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Smug is kill. Hijacking /cafe/ for r/a/dio until we figure something out. Spread the word.

Temp stream server:

This should work for downloading:
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I hate it.
I hate it.
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First for rest in pieces.
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Spread the word we're hanging out here. Also that m3u link is apparently not working but you can download an m3u from the temp stream server.
Replies: >>192
>Spread the word we're hanging out here.
Where would the word be spread? On toast?
Can someone post the media player link? It's hiding everything behind having to enable javascript and I can't get to it.
One sec, I'll upload it somewhere.
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I wanna go home.
Replies: >>218
Replies: >>199
unfortunately, that site forces you to get your own unique stream auth token, so you might just have to enable JS for a short while, until you get your m3u link. Unless >>194 works properly
Replies: >>199 >>274
>A file had a format that is not allowed by the server.
What a fucking nigger tier image board.
Replies: >>201 >>202 >>274
Thank you, but it looks like >>197 is right. I'm getting a, "HTTP Error 401" Authentication Required," error message.
See you next time then.
Replies: >>200 >>274
Well, that's super lame.
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That's what I said when I couldn't upload swfs to smug. Can't here either.
/r/ Sloop John B if you're even in the mood for taking requests.

I wanna go home.

And it doesn't like my VPN. What a damn pain.
If you enable the caster.fm scripts you should be able to grab a link for yourself. No need to enable any third party scripts.
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Everything is fine.
Replies: >>214
Replies: >>208
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Replies: >>286
What happened to smugu?
Replies: >>212
Site shat the bed and it's like 1AM where the server owner is at/early morning where his assistant is at.
Phone posters are literally killing imageboards, heh.
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>somebody fucked up
>go whine in the irc
>gif for ants
/a/ is dead. Love live /a/. Don't worry though, your VISAs to /co/ have been approved. Enjoy your stay,
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What a horrible night to have a curse.
Replies: >>217 >>220
It's because I'm streaming. The website hates me.
Replies: >>223
I do too, anon. Soon. Probably in a few hours it'll be back up depending on various things.
Guess this is as good as any time to catch up on my manga and doujins.
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May be we should call an exorcist?
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Can we upload music here?
Let's try and /r/ if you're taking them while we're at it.
Replies: >>226
When it was clear it wasn't just a temporary drop, I thought "at least if there's no streaming at the moment, writefag may kill time during the unexpected outage by writing another quest entry to post when the site comes back", but even if you had been inclined to do so, there's only the one reply since the last entry anyway.
Replies: >>225
Dunno bout that. I think it laughs at your antics.
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Replies: >>232
Basically, yeah. I was kinda hoping, but most anons don't check it until about 4/5 in the evening.
If not, I think catbox.moe allows mp3 uploads (vocaroo works too).
Replies: >>227
It went through so we're all good.
uguu.se is also a good temp host
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Make it so.
During the outage maybe I’ll finally play touhou.
Is it too late to get into it?
Replies: >>234
Ban phoneposting.
Replies: >>231
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>tfw do most of my posting via phone
>tfw sweating bullets at all these phoneban-happy anons
/co/mrade, how you joke! Come come. Let us discuss our favorite Euro comics inspired media now.
You specifically killed smug anon.
And now you have to live with that.
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/r/ing September
It's never too late anon.
You should probably try being less of a fuck up.
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He who posts by the phone, dies by the phone.
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To any anons actually trying to use the caster.fm request service, I have no fucking idea what it is or how it updates so I only check it occasionally.
Replies: >>274
Phonelurking, PCposting, OK?
Replies: >>240 >>241 >>243
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I-I try, but sometimes I'm away from my PC for 18 hours! ;_;
Replies: >>242 >>244 >>245
I  usually follow that rule, but sometimes someone disagrees with a post I made after I've left my computer and I have no choice but to phonepost to tell him how wrong he is.
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Fuck, I forgot about the name field not auto-emptying.
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Is 3ds posting halal?
Replies: >>246
God, I love ear flaps.
There is literally nothing wrong with lurking, anon. Is your post really that important?
I've posted on my Wii during the GG exodus because my fucking cat spilled my milk on my computer and it died, so I'd be a hypocrite if I told you no. I was a hikki-NEET at that time and couldn't afford another computer.
Replies: >>247 >>252
There was a Vita poster too.
Replies: >>253 >>267
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Ah, just as a heads up since I just noticed it now, it displays IPs tuning in in cleartext. I have no desire to even look at that crap, but I feel like I have an obligation to inform anon since I discovered this was the case.
Aw. This sucks.
This is why anon should never bareback an imageboard.
Or any other site in this case.
Replies: >>257
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/r/ The true September.
Considering the Wii can accept a keyboard, that’s not too crazy.
I’m kind of curious if I could post from a PS2 now considering that there are Japanese browsers for the thing.
Replies: >>254
Believe it or not, I actually followed most of GamerGate on my Wii. I'm serious.
I barebacked cakejew's site and I'll bareback everything else, too. I don't give a single fuck.
I used the Wiimote. I'm hardcore like that.
Who the fuck would design a streaming site to show that kind of thing? For the site to store them cleartext, yeah it's still retarded but I don't expect better anymore. I know everyone's logging it, whatever. But showing it to the streamer is just stupid.
Replies: >>256
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That's sort of my thoughts. I feel pretty sick realizing this. I should have done my research better (but I guess what's done is done at this point).
Replies: >>258 >>259 >>274
I’ve started barebacking because I use a private tracker and I don’t care anymore so I can get full speed on my seeding.
Should've gone to crytube.
It's fine, nobody blames you. Accidents happen, you're only human.
This is the worst trip I've ever been on.
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I hate it.
Replies: >>264 >>265
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Aw yES!
I hate it.
I love it. If you have a positive attitude, you'll be fine.
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I vita post.
Replies: >>272
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.gif test
[Hide] (3.3MB, 225x324) Reverse
test 2
test 3
/r/ Aho.
My soytendo shit doesn't have a web browser. Why the fuck did I even buy it? I seriously thought they'd add one. Even my wii has a fucking web browser.
Replies: >>273 >>283
Just install linux on it.
Replies: >>276
Hello, /a/! Take it easy here as long as you need. I'm sure your head meido has things well in hand.

