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Welcome to Junkuchan’s /shelter/, migrated from anon.cafe after its closure on March 15th, 2024. This board provides shelter and a place to regroup for displaced anons from disrupted, temporarily offline, deplatformed, or destroyed communities. Any communities compatible with textboard and imageboard culture may reorganize here.

Please make one thread per site, board, or other logical group to make it easier for anons to find each other. General threads called /shelter/ General will also be maintained. Please search the catalog and check the /shelter/ General threads before making a new thread.

The global rules apply as always. This board is SFW, do not post adult content. Please do not spam, shill, or advertise; /shelter/ is for sheltering, not recruitment.
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I know I'm really late, but, 8chan used to have a MGTOW board way back.  Where is the latest MGTOW chan?
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Apply yourself.
Mgtows are moving on, mostly becoming traps or manginas.
Replies: >>5911 >>5916
they were always manginas tbqh
>turns out 'their own way' was towards the Big Gay all along
heh, typical
Reject MGTOW
Embrace Mens Liberation

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I've been archiving some stuff here n there but i was wondering if anyone has been archiving posts on more of a mass scale?
that is such a weird thing to datamine glowie who tf is this meant to target

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This is /shelter/ General, a thread for all your general emergency sheltering needs. Use this thread for anything that you don’t feel needs a full thread, as a hub thread to direct incoming anons, and as a discussion thread for any matters affecting the webring as a whole.

Please remain calm; keep panic and argument to a minimum here. If you want to yell at each other then do it in a site-specific, board-specific, or other specific thread.

If you’re hitting this thread during an event then please be welcome. Everything will be all right.

The previous thread is at >>5 and is archived at https://archive.is/MB5Kt
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Calm down lad, she's just havin' a giggle m8
Replies: >>5870
i keep trying to teach u but all you do is cycle into ur own ego lmfao
why is this funny
I feel a strong wind blowing, and rough times ahead (again). I don't blame this site for shutting down soon if the owner can feel it, too - may have said it's not from outside pressure, but anyone can tell from recent webring activity that something is coming, wouldn't be surprised if other got a gut feeling...we've all migrated so many times now you can sort of sense it. Maybe it's coming because it's a major US election year again? Don't know, could be a coincidence, but I have never felt more disconnected from anon that I have as of late, and that's usually because of shitposters trying to push anon away.

anonymous posting may allow some bad actors to poison the water, but overall like >>5826 was saying, you're judged by the quality of your posts rather than personal reputation, and that appeals to anyone who wants to discuss interests for their own merit, and not just the clout it gives you.
Replies: >>5905
beware confirmation bias

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/cow/ claims another victim.
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Archiving specific posts or interactions can be useful for a variety of reasons whether it's memes, history, hot takes, etc. In general I would agree that archiving entire threads is cancer even if I think you're being facetious. The only people who I know on the webring who archive entire threads are the sorts who are deathly afraid of anything new.
don't see anything wrong with archiving threads you know will be purged by gay mods
Replies: >>5863
Should be making the threads on a better site in the first place
Not like reposing the thread will allow you to continue the conversation either, really.
It doesn't really serve a point, which is why no-one does it

go home seagull
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So uhh, PLW was removed from Smug's webring listings.
Problem corrected. I will continue to be a filthy crossboarder with callous disregard.

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Get in here, streloks, and stop posting under the watchful eye of glowniggers. Where should we go now?
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Russia made some territorial gains but I doubt they will manifest before this rotting corpse decomposes.
Replies: >>5815
>>He wastes his time checking for (You)s every day
Nah, I decided to come back and see what our supposed savior had to offer, and find (to no one's surprise) that all his barking meant fuck all. No solutions, no explanations. Disappointing, really, but not very unexpected either.
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>before this rotting corpse decomposes
Need clarification, are you referring to Ukraine, Europe, Russia, Trump, Biden or anon.cafe?
Russians making significant progress now that the frontline was breached. Almost a decade to set up shop and they had ONE defensive line LOL.
Macron says putting French soldiers in Ukraine is not off the table.
Putin responded with "play stupid games, win stupid prizes" and threatened to nuke France in response.

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Smugloli is down. Anyone know why?
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Welcome, Anon! Glad you made it on time! Cheers.  :)
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Hello and goodbye.
Goodbye guys... It was fun while it lasted.
Replies: >>5854
Well, one of the best things about the Web Ring is that boards can migrate with relative ease, and still maintain a sense of community with all the other sites/boards.
Stop using frogs you double nigger.

