Global Rules

  1. Do not post, request, link to, or promote any content that is illegal in either India or the United States of America.
    1. Do not create boards with the purpose of posting or spreading any of the content described above.
  2. You must be recognized as a legal adult in your country of residence to browse or participate on this site.
  3. Posting of pornographic media of real people (3DPD) is highly frowned upon and may result in post deletion and a ban.
    1. Exceptionally obscene 3DCG or realistic media is also subject to this rule.
  4. Do not post personally identifiable information (doxx) on Junkuchan, to include your own.
  5. Topics with the subject of or alluding to a raid, a call to arms, a political recruitment, and/or a social movement do not belong on Junkuchan.
  6. Unmoderated, abandoned, and stillborn boards are subject to webmaster action and may be locked, forfeited, deleted, and/or merged into /origin/.
  7. Do not post advertisements, shortened links, affiliate links, invite links to social media (Discord), etc. Threads and boards from similar communities may be linked to in the appropriate meta threads.
  1. The webmaster has the final say in all matters regarding the operation of Junkuchan. Rules are subject to change without notice.
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