I've now allowed application/x-shockwave-flash upload. Flash us to your heart's content.

If you provide me a link to the server-side streaming software with instructions to install it and it's not CPU-hungry, I can use our backup server to help you stream.
It's back!
It's still pathetic that it doesn't have a web browser by default. I'll bet there's a toaster that has a web browser by default. If not a toaster, then a refrigerator or a blender.
Thank you for hosting us, BO.
>If you provide me a link to the server-side streaming software with instructions to install it and it's not CPU-hungry, I can use our backup server to help you stream.
The one smugloli uses? I think it's just an icecast server. Thanks for allowing us to hang out (and sorry for crashing out of nowhere).
Replies: >>280
Thank you.
Thanks BO-sama.
Does the switch not have a web browser? I used to like using the Wii U’s browser.
Replies: >>284 >>289
It doesn't have one like the wii or wii u do. Nintendo finally realized that proper web browsers are some of the best avenues for exploits and chose to remove them because evil pirates might install cfw on their console.
I'm no longer accepting /r/s over caster due to the frequency of shitposts.
Am I crazy for thinking I can turn pine nettles into wine?
Replies: >>288
It would be easier to distill them.
No, it doesn't. Piece of shit.
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What difference is this shutdown between the other ones? I heard your bunker was quite prone to these things
Replies: >>292 >>293 >>294
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/r/ ハッピー・ハッピー・フレンズ
Replies: >>295
The others were resolved fairly quickly, and this one happened during the not-quite-weekly music stream.
The admin is asleep.
Generally it's reset within 30 minutes or so. This one has lasted several hours.
It's already in the list.
Replies: >>305
Hey frens. Can't tune in but hope you're all taking it easy despite the circumstances.
Replies: >>299 >>301
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I just want smug back.
Replies: >>298 >>303 >>304
I do too, anon. It can't be helped though.
Hope you're taking it easy too anon.
Replies: >>302
I don't know how to feel about this remix of plastic goldfish.
Thanks for checking in anon. You be sure to take it easy too.
I'm comfy on a train, so pretty easy.
It'll come back sooner or later.
The fetish discussion thread is probably the closest thing I have to friends. Ironically the shuttering of 8chan has rekindled my love for online communities.
Replies: >>307 >>310
Cheers big ears. You're the only one that plays it without an /r/.
For those who want to talk with communities other than our anon community, https://chakai.org/tea/ is about to open.
Replies: >>308 >>318
I lurked for multiple years before 8chan went down, so I kind of feel the same way.
There's also sushigirl.us obviously.
Replies: >>309
Sushigirls has been getting more and more frogposters recently, unfortunately.
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It's because 8chan was on its way to become another hellhole. We must always remember to retain the comfiness of our small communities.
The reservation I just filed with the restaurant lists: me, my /cuckquean/, Dr. /otter/ here, but only one of (You).
First one to talk gets to stay on my /cafe/.
Replies: >>312 >>313 >>316
Replies: >>314 >>323
No, seriously. Can we have a SFW board here?
Replies: >>317
Doesn’t  /christian/ have their own site?
Replies: >>315 >>323
Never bothered with it. Does anyone have a link?
Replies: >>323
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Ask on the meta thread
I like watching them post but I’ve never wanted to try and ruin it.
Did someone say NTR? I think I heard someone NTR.
Replies: >>320 >>322
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Do spoilers work the same here?
[Hide] (5.4KB, 275x183) Reverse
There seems to be a /christianity/ styled /christian/ on /animu/'s bunker.

