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what's everyone's ideal robot girl?

>mature woman, JK, loli?

>completely human personality, completely robotic, or some middle point?

>appearance-wise, basically just a human with robot parts, or entirely robotic?

>and finally, what would you use her for and how would you care for her (if at all)? any extra things you want to add also apply.
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as OP of course i'll post, for me i'd want multiple robogirls for different purposes - maybe that's greedy of me but i'd just like that. anyway i'll describe my main one

i'd want a highschooler/jk, completely human personality but similar to the thread image in appearance where shes human-like but has seams and robotic hands and such (image attached is also what i like). i'd want her to be my best friend/girlfriend. very wholesome mostly, i just want someone to spend time with. 

i'm a girl myself, so maybe that's typical for my sex to just want a freind but i'm lonely as shit. ofc i do want one for sex and stuff but my main one would just be a sweetie to be friends with and have her cook for me and such.
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You absolute madlad, you did it. 

Construct-a-robowaifu thread, explain what kind of robowaifu you wishes to have!
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Modular and mass produced with a life-like texture! Detachable limbs are a must! Realism is fine but sometimes you just want a modular, easy to clean onahole pussy. Getting a good discount on an economy or legacy model cutie and slowly customizing her to my liking would be the ideal dream.
Replies: >>17
Merged >>5 into this thread to avoid split discussion.
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My ideal qt robot girl would look like a Christmas cake, forever a cute 20-something OL that I could modify on a whim when I want to. My ideal robo cutie would be like >>8 with very obvious panel lines and maybe slightly emissive eyes. Waking up late at night and getting spooked by a pair of faintly glowing eyes would be charming.

She'd be the ideal domestic robot girl, she's got to cook, clean, and shop for groceries with me! Having her do patrols around the house would be cute too, I want a protective housewife robo girl!

Nothing wrong with wanting a harem of robogirls, as long as you can afford the initial investment and the electricity what’s the problem? It’s not like they’ll get jealous unless you want them to. Just having a companion is nice, you don’t have to have a nonstop fuckbot, putting her in fuckbot mode is a big bonus that shouldn’t be missed out on though. Desiring a platonic companion goes beyond one's sex, you know. I think a lot of robofuckers seek companionship beyond just craving a synthetic warm hole to pound.
>mature woman, JK, loli?
20 years old
>completely human personality, completely robotic, or some middle point?
Human Personality but I can change anything I want in a hypnosis manner
>appearance-wise, basically just a human with robot parts, or entirely robotic?
Human appearance, but I know she is a robot underneath 

>and finally, what would you use her for and how would you care for her (if at all)? any extra things you want to add also apply.
House duty, shopping, cooking, cleaning, sexual activities(really hardcore, shit I would cringe if I were to tell a human girl) and other things I can't do alone or I don't want to do and don't require a lot of brain power
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i feel like you'd enjoy picrel

>shit I would cringe if I were to tell a human girl

my god same, that's a big thing for me as well. how the fuck do i tell anothergirl "hey i want to fuck you with my futa cock" along with other shit i'm into. they'd probably just call me a retarded fag which isn't wrong but i want a girl who will let me do that and so i want a robogirl who's completely in love with me and is okay with anything.

btw i gave myself a name just so i can be recognized since this is it's own board and basically it's own community
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that is actually quite tame compared to the shit I want
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It's better if they tease you about your degenerate shit, perhaps when you least expect it, keeps things spicy. I just want a qt with detachable legs and arms!!
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thats just the tamest one i could think of

i'm a little bitch so if i got made fun of it i'd rather it be a specific robot made for that, not my main girlfriend bot. and detachable limbs are cool, i think i'd like it if i could remove my robogirl's limbs
Replies: >>37
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this is what my robogf would look like, very basic i know but she doesn't have to be anything complex. that can be for my other bots, and it's early morning for me so i'm not drawing a full-body that fast.
Replies: >>38 >>106
this might dox me a little, but I was working in the past on a survival game and this was one of the mechanics. I've quited working on it due to a lack in following and funding
Replies: >>39 >>40
Your girlfriend robot is extremely cute, she can be complex on the inside where it counts. Panel lines moe...
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A survival game with detachable robo girl limbs? So she could get a gun arm and a chainsaw?
Replies: >>42

i've always kind of wsnted to make one of those games that are kind of like virtual assistants, with a setting to pick a human voice actor or something like vocaloid. if you've ever seen that hatsune miku merchandise item where shes basically alexa for your vocaloid wife needs, i mean something like that. but my programming skills are ass.

