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1 Name: Anonymous : 2022-07-28 00:22 ID: JtX2x2jq [Del]

You are all friendly. Im curious about what you guys do.
How did you find this site?
When do you check up on it?
whatcha been up to?

I found this site on /g/, I check up on it daily, and i've been learning html, css, and js in hopes of creating a website to show off to get some junior webdev position one day. And looking at ponies.


2 Name: Friend : 2022-07-28 01:04 ID: D9WzE02A [Del]

Found it on /g/ like a week ago, check on it every other day. Yeah the people seem cool, it’s nice to see. Haven’t used an alt forum in forever, I’m surprised that this one has a lot more users than when the guy first posted it. I’m studying to go into IT and eventually cybersec. Taking the Google cert right now just to get a head start before I go into the program I’m looking at.

3 Name: Friend : 2022-07-28 12:33 ID: RqXBteyi [Del]

We needed this thread, thank you for starting it!
I forgot I had this domain for the longest time and decided to do something with it. Textboards are cute so I set one up, I had gotten a bit sick of reading nonstop snark so I wanted a more relaxed board instead, now here we are ohho. I've been using the RSS feed to keep up with it without obsessively refreshing the index, some RSS feed readers don't show a notification unless a new thread is made so I had to tweak a few things client-side, but it works great otherwise. Now I'm merely treading water as a wagie and feeding my local pigeons, the pigeons around here sure are fat.

I wish people were able to share their obscure personal sites and projects on /g/ a bit more so I could find sites like this one, 4chan mods hate shilling even if it's non-profit. Good luck with your studies, especially if you’re doing self-study; too many people like to fuck off into the social media abyss rather than improve themselves.

4 Name: Friend : 2022-07-28 17:01 ID: 34K14v0s [Del]

Thank you! I’ve been going at it for the past couple months, just decided I didn’t want to waste away the rest of my life in a factory being a fucking wagie.
A reoccurring altforum thread on /g/ would be great, better than 90% of the other shit that gets posted, like you said, just non stop snark. I’ll actually start one rn and see if it gains any traction, or if it even stays.
How did you go about setting this up? I’ve been wanting to start an image or text board for a while but wouldn’t even know where to begin. There’s some yt vids I’m gonna watch, I’d imagine it’s just copy pasted futaba code? I own a couple domains but would buy a new one if I actually set one up.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2022-07-28 17:16 ID: JtX2x2jq [Del]


>feeding my local pigeons

Pigeons are great! You should consider getting a pet pigeon/dove (same thing) if you ever wanted a pet. If you get them from birth, they are very friendly, easy to take care of, and mostly behaved. They are like the "cat" of the bird family. They make beautiful calls and are very soft too. Ideally you would get two, so they don't get too lonely, but they only care for one or two friends. They don't require a lot of active attention or maintenance to be happy.

>sharing personal sites and projects

One of my big goals getting into coding (besides working from home because im a hermit) was to make cool content and share it with others. Pony related stuff mostly though. I was also thinking of setting up a chatroom, like that mortis chat thing but expanded. I was born in '01 so I was never into IRC's or anything, it would be nice to make something like discord but personally hosted and invite only.
and im seconding this. I wanna make and host my own website to show employers im capable of it, and im bettering my understanding of css and html, can get some usable webpages for myself but would have no idea how to host it.

6 Name: Friend : 2022-07-28 21:01 ID: RqXBteyi [Del]

Fuck yeah, good shit. Seems like you've got yourself sorted going forward then.

>altforum thread on /g/

I would think that the web development generals would be a good fit for sharing and discussing personal projects. Unfortunately, from what I can tell they only really discuss the professional side of things. How to live in the biz or how to get in the biz. Hope your thread didn’t get immediately annihilated.

>How did you go about setting this up?

I set this site up with dated methods, it’s a VPS living on someone else’s hardware using someone else’s code (so yes, copypasta). Get comfortable with *nix CLI and understand that web servers are very obvious, juicy targets for botnet operators along with other bored/malicious actors. Try hosting something on your own hardware on your intranet, that should be a good introduction to things. Here are some lists that may be of interest to you:
Cloud computing and app hosting services may be another good place to look rather than using a VPS/VM, since imageboards and textboards require barely anything in resources. You could probably get away with the free tier hosting on AWS or the like. Personally, I haven’t touched that stuff though.


>getting a pet

I couldn’t do a pet; I’d feel awful for it while I was away. Getting two makes sense, I might have to reconsider when I feel a bit more righted. I’ll enjoy the brief and fleeting company of wild birds when I can for now, simply watching them be birds is fulfilling.

>getting into coding

The hermit life is tempting, isn’t it? Ohho. I missed the mortis chat thing you mentioned, got a link? Chatrooms shouldn’t be too terribly difficult to set up based on what you need. A web client to your own IRC server might be exactly what you’re looking for. I saw Matrix.org pop up after a little bit of digging for a Discord alternative, perhaps that fits the bill?

>I wanna make and host my own website

The info above werks but you may want to look into cloud solutions, employers seem to like those a whole lot more.

7 Name: Friend : 2022-07-28 22:29 ID: D9WzE02A [Del]



I’ve always wanted a crow, or at least to rehabilitate one. I just have a cat and a bearded dragon right now. One thing I know is I never want a dog lol.

