Imageboard Eulogy Thread (58)

1 Name: Friend : 2023-01-02 21:18 ID: S5Gc+AgK [Del]

Pay your respects and pour one out for your old favorite board or site. We will all be consumed by electric entropy eventually, some of us met our end a little earlier than the rest of the pack. Here’s to hoping this thread lasts through 2023 at least.

2 Name: Friend : 2023-01-02 21:26 ID: S5Gc+AgK [Del]
Flew too close to the sun and tried to advertise on Encyclopedia Dramatica. I was fond of their CSS and their mascot. I could tell Kashiwaba Tomoe cared, perhaps too much. Us doll joint fetishists need to stick together.

3 Name: Friend : 2023-01-15 23:39 ID: BNlt2VSz [Del]


>Us doll joint fetishists need to stick together.

Sadly, is no longer as of early 2022.

4 Name: Friend : 2023-01-16 01:06 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

What did you do to it?

5 Name: Friend : 2023-01-20 21:08 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

Its boards got wiped and, I believe as a result of that raid although no explanation was given, the owner decided to shut it down.

6 Name: Friend : 2023-01-24 20:38 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

I guess we did have a roaming gang of ne'er-do-wells hitting up all the older, slow imageboards and wiping them with spam. Disheartening.

7 Name: chen : 2023-01-28 13:23 ID: 8XgszUYX [Del]

is 420chan dead for good?

8 Name: Friend : 2023-01-28 13:36 ID: 9RWuCv7e [Del]

The reason for Desuchan's demise has been revealed in this shocking, high-quality thread on /a/:

Maybe 420chan will come back when the feds give Kirtaner his servers back. TCC-tan is perfect and I adore her, as an aside.

9 Name: Friend : 2023-01-28 13:41 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

Kirtaner's actually been providing updates on the situation recently. Have some wonderful social media links:

Good luck druggies!

10 Name: Friend : 2023-01-28 16:01 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

I don't think they were all druggies...

11 Name: Friend : 2023-01-31 19:13 ID: 9RWuCv7e [Del]

Really feeling for my /late/ homies I hope they find their home again.

12 Name: Friend : 2023-02-01 06:27 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

Looks like /late/ managed to find themselves a new home:

Hopefully they can enjoy some stability now.

13 Name: chen : 2023-02-01 06:27 ID: 8XgszUYX [Del]

Shit, I forgot he has a twitter account. Here's hoping he gets everything back.

I loved going on 420chan and I never touched drugs in my life. It was always just very nice and the people were funny. Plus it was slow but not slow enough to be dead.

14 Name: Friend : 2023-02-01 22:41 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

Miss those old textboards on 4chan. I was a very important expert programmer.

15 Name: Friend : 2023-04-09 11:06 ID: J7DoQOTs [Del]

What happened to Someone explain please.

16 Name: Friend : 2023-05-07 17:50 ID: GWkYLfYk [Del]

Oh dear, good luck 420friends, I hope you can tolerate hotwheels.

17 Name: Friend : 2023-05-16 05:42 ID: GWkYLfYk [Del]

Today I was reminded of that fat green raccoon-thing again and its visually offensive nipples.

18 Name: Friend : 2023-06-13 20:00 ID: C2VP5Bhd [Del]

Who killed nanochan? Is nanochan even dead?

19 Name: Friend : 2023-06-21 09:16 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

>>18 Leave us alone

20 Name: Friend : 2023-06-21 10:34 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

I'm coming for you.

21 Name: Friend : 2023-06-21 15:17 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

>>20 Look outsiders like you made the core user hikari leave theres nothing left

22 Name: Friend : 2023-06-29 11:17 ID: 5HMMD3b1 [Del]

I'm sorry for your loss, I just wanted to lurk a little though. Also I forgot about this thread oops.

23 Name: Friend : 2023-06-29 11:19 ID: 5HMMD3b1 [Del]

I'm sick of that disgusting green raccoon. Make it go away.

24 Name: Friend : 2023-08-11 19:03 ID: ao6vTEFb [Del] is gone. The admin has called it quits.

25 Name: Friend : 2023-08-14 19:24 ID: FBrqqkrQ [Del]

The admin was obviously losing interest in it during its last few years, and eventually in November 2022 it stopped working entirely, as it had done many times before, only this time it never came back. No announcement or anything like that.
has more details to the extent they're available.

