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Discuss how we would like to sculpt and tweak the board here. If you have any suggestions for improving the board or if you would like to change its look and feel please feel free to drop a post here. Would-be jannies can contact the webmaster to volunteer if they wish.

This thread will also double as the off-topic lounge thread until it gets too chaotic.

Kindred Souls

/robowaifu/ - DIY Robot Wives on ALOGS.SPACE

The recurring Robots, Cyborgs, and Living Dolls thread on 4chan's /d/
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My thoughts, in no particular order, comment or criticize as you see fit:
NSFW: This board should be and is NSFW, it was tagged as SFW when it was first created. If a poster wishes to have a SFW thread, they simply have to say so in the OP.
Board name: /robo/ was picked on a whim. The board can be moved to a new URI without too much trouble and the name (currently “Ero Robo Asses”) can be changed at any point. I would like to avoid duplicating the URI of any well-known boards. Should we stay or change things up?
Poster names: Posters are currently named “Friend” as the default for Junkuchan. This can and probably should be changed but I can’t think of anything clever at the moment.
Poster IDs/flags: Poster flags and IDs can be enabled but I don’t see a need for that.
Antispam: Captcha is currently disabled but will be automatically enabled if a flood is detected. More draconian measures can be taken if necessary.
Promotion: Brining in new friends is great and should be encouraged, don’t be annoying about it though. My suggestion is to not make new threads on 4chan about this board.
Social Media: D*scord posting should be highly discouraged and is against the global rules, sharing links to Pixiv and Twitter artists should be fine. I don't care about Reddit.
Board scope: Beyond the core of cute, sexy robots I would also like to see cyborgs and dolls discussed (doll joints are erotic). Dumps and discussions should both be welcomed but try to respect the feel of the thread you’re posting in. Western and 3DCG media isn’t my cup of tea but I’m hesitant to ban it. Posts about attempting to materialize your robo waifu should probably be posted on alogs.space’s /robowaifu/ instead, I’m sorry you have to rub shoulders with /cow/.
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Cute robot boys: Not something I've sought out myself but I don't see an issue with it. Perhaps the boy robo fuckers could have their own thread(s)?
Community Linking: Links to other, similar communities or relevant threads off-site should be encouraged. If there’s a good thread on /d/, link it! Blatant ads probably shouldn’t be posted though.
>>6 (OP) 
There should be more boards for the sub-fetishes like "doll-joints" "meca barre" "human like" you name it.

Although this might create some issues by divining this tiny community even more.

Also the friend thing is quite strange, it feels like some russian mafia shit
Replies: >>29
Or maybe a tagging system, who knows
Replies: >>29
Lots of barely used boards will kill any momentum fast, we've got less than five people who have posted right now I think. I think as long as we keep the OPs clean and neat while encouraging posters to hide and filter what they don't like we'll be fine. I'll have to look into a tagging system, it could probably be hacked together with some clever CSS.

Also, I'll switch names over to "Anonymous" in a little bit.
Replies: >>32
thanks, anon!!!
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Hopefully this goes without saying but starting a new thread to replace and old one should not be necessary unless the threads start lagging out browsers. The bump limit, thread limit, and reply limit are all quite high.
/robowaifu/ here. Very stoked to see a new, explicitly robobutt board!
It's an obvious need, and since we need to stay SFW, it's a good compliment IMO.
>Board name
I think /robo/ is excellent, personally.
>Posts about attempting to materialize your robo waifu should probably be posted on alogs.space’s /robowaifu/ instead
You're friended already, /robo/.
>I’m sorry you have to rub shoulders with /cow/.
Lol, sorry about that. It is what it is, and Robi has actually been a good friend and protector of us. :^)
Replies: >>62
You work fast, I didn't expect this board to get linked by someone else on the webring in under 24 hours. Thank you for linking to us, I’ll get a proper sticky set up linking back to /robowaifu/. No need to apologize about /cow/ either, they need a place just like everyone else. lolcow gazing just isn’t my cup of tea, along with a few other folks on 4chan’s /d/ apparently.
Replies: >>63
I caught the new name on the webring listing and immediately stopped in. Actually, I'm rather relieved to know someone else is dedicating a whole board to this topic. As I've frequently said before, let's spread this idea far and wide!! :^)

BTW, we have friends on several other, non-4cuck sites/boards. For example, our frens on /monster/ keeps a serial thread going. Several /b/'s & (/g/ | /tech/)'s often have one lying around as well. Haha even /pol/'s may have one, in keeping with our heritage!
Replies: >>110
lots of people who discover this fetish may have a hard time finding it. Hell it has took me 8 years to find some consistent board, and maybe a day or 2 to just say it jokingly that we should have our own board, and this based anon actually did it.