Who payed you to grab the Sacramental bread?
[Hide] (26.6KB, 480x360) Reverse
Hope you all brought some emergency rations.
Replies: >>325 >>330 >>334
[Hide] (234.9KB, 620x877) Reverse
You know, NTR used to really disturb me but after it became an injoke it kind of took all it’s power away.
The first request I made in Torps first stream.
Replies: >>329
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You /r/'d stayin' alive. I played The Trammps because of dungeon keeper.
Replies: >>333
Nope. I'm going to starve unless anon feeds me.
[Hide] (295.2KB, 456x653) Reverse
I finally remembered we had an irc and torps directed me here. Hello everyone. I'm disappointing for being so late because this was the one week I swore to myself I would listen from the beginning.
[Hide] (102.9KB, 342x152) Reverse
Ah fuck, that's right. Good times.
I did have a vomlet today. Reminded me of tofu.
[Hide] (85.2KB, 927x1032) Reverse
>backup stream has only 1/2 star rating
Replies: >>336 >>342
[Hide] (176.7KB, 710x888) Reverse
It's hilarious. I approve.
Replies: >>339
I really oughta to learn how to play that harmonica I have lying around.
Replies: >>338
It's just like sucking a dick but with more holes.
You wanna know what would be more hilarious, normal fucks finding it and downrating it.
Replies: >>341 >>344
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What a cute place.
Replies: >>347
I specifically set it to unlisted for that reason.
Replies: >>348 >>358
But that's accurate?
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My personal dream would be to hijack the speakers of a fraternity party with r/a/dio at 11pm when everyone is too wasted to really care and then suddenly having everyone get confused as shit when the choochooing starts.
Replies: >>358
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[Hide] (175.2KB, 607x572) Reverse
Kanna looks fat in this gif.
[Hide] (164KB, 632x622) Reverse
Eu sofro no Brasil.
[Hide] (107.7KB, 500x500) Reverse
[Hide] (31.4KB, 500x464) Reverse
Who's the one who will cross the border?
Replies: >>353 >>354
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Carlito carlito!
[Hide] (102.6KB, 400x300) Reverse
The world would be a better place if everything was a little more /jp/. But not too much.
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You gravely disappoint me.
I used the loud speaker at work once. I got my shit pushed in.
Replies: >>359 >>360
I specifically bought my work a bluetooth/CD/aux boombox so I could blare my shit whenever I feel like it. I pay lots of 2hu music from it.