>>21 is a joke; hikari was a spammer-turned-moderator who used endofunctor's absence from late-stage nanochan to hijack control of the site and delete opinions he didn't like. He created his own clone of nanochan, but nobody uses it. He is believed to be responsible for several CP spam waves on other Tor imageboards.

26 Name: Friend : 2023-08-23 04:49 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

>>25 im the only one allowed to leak shit out of spite now im sending all the dead cabals after you

27 Name: Friend : 2023-08-23 18:56 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

oh no, we've been put on the blacklist

28 Name: Friend : 2023-09-16 17:59 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

Is it busted?

29 Name: Friend : 2023-09-23 03:05 ID: LD8KG7UC [Del]

Do you know where the Yotsuba / Ichigo Marshmallow / Azumanga people went from that place where Ralen used to post his translations. It was called something like so not easy to remember. I hope they found a new home.

30 Name: Friend : 2023-09-23 04:35 ID: 6RVgyuAN [Del]

I'll take a shot in the dark and assume you're looking for this /azu/: looks like it's been dead as a doorknob for most of this year as you've said. Hopefully the diaspora can make it back.

31 Name: Friend : 2023-09-23 05:21 ID: XPB9yZIy [Del]

Thank you muchly Friend.
Your shot in the dark was spot on.
Take 2 merit points and if you're ever down this way I'll buy you a (imaginary internet) pint.

32 Name: jefferus : 2023-10-08 22:32 ID: Gl0NarAm [Del]

>Who killed nanochan?

h*kari did

>Is nanochan even dead?

im keeping the last few nanotrannies alive using my lifeblood
and also recruit new ones for our ranks
my legion keeps growing

33 Name: Friend : 2023-11-27 04:07 ID: pVAqMDjm [Del]

That iteration of /azu/ was down for a bit but it looks like it's back up now. See you around.

34 Name: Friend : 2024-01-11 22:55 ID: deQNwK38 [Del]

I'm posting an early eulogy for as it will be gone on March 15th.

35 Name: Friend : 2024-01-12 00:59 ID: deQNwK38 [Del]

What the fuck, why? They've got a great little niche community going. The glowies did this.

36 Name: Friend : 2024-01-12 01:01 ID: deQNwK38 [Del]

Guess we both posted from Tor, lel.

37 Name: Friend : 2024-01-12 01:20 ID: 7Zvxj/51 [Del]

The announcement says that outside forces had nothing to do with closing down the site. I'm more willing to bet that the admin just decided to throw in the towel.

38 Post deleted by moderator.

39 Name: Friend : 2024-01-14 22:47 [Del]

/Late/ poster, here. Wirechan anons hated us, not sure why, but that's fine. We left for pretty soon after. The double move was pretty tough on the userbase, but we're tougher.

40 Name: Friend : 2024-01-15 00:55 [Del]

Good luck /late/ poster, I enjoyed lurking when you guys were on With scheduled to pull the plug I hope the next move is smooth and easy.

41 Name: Friend : 2024-01-18 10:03 [Del]

I have asukafags discord if anyone wants it

42 Name: Friend : 2024-01-18 11:52 [Del]

Eww discord

43 Post deleted by user.

44 Post deleted by moderator.

45 Post deleted by moderator.

46 Post deleted by moderator.

47 Name: Friend : 2024-03-15 17:16 [Del]

RIP Anon.Cafe

48 Name: Friend : 2024-03-17 01:35 [Del]

what in the name of trannyjannying is this

49 Name: Friend : 2024-03-17 13:58 [Del]

Link spam.

50 Name: Friend : 2024-03-30 02:28 [Del]

was it cp? because otherwise i see no reason why 4 links hsould be deleted

51 Name: Friend : 2024-03-30 07:29 [Del]


>was it cp


52 Name: Friend : 2024-04-04 23:22 [Del]

kinda rulecucked tbg

53 Post deleted by moderator.

54 Name: Friend : 2024-04-15 00:17 [Del]

You're an idiot.

55 Name: Friend : 2024-04-20 14:54 [Del]

i just love free speech dude i think that's a good way to be

56 Name: Friend : 2024-04-20 22:03 [Del]

I think this site is the worst place for freeze peach though, you might want to try lemmy or a few other fediverse places instead.

57 Name: Friend : 2024-05-05 01:27 [Del]

The anonymous friends i've lost, the websites I've lost... Thry won't stop hurting!

58 Post deleted by moderator.

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