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Discuss how we would like to sculpt and tweak the board here. If you have any suggestions for improving the board or if you would like to change its look and feel please feel free to drop a post here. Would-be jannies can contact the webmaster to volunteer if they wish.

This thread will also double as the off-topic lounge thread until it gets too chaotic.

Kindred Souls

/robowaifu/ - DIY Robot Wives on ALOGS.SPACE

The recurring Robots, Cyborgs, and Living Dolls thread on 4chan's /d/
Archived on the saintly Desuarchive
I wish Charu inhabited my computer, she is the perfect friendly and helpful girl, she would be a great girlfriend...
Post damaged robogirls or damaged robogirls getting repaired, anything float the boat as long as it shows internal mechanism that aren't supposed to be seen.
I love my wife 2B so much. I want her to sit on my face so badly I don't care that she weighs 328 pounds.
Would you keep your robot maid wife updated? I usually like to keep my things updated but I'm not too sure if I would want to keep my maid updated or even connected to the internet. Knowing I'm one bad patch away from potentially losing her personality is a disturbing thought.
Mods are asleep, post Jenny.
I want to save her... I also want to make her my robot wife.
The Mekabare thread is a bit too hardcore for my taste, I just want to see some bare metal qts!
NSFW or SFW, anything that's worth sharing. Dump some stories about robots.
I wonder what's on her mind...
what's everyone's ideal robot girl?

>mature woman, JK, loli?

>completely human personality, completely robotic, or some middle point?

>appearance-wise, basically just a human with robot parts, or entirely robotic?

>and finally, what would you use her for and how would you care for her (if at all)? any extra things you want to add also apply.
>inb4 not allowed
please don't ban me, board owner-san if this wasn't allowed.

To keep the weeb theme, Kemono/Japanese furry style only!
What are your ideas for a society with robogirls or even your ideas with robogirls? Can be SFW or NSFW, just any ideas you really wanna get out there and share.

Can range from the whole society, to specific things about bots themselves.
Oh fuck, I didn't think you'd actually do it.
I wish to have a robot wife.

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