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1 Name: Friend : 2022-07-25 06:39 ID: bWyhy+eb  [Del]

Pray for 4chan, friends. It's currently down.

2 Name: Friend : 2022-07-25 12:09 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

It's back up, thank goodness.

3 Name: Friend : 2022-07-25 14:51 ID: bWyhy+eb [Del]

Related (probably), /cumg/ discussing the current state of 4chan [NSFW]:


Also related, this silly issue reported on PNGExtraEmbedder's git repo:


Good luck 4chan developers!

4 Name: Friend : 2022-07-25 14:53 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

the live typing feature on 2chen freaks me out a little.

5 Name: Friend : 2022-07-25 16:47 ID: xrMzVhim [Del]

watching other posters' writing styles is kinda hypnotic
some know exactly what they want to write when they start writing (virile liveposting experts), some not so much
wish there was a read-only mode

6 Name: Friend : 2022-07-25 17:07 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

It's technically impressive but the conversations seem to get convoluted when two (or more) posters start liveposting at each other. Looks great for shitposting though! What would a read-only mode be? Lurking?

7 Name: Friend : 2022-07-25 17:22 ID: xrMzVhim [Del]

yeah exactly, a lurk mode
tragic memories of accidentally clicking a post id on meguca and having to come up with a post on the spot
kidding, wasn't tragic, all in good fun; honestly only worried about passwords and doxx stuff

8 Name: Anonymous : 2022-07-25 20:43 ID: SoM0jNsZ [Del]

im a bit ashamed to admit it but i remember liking the erp on meguca, posted nice porn with their smut stories. I am not into erp as a whole, treated it like erotic literature. Anyways, where is meguca nowadays? I remember trying to get on it at some point and it couldn't find the url.

9 Name: Friend : 2022-07-25 21:13 ID: bWyhy+eb [Del]

Disabling javascript is simple enough and would do the trick, but you don't get to bait other posters with phantom replies. Live interaction with strangers on the internet is risky business, mind your clipboard!



This one? Looks like the site has http auth up now, mysterious. I hope you can rediscover your ERP community somehow, there are plenty of horny posters out there still... somewhere.

10 Name: Friend : 2022-07-26 03:08 ID: xrMzVhim [Del]

honestly, not sure where they're at now. feel like it's been a long while and never really kept up!
that's the one, yep

11 Name: Friend : 2022-07-26 19:35 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

I was hoping that 4chan's meta thread would be alright but it's trash!


12 Name: Friend : 2022-07-28 18:52 ID: xecKXm2R [Del]

Anon is building a better 4chan.


13 Name: Friend : 2022-08-12 21:40 ID: bWyhy+eb [Del]

4chan is great, I like to go on 4chan and spoon-feed posters who ask for sauce.

14 Name: Friend : 2022-10-01 08:44 ID: BZ1MuAc+ [Del]

Happy birthday 4chan! 🎂

15 Name: Friend : 2022-10-14 19:31 ID: BZ1MuAc+ [Del]

/g/ looks like it's getting slammed by Stable Diffusion threads, is it just a fad?

16 Name: Friend : 2022-10-20 22:29 ID: lzCs8GvJ [Del]

rip bozo #packwatch

17 Name: Friend : 2022-11-02 22:42 ID: BZ1MuAc+ [Del]

/g/ discusses realtime imageboards


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