>setting this up

How long ago did you set it up? When I first came here when you posted it to /g/ it really was, like you said in that thread, just you talking to yourself lol. It’s cool people are actually coming back. Despite using 4ch the past 12 yrs or so I’ve only ever been on 8ch before and that’s about it, and I found the rumiawiki the other day.

I’ll check out VPSs and AWS, I’m always willing to try out free options lol. Hosting it on my own network would be cool tho, cause like >>5 I’m also looking for a small project I could eventually put on a resume or my application to this program I have coming up. Thanks for the suggestions and links man I really appreciate it. Is it about the same for setting up an IRC channel?

8 Name: Friend : 2022-07-28 23:16 ID: rUBqK1mo [Del]


>dated method

There is nothing wrong with dated methods! I do a fair amount of Kubernetes stuff for work and, while it is very cool and a great fit for my team, the low-tech approach of slinging code onto a plain ol' VPS is way comfy.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2022-07-28 23:19 ID: JtX2x2jq [Del]


>hermits life is tempting

It's the life I live already. The world is a beautiful place but doing some sort of boring labour or service is awful for the soul. I worked at culvers for a bit and I had a lot of good days there, but i got lucky with my coworkers and its a higher price range for fast food so less niggers and more nice old people. I can see running a food stand being fulfilling if you knew your community.

>mortis link?

mortischat.com Its down right now, but someone just wrote up something simple in js imagine based on the html code. Everyone gets a random id and you can't scroll up or down, like a live chat with little identity and no history. I would like something like that except WITH a history and all the discord functionality.


I heard they require a phone number. idk if its any good but if i only want to use it with a few private people it might be fun to create your own app and identity.

>cloud solutions, employers seem to like it more

That sounds more convenient anyway! i will look into it. I run windows, but i did watch and study linux CLI a bit, and setting up a VPS, while not difficult, seems like a lot of effort for running a webserver and i'm going to be living with family for the next 6 months or so, so i don't wanna put their network at risk.


I thought about it but I bet they are high maintenance compared to doves. Doves are very comfy calm and don't require a lot of attention or amenities to be happy, or so it seems. They really benefit from having a mate or friend though.

>never want a dog

dogs are mans best friend. Getting a dog is kinda like having a child. They are a lot of work and you have to invest a lot of time to teach them, but once they reach adolescence they can be angels and perfectly loyal servants who aren't needy or riotus or they can be assholes that shit everywhere if neglected. A good dog is a truly amazing pet though. Trained well, they just know where they are allowed to shit and piss, they know when they are allowed to eat or go outside, and they know when you want to be bothered or not bothered.

10 Name: Friend : 2022-07-28 23:38 ID: D9WzE02A [Del]

Honestly I’d love to have a dog if I had time and the next couple years to train it if I wasn’t expecting my first here soon. I grew up with them but being around them recently has led me to absolutely despise them. Eating off the table constantly, eating wallets, constant barking, they fuckin smell. There’s nothing worse than an untrained dog with a shitty owner, and nothing better than a well trained well behaved dog. A family friend of hours has a ski SAR dog and it’s one of the coolest little dogs I’ve ever seen. Maybe when I’m older I’ll try, I’ll eventually need a buddy to hike with lol.

Where the hell would I get a pigeon? My fiancée has talked about getting one before but where do I find one besides downtown lol. Are there pigeon breeders?

11 Name: Anonymous : 2022-07-29 00:18 ID: JtX2x2jq [Del]

A pet store might have one near by, if you have any. You can order birds online, I don't know if a hatchling is too delicate to survive shipping though. You need to get them young if you want them to like you, mistreatment on a bird sticks with them forever, and they never forgive, unlike some other animals that will love a new owner. There are dove breeders, though you probably aren't near one. You can google "pigeons for sale/doves for sale" online and there are a few big sites, never ordered from them. You can check classifieds for any local, which would probably be better. I wouldn't wanna buy from a breeder that mistreats their birds, otherwise your bird is gonna be an asshole.

12 Name: Friend : 2022-07-29 00:55 ID: D9WzE02A [Del]


Shit I’ve actually got a bird store right near my house lol, got my mom a conure from there. I’ll ask the guy if he knows of anyone that has em. I love their cooing, it’s so peaceful. How are they with cats? Would I have to keep ‘em seperate?
Btw are you in IT? I’ve been dying to ask someone familiar with it about the amount of schooling and certs that I should be seeking out.

13 Name: Anonymous : 2022-07-29 15:46 ID: JtX2x2jq [Del]


>are you in it

I am not in IT. I am trying to get into software/web/gamedev through self-study. I have no idea what the path would look like, it took me weeks of asking on 4ch to finally get enough answers from people to decide my own study path. One thing I imagine might align with IT and dev is that projects and experience probably matter more than a degree (not sure about certs). If you wanna do sys admin stuff I bet setting up your own vps/vpn (not purchasing one through a provider), and understanding shell would be a start. But that would be about all i know from secondhand knowledge browsing.

>how do they do with cats

I am not sure, i've never had cats when i have had any other pets. Trained dogs shouldn't have a problem with more vulnerable pets they are familliar with though. If a dove feels stressed or threatened it will sometimes wing-slap whatever is threatening it if it can't fly away safely, I might be worried about a cat "playing" a bit too rough because of that. You should ask around more, and i bet it depends a bit on the cat too.

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