Also I only included this song because of Ash finally winning a league in 20 years.
Replies: >>364
Your bosses need to get the stick out of their collective asses.
Replies: >>364
I can't imagine listening to r/a/dio with headphones.
Especially since it's 128kbps right now. This is worse than what I play on my mp3 player.
I can't imagine not using headphones ever.
I am the boss, there is only one higher than I and that guy has slotted more communists than he cares to actually remember.
I'm stuck in the office most days unless I'm working on personal projects so I get to blare whatever the fuck I want, I did on the floor too now that I think of it though you don't exactly get to hear with everything running.
Replies: >>365
Fine, then. I claim you as my own boss! Report for duty tomorrow at 5a.m.!
Replies: >>376
Headphones are just comfy anon.
Replies: >>420
What happened.
Replies: >>369
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I need more context.
[Hide] (208.7KB, 600x847) Reverse
[Hide] (3.5MB, 600x338) Reverse
[Hide] (536.5KB, 894x763) Reverse
Post blue girls!
[Hide] (480.6KB, 398x444) Reverse
[Hide] (60.1KB, 597x691) Reverse
Bully blue girls.
Don't matter to me. Do whatever.
Everytime I see Jojo I get filled with rage.
Replies: >>379
[Hide] (685.1KB, 914x900) Reverse
You must use that rage to make a nice cup of tea
[Hide] (51.5KB, 495x495) Reverse
Replies: >>381
[Hide] (204.7KB, 500x500) Reverse
[Hide] (53.8KB, 526x295) Reverse
Kanpai anon
[Hide] (8.3MB, 640x360, 03:30)
I only came here to post an obligatory and stupid joke.
[Hide] (11.7KB, 255x201) Reverse
[Hide] (211.2KB, 600x600) Reverse
This stream is kinda depressing. Time to drink more.
Replies: >>395
[Hide] (74.5KB, 600x600) Reverse
[Hide] (6.5MB, 02:50)
Is the anon who requested the "Wakaba Girl vs SMW" mashup in the /cafe/ here? Because I got around to making it.
Replies: >>390
[Hide] (108.7KB, 700x887) Reverse
[Hide] (43.5KB, 192x192) Reverse
>He didn't make the fly one
Thank you.
[Hide] (300.1KB, 480x360) Reverse
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[Hide] (207.9KB, 480x270) Reverse
[Hide] (236.6KB, 480x362) Reverse
What are you gags drinking? Did you remember to pour one for bunker-chan?
I drank some nigori earlier. I've moved on to mead.
[Hide] (257.7KB, 500x254) Reverse
That's what happens when we lose our home.
A blend of Chai and Orange Pekoe I like to call dirt.
I'm cutting off 90% of /r/s since I just realized it's 9:30 and I'm two hours behind schedule because of the server crashing.
My drinks tonight have been Darjeeling, water, lemonade, and water again.
I just ate BBQ.
I can’t drink anything that has carbonation, caffeine or alcohol. So water, lemonade and milk.
[Hide] (159.6KB, 749x578) Reverse
I've only been drinking water tonight.
[Hide] (8.8KB, 223x226) Reverse
Replies: >>405
Some Assam black tea, but I'll switch to a gween in a little bit.
[Hide] (177.9KB, 900x1200) Reverse
I still have some disappointment from this show.
[Hide] (121.6KB, 400x533) Reverse
[Hide] (281.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (23.5KB, 534x297) Reverse
Replies: >>409
[Hide] (161.7KB, 1024x768) Reverse
[Hide] (33.3KB, 366x274) Reverse
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1816x1285) Reverse
Replies: >>409
[Hide] (906.7KB, 384x288) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 640x360, 00:23)
Hello fellow lizard
[Hide] (327.9KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Did smug just come back?
Replies: >>412 >>413
[Hide] (74.3KB, 377x396) Reverse
Don't get my hopes up. Nepfag loves this song though so maybe.
Replies: >>415
Disregard that I suck cocks.
Replies: >>415
[Hide] (90.2KB, 850x883) Reverse
Man, I hate no longer being a NEET. I hardly ever can make it to these threads anymore and when shit goes down I always miss it. It's as though I'm no longer here forever.
Replies: >>428 >>430
[Hide] (520.4KB, 1152x864) Reverse
Lynxchan ate my jaypeg.
My apologies.
[Hide] (194.9KB, 888x617) Reverse
Beer and screwdrivers.
[Hide] (112KB, 300x360) Reverse
[Hide] (125.7KB, 1280x720) Reverse
I love you flens.
[Hide] (83.8KB, 789x789) Reverse
Oh would you look at the time. Post your waifu faggots!