>working in the past on a survival game and this was one of the mechanics
reminds me of a game i like called Factorial Omega: My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend but it updated two months ago.

exactly, panel lines are the cutest. i might try to draw her more once my coffee hits.
not implemented, I was thinking of upgrades or even as a means of repair, here's the video of a scapped prototype(coded it in a few weeks)
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once again, me seriously being tired. this time to the point i jusy started coloring outside the lines. i just wanted to get down the basic idea anyway.
Replies: >>76 >>106
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Probably closer to Roll from Megaman but older. Like legal in age and body type.

>mature woman, JK, loli?
JK would be the closest 

>completely human personality, completely robotic, or some middle point?
Having an *almost* human personality is kinda cute, if I were being honest.

>appearance-wise, basically just a human with robot parts, or entirely robotic?
human with robot parts are cute, like you can obviously see some seams or have some parts like antenna and charging port

>and finally, what would you use her for and how would you care for her (if at all)? any extra things you want to add also apply.
be my waifu.mp4
Replies: >>56

roll is super cute, i remember i read a manga a while ago with a robot girl but i can't remember the name for the life of me. the story was a bit shit but the robot girl was cute and she's a major character (deuteragonist) so i just kept reading
Replies: >>59
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>robot girl but i can't remember the name for the life of me

took a minute but i just found it, ryuzu from clockwork planet
Replies: >>66
>the story was a bit shit but the robot girl

LMAO agreed. I'm still surprised that they decided to adapt it into an anime and still being shit
Replies: >>60

i'm glad they adapted it so i can have ryuzu in motion
I like the way 'Gem' is portrayed in Tron 2. A computer program rather than a robot, I suppose. Still has the right vibe for me. She would make a good maid, secretary and sexual relief station.
ah I remember how I found out about her. I was using akinator to find any fembots. And yes the story was quite crap, especially that I know enough about electromagnetism. 

But Ryuzu is still the best waifu
puffy nipples!
puffy vulva!
cute robot girlfriend, good luck with the feet.
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working on art of my ideal robowife!

>daily tests to make sure she's in shape and none of her internals are out of place in a way where she might break during intercourse

you gotta look in her panels to make sure nothing is too close to hit one another, and remove her limbs so that her arms and legs don't obscure vision during work
Replies: >>83 >>106
Stress testing your robowife with your dick is a bold move, there are more controlled ways to test these things out, you know?
Replies: >>86

>there are more controlled ways to test these things out

this way feels the best

lol jk, i would use other things, the real reason for drawing a dick in this piece is:

>wanted to practice drawing dick
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also, i found some really cute art. it looks kind of like android girl home depot which is funny to me
Replies: >>88
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>>wanted to practice drawing dick
Can't fault you there sis, sometimes the ambulatory onahole with a vocal synthesizer should get used as an onahole proper.

Modularity is king, swap out for some fat tits on your robogf for a lark.
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nipple insertion robogirl would get me off so good. i've desperately tried to stretch out my nipples even a little bit but it just isn't possible in this reality. in the world of robogirls, though, i can have a futa cock and fuck a robogirl in any way i want.
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fuck reality, go schizo and live in a world where you can buy a robot wife and use her to your heart's content
Replies: >>99
Being schizo is not enjoyable, just ask Terry Davis
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>mature woman, JK, loli?
my age (mid 20s), anything else would be weird

>completely human personality, completely robotic, or some middle point?
most of the time she puts up a human front, but having her true robotic nature come out when she's relaxed and during intimate sessions, esp. during sex sounds extremely fucking hot. laidback big sister type of personality, chill and witty but assertive, playfully dominant but also likes being dominated.

>appearance-wise, basically just a human with robot parts, or entirely robotic?
an entirely robotic, modular design, with a good mix between cool and cute, soft and metallic. artificial skin, armor pieces in place of hair, glowing eyes, a cute and girly synthesized voice. the design in pic related is a pretty good example of what i'm thinking, sauce is ugobeta. kuruton's designs are also very appealing to me.

>and finally, what would you use her for and how would you care for her (if at all)? any extra things you want to add also apply.
i want a romantic partner to work with in daily life. codependency terrifies me so i wouldn't rely on my robogirl too much. i don't want to become a lazy asshat who constantly orders her around, and i want her to retain her own agency and develop a personality that exists outside of mine, basically we'll help each other grow. her teaching me how to perform maintenance work on her and learning every mechanism that makes her body work sounds super hot and intimate, it's a great way to bond and i'll literally know her inside and out. plus robot maintenance sounds like a cool skill to learn, it could even be turned into a hobby. all i want is a completely honest, no bullshit relationship where we can explore each others' differences in comfort.
Replies: >>101
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>completely honest, no bullshit relationship where we can explore each others' differences in comfort

this is great honestly, also your approach to the look of robogirls is like tied as my first favorite along with the one i described at the top
Replies: >>106
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i do want multiple robogirls, i want a very sleek robotic one similar to your description but for utility. i don't want to be doing nothing with my life but some quality of life changes would be nice. for example, i hate public busses but also hate driving, so she could drive me to and from work. i'm really bad at cooking, so she can help me cook so i can learn (and she can put out a fire if i somehow start one).