We need to somehow make it be really easily accessible. Especially on google on some key words like ("robot fetish", "android fetish", "gynoids", "mecha barre" and some other I can't think of)
Replies: >>112 >>129 >>134
I certainly agree with you. We have a Robowaifu Propaganda and Recruitment thread on our board where we bounced around several ideas and made some outreaches to other IBs.

I realize this isn't the same as that point you were making, but IMO we're more likely to find kindred souls on the Internet rather than the Globohomo's captive enclaves. Still, I'd certainly be interested to see what you can achieve Anon.
Replies: >>129
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>>6 (OP) 

This isn't super about the meta of the board, but it's something i think the board would like: MaSiRo Project. They have a Youtube channel and a Twitter and the whole concept is to make a robot girl maid café. Currently the girls can follow you when you hold your hand, give you drinks, and you can lay your head on their lap.

I just feel like /robo/ should hype this creator so he does more work on this, support him if possible because he's doing amazing shit.
Replies: >>131
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SEO black magic is beyond me. It baffles me that junkuchan.org isn't even on the first page of Google-san when you search for "Junkuchan", for example. Gentle grassroots community outreach seems like a good way to encourage the right people to make their way here and lurk or contribute. Respect the rules and culture of other communities and refrain from being an annoying shill (see: pushthenet or whatever they were called and their antics). I believe the community will grow gradually and naturally if original and high-quality content is shared and encouraged.

Once again, I am reminded of how weird imageboards are to the average online schmuck. Here's to hoping burgeoning robo fetishists are willing to explore new territory.
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Thanks to >>100 we've reached our ero robo goal, robo asses are here to stay.
. * ・ 。゚☆━੧༼ •́ ヮ •̀ ༽୨
Yeah, I find that team's work pretty charming. I especially like the way he created a 'follow me ballroom dancing' mechanism in the robomeidos.
Since this is /meta/ I'd like to respectfully ask that the BO restrict gay, literal-faggot stuff from being here.
Replies: >>142
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yeah, having a lot of ease of access would make things good. people who share the interest would then be able to find their people, feel less weird, and more importantly know they're not alone.
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I would like to be able to post Fuse Man's sexy ass though.
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Is it possible to add the reverse image search feature to this board?
Replies: >>150
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Already implemented, just click "Reverse". Let me know if we need more ways to reverse image search.
Replies: >>151
I didn't realize that lol
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Hello /robo/! I'm happy to see a board that is just basically sexy robots. Also, thank you for disabling the captcha. While I am perfectly capable of completing them, I think they slow down posting and come sometime just mess up the post in general.
Replies: >>162
Hopefully we can keep it off indefinitely. Unfortunately troublemakers will make their way here sooner or later and they may trip the automated anti-spam features.
this board isnt even old and it's already getting really inactive :(
Replies: >>181 >>182
To be fair, most of us came from /d/ robo thread, and that thread is slow as hell. 

I'd say as long as we don't fully abandon this board, all is good.
Replies: >>182
It's a niche fetish on the most obscure imageboard I've ever been on, I think this board was only plugged in the /d/ robo thread as >>181 mentioned. If a few people visit every so often and share some content or their thoughts we may see the activity you crave.

(gentle) shilling might work too but I don't like annoying people with community advertisements.
Replies: >>231
>use AI to draw robowaifu
>Have a chatbot for your robowaifu persona
>Learn to do electronics and mechanical stuff for robowaifu

>Still no robowaifu
Replies: >>232 >>233 >>234
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Relax, this is far from the most obscure board I've been on and some of those lasted for years. With further advancements in real robot girls to come you'll have more to post about over time too.
It's a long haul Anon. I'd encourage you to make the best of your time in the meanwhile. Stay encouraged, together we're all gonna make it! :^)
Its better if we make them waifus. I don't need some leftist to make a waifu
Get a robot vacuum and glue a frilly skirt onto it, baby steps.
I want to give in to my depravity and have a roleplay session with a domestic maid bot slash cum receptacle but I feel as if I'll be crossing a line if I do such a thing.
Replies: >>299 >>330
I don't see how you are crossing a line? If you don't have anything against possibly roleplaying with another of the same gender without knowing it, then go for it.

I once had a hentai discord and I had a confirmed girl, not really my type but she managed to get into the role like a god damn master, I remember that at some point I was forgetting about the initial theme and the thing was turning into some wild dom roleplay. I remember that at some point we we're "fucking" so hard that she "ripped her artificial skin from her breasts".

