Upgrade to v1.4.1
Junkuchan has been updated to jschan v1.4.1

Thanks, as always, Tom.
Upgrade to v1.3.1
Junkuchan has upgraded to jschan v1.3.1

I still have no idea what a MetaMask is, thanks Tom!
Blocked IP Ranges
A few IP ranges have been blocked due to abuse. If you get a Post Blocked notification turn off your VPN or get a new one. Feel free to reach out if you were erroneously affected.

Also, fortunes have been enabled

Your fortune: The lens has shifted, outside forces may warp your inner ego
Upgrade to v1.2.1
Junkuchan has upgraded to jschan 1.2.1. Word to the wise, do not delete your old filters and do not have a zero length filter field before you upgrade. It's not tough to fix, but it's a bit annoying! Thanks again, Tom!
Upgrade to v1.0.2
Junkuchan has upgraded to jschan v1.0.2

Thanks Tom, it was painless!
News on /whitelist/
Please check the Broken Web Server Thread for any news pertaining to Junkuchan. This is also the best thread to post in if you discover any issues!
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