i don't want her emotionless though, probably friends with my main robogirl (i named her lulu) but less airheaded than her, she isn't super airheaded anyway but i mean the utility girl is seriously sharp.

picrel is something i would really like for exmaple
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exceptional artist. god i love their stuff.
i hope to improve my japanese enough to be able to interact with the C21 community. i really like the game's artstyle and do lots of low-poly modeling for fun, so i usually model stuff that's in a similar style to the game.
this year i'm gonna model a ton of robogirls, mostly fan models just to show my appreciation and get better at modeling as a whole. on top of that i'm also working on a robogirl arena fighter game but i'm taking a break from that right now cause sadly i have limits as a human and have too many things i want to get good at.

very cute. please draw more of her
lel, nipples don't work like that. Having a qt robot with massive tits and fuckable nipples might be fun though.
Replies: >>108 >>118
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yeah i tried the nipple thing when i was younger and stupid lmao. robot girls with fuckable nipples are the only way now.

>please draw more of her

will do, i'm all out of vacation days so i gotta start doing shit daily again but i'll draw her in my free time


have a robo bunny maid for good luck this year everyone
Replies: >>109

related to the pic i sent, i need to learn to draw bots like that. will probably do studies
I like robogirls with human personality that is lacking most common senses, with a hint of "hey I'm learning right here!"

>"Anon, so meat in supermarket come from butchered animal!?"
>Well, yeah? Where do you think they came from?
>Well yeah you would be correct, but-
>"So they came from factory, right!"
>... Look, robo-chan, it's much more complex than that. You see-
>"No it's only you trying to confuse me! You said it yourself that meat come from factory!"

I think they're cute when they're trying to understand few stuff that most of us would understand right away.
Replies: >>124 >>145
I'm more interested in the the model that you can drink from. I want to drink chilled strawberry milk from perfect robotitties.
Replies: >>119 >>120
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I recommend you preorder the 2gal upgrade Anon. Can't be too prepared after all.
I don't need big tidies, small enough that can store a cup of milk every morning would be great.

>"Good morning Anon! This is your breakfast latte."
>robo-chan, it's a fucking espresso
>"Hold that cup *proceed to lift her shirt and squeeze the milk from her tiddies* Ta-da-!"
Replies: >>135
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oh yeah! i like that too it's cute, where they take an overly-logical thought path to things humans just accept. like in your example where she hears "meat comes from a factory" she thinks it means it literally comes from the factory, as in the factory just creates meat but that's just straight up wrong.

i think it's interesting to play with, the idea that a robot has too much logic to where it doesn't understand things because they're illogical to them.
Replies: >>147
Anon has mommy issues?
Replies: >>137 >>145

robogirls can help you with any issues, imagine a therapybot perfectly designed to assist you in coping with all of your issues.
Excellent taste, teaching an ignorant robogirl how to exist in society and having her point out logic flaws is moe.

Funbags with utility are that much more fun, you don't need a mommy fetish for that. Having a qt that could boil water and heat up food internally would be a curiosity I couldn't pass up, as well.
Spoiler File
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>i think it's interesting to play with, the idea that a robot has too much logic to where it doesn't understand things because they're illogical to them.
ST TNG's Data is a clear case, but this is a trope going back decades in one form or other tbh.

Interestingly, they gave him an emotion chip and he started malfunctioning repeatedly during that phase.
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Ideal robowife are interesting, but what about the ideal packaging of the said robowife? How are they going to be packaged so they can arrive safely at your door step?
>Ideal robowife are interesting, but what about the ideal packaging of the said robowife? How are they going to be packaged so they can arrive safely at your door step?
Our take on this is that if fully-preassembled, then she'll come packaged in a sturdy container that will double as a charging dock, transportation & storage container, outboard computing & information store. It also serves her one & only connection to the outside world for information exchange. Collectively this is known as her Dollhouse. DIY enthusiasts can build their own Dollhouses ofc, as everything is open-sauce.