Again go for it, the internet is vast and you are bound to find perverts like you, just make sure they are of legal age
Replies: >>338
No 3DPD, please.
Last edited by webmaster
If you're embarrassed about roleplaying with other human bean, you can always use ai dungeon or novelai text adventure module. Quite fun.
Replies: >>338
I don't even really care about the gender on the other end, tbh. My last failing excuse is that it seems like it might become a time-sink but fuck it.

I've been doing that on and off, it'd been good so far but I've grown bored of it for whatever reason. It got me in the right mood though.
Replies: >>343
Honestly this is a toxic mentality. If you enjoy that time, then it's not wasted.
Replies: >>347
If I can go back to the logs and spank it again it's not a waste, no.
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Board Owner, I have a question. What exactly is reason for only allowing 1 image per post? Why not more? Is there a technical reason that's preventing anons from uploadind more files?
Replies: >>354
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I don't like how cluttered OPs look with more than one image and there's no way to limit OP file count vs reply file count. Other than that, I've got no issue with it.

Anyhoo, I bumped it up to three, have fun.
/robo/, we've been getting a lot of spam lately. Would anyone be willing to sign up to be a janitor? Let me know here or email me via the address in the faq.
Replies: >>360
Sure, I'll help look after the board a bit BO.
Replies: >>358
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Modded, thank you.
Replies: >>359
Nprb. Hope your community grows, Anon.
Random anon here, I don't mind being a janitor
Replies: >>361
Works for me, post again when you have an account (no need to actually share your account name) and I'll promote you to janny.
Hello /robo/, your friends from /robowaifu/ here. One of our members is headlining a podcast in 3 hours on breaktherules.tv . We'd like to invite all you Friends to come and join the fun!
>Are Robo Waifus & artificial birth pods the future which will take humans to the stars or an ego trip into eventual extinction? How would this technology affect the traditional relationships between men & women?
Replies: >>420
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Thank you Hidden User for clearing out the spam!
Replies: >>425
Heh you're welcome. Gotta keep junkuchan safe! :^)
Did the site break?
Replies: >>430
Replies: >>430
Seems OK now Anon. What happened?
Replies: >>431
I kept getting a "Something Broke" error when I tried to shitpost. I'm glad it works now.
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I don't even know how far is too far anymore, does it even matter?
Replies: >>450
Lol. You need a normal gril to start with, and the term is properly 'gynoid'. Nice work.
Replies: >>451
A normal what? I might catch something. Also "gynoid" is right yeah but it reminds me of those niche transformation fetishists that are obsessed with rubber and latex dolls, I don't want to be that far gone...
Replies: >>453
>I might catch something.
Lol, fair enough. But you really should use 'Gynoid'. 'Android' is literally gay.
I wish someone would manufacture a wife for me.
Replies: >>474
You can always help speed that up by contributing on /robowaifu/, Anon. You be spending that same time until they're here anyway doing something, so why not come help out?
Replies: >>478
I do lurk but I'm unsure how I could contribute in a meaningful way since my field of work isn't relevant at all.
Replies: >>481
>I do lurk but I'm unsure how I could contribute in a meaningful way since my field of work isn't relevant at all.
Heh, that's what educating yourself is for Anon. Also, there's a lot of overlap in many fields. Know how to drive a backhoe? The you understand power dynamics. Know how to sew clothes? Then you understand 2D->3D convolution projections.

Just pick a topic Anon. There are literally dozens directly related like programming or electronics or plastics.
Is this a /clang/ bunker?
Replies: >>483
It could suit that purpose, I think! What happened to /clang/ anyway?
Replies: >>487
I don't know if they went to any bunker but the 8kun board looks so sad with all images gone.
Replies: >>492
Wait what happened to 8kun?
Replies: >>495
Something related to server issues that ended up deleting every single image before it Thank goodness everyone left that shithole
Bowner please make more people post.
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I want to be invited to someone's home so I can fuck their erotic robot housekeeper. I have let the horny consume me.
I haven't played Atomic Heart and don't plan to but as far as I can tell the main selling point is two sexy robot girls that are probably not actually a huge part of the game. What does /robo/ think of that faceless style of automaton?
Replies: >>527
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I'll probably crack the game open when it drops down to a deep discount, it looks like a good way to waste a few evenings. The Twins have amazing legs though, absolutely stunning. I hope the art we get for them doesn't scale up their asses to retarded levels. I usually shy away from faceless automaton types, thanks to the rubber doll fetishists they attract, but the Twins seem to be distinct from that.
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Doll Maid from FGO is adorable and I want her!
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