually do it.
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sorry for the slight spam of robo girl porn for a second, just three gifs i wanted to send
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Nice dick-polishing, no need to apologize.
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I wish to have a robot wife.

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