Here's some of the software stub thus far:
//  RW Dollhouse
// ==============
// Docking, Charging-System, Storage, and General Outboard Systems Library
// -Part of the RW Foundations suite of libraries

// Filename: ./include/dollhouse/dollhouse.hpp
// -Declarations of the baseline RW Dollhouse library

#pragma once

#include "incls_all.hpp"

namespace rw::dollhouse {

class Dollhouse_b : public RW {
  Dollhouse_b();                                    // default ctor
  explicit Dollhouse_b(std::string const& handle);  // tag-parm'd ctor

class Dollhouse : public Dollhouse_b {
  Dollhouse();                                    // default ctor
  explicit Dollhouse(std::string const& handle);  // tag-parm'd ctor

  // shell & power care
  void dock_me() {}
  void charge_me() {}
  void sleep_me() {}
  void wake_me() {}
  void store_me() {}

  inline auto electro() const -> Electro& { return electro_; }
  inline auto shell() const -> Shell& { return shell_; }

  unique_ptr<Electro_b> _electro_{make_unique<Electro_b>("dollhouse_electro")};
  unique_ptr<Shell_b>   _shell_{make_unique<Shell_b>("dollhouse_shell")};

  Electro& electro_{reference_to<Electro>(_electro_.get())};
  Shell&   shell_{reference_to<Shell>(_shell_.get())};

}  // namespace rw::dollhouse

//    --=^=--

// "______"

// rw_dollhouse_lib.v221022
// Copyright (2022)
// License MIT (Expat) https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT
Replies: >>154 >>173
>using MIT license instead of GNU GPL 3

My wife will never be free after all, huh...
Replies: >>155
Lol. I'd suggest it's free'r than that. :^) 

One of our goals is to spread this technology as far and wide as possible, as quickly as possible, and that's only going to happen in large measure through industry. Many anons want to start small businesses around robowaifus at the least. This license helps support that Anon.
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Interesting. When packaging delicate items for shipping, you must consider the contents and will they shift around. While padding materials is always good, they are not economical and pelican-like case. If android waifus are going to be mass produced in the future, I would imagine travel case and docking would be an optional add-on instead of standard package (unless if your waifu is sold as a premium package or professional grade(tm) )

Pic related, best case scenario for professional grade(tm) waifu
Replies: >>157
[Hide] (171.1KB, 1280x904) Reverse
This one is good, but your waifu will shift around will be shifting around the shipping. I'm sure waggie-bot in the shipment center wouldn't care enough and just throw the package around. This type of packaging only good if you are planning to carry your own waifu on your own means (ex: inside a car)
Replies: >>158
[Hide] (324.6KB, 850x1020) Reverse
Don't do this
Replies: >>159 >>163
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1061x1500) Reverse
shipping filler are good, but if they did not secure your waifu in a safe position, there are high chance something will break, either securing them with tape or vacuum molded holder will do the trick. The same reason applied on action figure packaging.

The most efficient solution would be putting your waifu in fetal position and secure the rest with tapes, plastics, and other means.  This will ensure the packaging to be light and small enough to push the shipping cost, while keeping the whole package secure and having low chance of breaking in shipment.
Replies: >>160
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1812x3284) Reverse
Something like this would do, as long additional safety measure added.
[Hide] (606.6KB, 2252x1780) Reverse
I want to scavenge my robot wife from a ditch on the side of the road or from a bin outside of a factory. Cleaning her up, replacing what's broken, safely disposing of the bulging battery. Booting her up after I fix her would be a dream. I just hope I don't get arrested.
[Hide] (2.9MB, 640x640, 00:24)
Almost, disassembled similar to >>84 with the limbs, torso, and head all disconnected and wrapped in something that won't transfer seems like the way to do it. It'd be best if the power plant/battery shipped separately as well.

Sending the shipment back for damages just wouldn't feel right.
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>>3 (OP) 
Mahoro is all I wanted. She's my ideal robo girl.
Hello there fellow code guy
Replies: >>175
Honestly I enjoy it when they just walk from the factory to my home. It's so much more enjoyable to just hear the bell ringing just to see your waifu at your doorstep
Ahoy, m80. Sepples FTW. :^)
would you like to have your future robot look like (https://youtu.be/i-IUfV6TZsc?t=19) or human like?
Replies: >>177 >>178 >>383
Deffo animu catgrill meidos in tiny mini skirts. Uncanny Valley ashite. Besides,
wo would even? o.O
not sure why it won't set the time then, but it's around 0:19 what I want to showcase
Replies: >>179
>but it's around 0:19 what I want to showcase
Maybe it's time to pick up ShotCut or KDEnlive Anon?
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I wish to keep as far away from uncanny valley as I can. Think animegao kigurumi if you need a point of reference. Also a cute tail would be a big plus!
Replies: >>384
>Also a cute tail would be a big plus!
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