Also the area 51 bullshit was a distraction so ((( they ))) could purge shit without anyone noticing.
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1800x1962) Reverse
[Hide] (2MB, 1800x1353) Reverse
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1600x1124) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 916x1212) Reverse
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1701x1845) Reverse
[Hide] (543.5KB, 1516x1800) Reverse
What's up frogslut.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 862x1200) Reverse
[Hide] (30.6KB, 443x453) Reverse
>area 51 bullshit
Eh? Did something actually happen?
Replies: >>424 >>426 >>431
A bunch of niggers joking about raiding area 51 if I recall correctly.
[Hide] (391.9KB, 521x697) Reverse
It's going to be getting cold soon. I look forward to it.
[Hide] (98.7KB, 849x607) Reverse

If only you knew how bad things really are.
[Hide] (181KB, 800x933) Reverse
The night grows longer.
I hate being a NEET.
Please don’t 3Dpost.
Please don’t /pol/post.
Replies: >>431 >>432
[Hide] (222.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
This reminds me of me going to the medic a couple of weeks ago and the medic telling me that I have the record low ~sun vitamins~ that she ever seen in a person and that need big amounts of sun vitamin injections and I was chuuni giggling inside my mind thinking of my vampire-hiki fantasies.
Replies: >>434
Some normalfags from reddit actually went. Being normalfags they didn't much interesting and just sort of circlejerked over their forced meme.
Who's doing either?
[Hide] (433.3KB, 1076x1500) Reverse
I have a feeling its retards being retards this time around.
Heil Hitler.
Tenicu is working on fixing the problem. Smug back soon, I hope.
Replies: >>437
[Hide] (193.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse

(the board sometimes eats my pics)
[Hide] (535KB, 1260x840) Reverse
[Hide] (758.4KB, 849x1200) Reverse
>area 51 bullshit
Honestly, I've stopped paying any attention to what the hell is going on these days. Just waiting for it to tumble down.
Thoughts and prayers.
[Hide] (2MB, 500x525) Reverse
This song always brings me back to better days.
[Hide] (34.3KB, 433x591) Reverse

[Hide] (41.7KB, 640x640) Reverse
I'm gonna transfer back over now.
Replies: >>445
Smug is back!
Replies: >>445
Thank you /cafe/ for hosting a bunch of autistic refugees.
Replies: >>445
Thank you for hosting us /cafe/!
Replies: >>445
Thanks for having us.
You're welcome, /a/! I'm nearly finished setting up an Icecast server as promised so I'll finish that off and keep it in reserve in case it's needed later. Enjoy the rest of your r/a/dio!
Replies: >>447
[Hide] (695.2KB, 1000x1400) Reverse
Thanks for letting us crash here tonight /cafe/
[Hide] (686.1KB, 716x1011) Reverse
Thanks for hosting us, flen. I'm gonna make the cafe our official backup and make sure to post here more often. You've done right by us!
Replies: >>449 >>451
Strange happenings today. I've received reports that a bunch of lolis and their maids set up an impromptu concert in a cafe. The cafe owner responded future concerts would be welcome. Quoting one loli:
>I hate it.
More on this strange migration later.
[Hide] (897.9KB, 1200x1200) Reverse
How did you know it was my birthday?
Replies: >>450
It was clearly the IP scraping on the impromptu caster.fm server.
No problem. How shall I give you your backup stream credentials? Leave an email address or other contact method and I'll get in touch when it's ready.
Replies: >>452
[Hide] (59.3KB, 1278x798) Reverse
If you send it to notcia@national.shitposting.agency I can respond. That's really bro-tier of you and we really do appreciate it. Is streaming in 320 ok or should I lower it if an event happens in the future? I don't wanna eat away at your bandwidth.
Replies: >>453
I'm happy that /cafe/ was used as I intended it. When there's nothing happening it's a place for quiet, relaxed discussion, but its true purpose is to allow the lost to shelter and regroup when they need it. As long as our doors are open, /cafe/ will keep the rain off and the belly warm.

I've set things up in such a way that your stream wouldn't be eating into anon.cafe's bandwidth directly. 320kbps will be OK. Our provider is pretty chill about bursty use but if it becomes an issue I'll let you know that you should reduce it.
Replies: >>455
pretty nice of you anon, thanks
hello just browsing through the webring. what do you mean smugloli is dead? its in the webring innit?
also is this the same r/a/dio on irc? or is it just a common term used by various imageboards
Replies: >>457
[Hide] (286.9KB, 1000x669) Reverse
The thread was started during a period of smug downtime. This is r/a/dio, it just crashed here while smug was down.
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