čudan textboard (18)

1 Name: Friend : 2023-04-24 13:42 ID: J8KbZMEI [Del]

New comfy textboard for hackers and weirdos: https://textboard.lol

2 Name: Friend : 2023-04-24 14:27 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

Hacking is morally wrong.

3 Name: Friend : 2023-04-25 19:21 ID: 08Jm1f+m [Del]

cudan seems like neat software, neat about page too.

4 Name: Friend : 2023-04-27 11:43 ID: W/HKFo+f [Del]

The userbase seems to have some irrational hostility toward Otaku culture. Into the trash that website goes.

5 Name: Friend : 2023-04-27 12:24 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

Hopefully they can patch their irrational userbase soon.

6 Name: Friend : 2023-04-27 19:41 ID: 08Jm1f+m [Del]

I dunno, this seems like an interesting thread at least. Small quibble, but I don't really like their URL structure, PHP just makes me twitch.

7 Name: Friend : 2023-05-07 10:07 ID: rMeO9XGl [Del]



How is this worse than



8 Name: Friend : 2023-05-07 10:16 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

PHP is bad and hexadecimal is bad.

9 Name: Friend : 2023-05-07 10:31 ID: vWU3ruk5 [Del]


>fonts could be larger and layout could be fancier

It's over...

10 Name: Friend : 2023-05-07 10:41 ID: LN06F/Tm [Del]

What is good? Perl? JavaScript? Go? Plain C for web backend?

11 Name: Friend : 2023-05-07 10:51 ID: 4Om0tAJB [Del]

Ignore trolls, PHP is a fine language. There's even a link to Kusaba X in the footer here, which was made with PHP.
Spending too much time on 4chan's /g/ melts your brain and makes you argue about languages lol

12 Name: Friend : 2023-05-07 11:28 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

I hope I don't get hacked...

13 Name: Friend : 2023-05-07 15:28 ID: Wg6hZgv4 [Del]

I dunno how to do fancier but tweaking the font size for Junkuchan.css made sense.

14 Name: Friend : 2023-05-07 19:10 ID: I1pF3NDZ [Del]


>The userbase seems to have some irrational hostility toward Otaku culture

Admin has an anime avatar, tho.


15 Name: Friend : 2023-05-07 19:50 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

Self-hating weeaboo!
Self-hating weeaboo!

16 Name: Friend : 2023-05-08 21:10 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

I have enjoyed shitpoasting on čudan lately. /whitelist/ is too stuffy, it's clearly for old men!

17 Name: Friend : 2023-05-09 05:17 ID: Whitelisted [Del]

čudan was better before it got popular...

18 Name: Friend : 2023-05-16 17:35 ID: Wg6hZgv4 [Del]

čudan is a quality shitpost site, VIP quality. I highly encourage all lurkers to try out a shitpost or two.

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