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Just dropping by to mention /christmas/ was finally migrated to 8moe, so you can drop by to say hello here:
I'm looking forward to organize something for the upcoming winter festivities. 
You can also check the /christmas/'s trashchan board here:
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>As the original BO of /christmas/ who started the idea for my friend (Holo-waifufag) as a christmas present
Neat! Thanks Anon... it's been a Christmas present to us all! Myself and anons on /robowaifu/ have attended every year! We put a banner announcment over our board, and try to invite others to come as well. What a great idea of yours Anon, thanks! Cheers.  :)
>God I hate namefags so much.
>posts his channel and id to try and score eceleb points
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How much is Acid paying your tranny ass to move to his honeypot? Or did he simply grant you access to his CP stash? Or maybe he had his fed friends give you a green card to immigrate to the US legally see how you're a spic?
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I am fascinated by how desperately obsessed a small group of /pol/troons are over literally who admins. It would be interesting enough if it were just the fixation, but the pathetic namecalling just makes it hilarious.
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>what I don't agree is that jewish nigger mindset
I'll lose however much money in stocks I want to, Karl!

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Where does /k/ go now? I'm not ever going back to cuckchan.
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Come to Heyuri
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Hayao Miyazaki looks down on Otaku like you
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Well, it happened. Looks like I will post on the bunker on zzz.
Replies: >>5650
I'll continue working on my alternative in my free time so it can be dead on arrival when the zzz-Julay cartel comes knocking about competition.
Replies: >>5657
All the power to you. Whole point of the webring was that it wasn't centralized. That when one dies (like anon.cafe) another can take its place, and it broadcasts its existence to all the old users through the webring.

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It's no secret that smug's /yuri/ has been borderline unusable for close to two years now, and the only reason it gets any traffic is because as far as I am aware (and the same seemingly goes for other users) there isn't any english speaking yuri board on the internet.
In light of the fact that the meta thread is once again at something like three out of every four posts getting deleted, it doesn't seem wise to try and co-ordinate a migration from the board itself.
Any ideas?
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>In your opinion as a yurifan
The only connection between yuri and live action lesbos is etymological.
>what's wrong with lesbian porn
It's 3dpd. It's trite, it's incidental, and it's muddled; it also happens to be disgusting. This is the literal opposite of drawn yuri, which is meaningful, deliberate (artificial), and pure; whether a work is disgusting or not and to what degree varies on it's construction.
Industrial porn is a travesty, capitalist pig disgusting.
However, do you still disagree in the more niche case of actual amateur self-recordings of lesbian couples?
Replies: >>5641
I honestly think that it depends upon the work and who is making it, and that this is true with both actual recordings of lesbian romance and sex just as it is with the fictional depictions of it.

I think that a lot of people in the yuri community are not honest with themselves and go along with a meme that has become the retarded official narrative of those boards cultures. The reason being that they are newfags who dont understand the history of imageboard culture. We used to have 4chan/u/ threads talking about 3dpd works featuring lesbian contents all the time.

I'd like a board that is just lesbian and female x female content generally, where anything to do with the content of females relating to other females (whether physically or psychologically) in a romantic or sexual manner (attraction/arousal, sex/physical intimacy, etc).

We'd allow yuri, but also 3dpd lesbian content, along with every other sort of content that doesn't break the global rules and is on-topic. So long as it has female beings being attracted to or aroused by other female beings (in a romantic or sexual way) or physically involved with them (in a romantic/sexual way), it should be allowed.

I'd also include /lesgen/ type content that has to do with the topic of irl lesbians. It's got to do with female homosexuality and female homosexual activity, it should be allowable.

There are a lot of women working in lesbian porn who are actually into other women (sexually), some go into it just to have sex with another woman they were attracted to, and some are also into other women romantically in their personal lives. There's plenty of production companies that specialize in producing lesbian porn that were founded by, and are run by, actual lesbians, with content intended for a primarily lesbian audience.

Many porn productions do a decent job of setting up lesbian love stories or scenarios for lesbian sex to occur in that are actually engaging, be they sweet or hot.
Some of it seems to have been taken right out of a yuri manga, because a lot of the audiences of lesbian porn are also yurifans, or of the same mindset as yurifans in terms of what they want to see.
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Replies: >>5641 >>5642
Spoiler File
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>However, do you still disagree in the more niche case of actual amateur self-recordings of lesbian couples?
There's literally no difference herr pinko.  It's not about the recordings, it's about the content.
>The queer community of japan was always involved in both yuri and yaoi productions.
The term derives etymologically from a fagmag, sure. That's about the extent of the connection in terms of content or interest themes.
>What /yuri/ hilariously fails to recognize right now is that a lot of the origins of yuri and gl works came out of the same publication companies that made lesbian pornography
And those are all fucking terrible. What's your point?
3dpd has literally nothing to do with the value of yuri in art. The actual strain real yuri works that are actually of value and meaning has literally nothing to do with hagfags either; they were born out of the admixture of sol comedies (seinen, in theory) and shoujo manga. The worst, most real-to-life shoujo manga had only a negative influence and aren't really part of the canon or culture of real yuri works.
There's no connection between works built upon the corpus of works and the aimless incidents of 3dpd nonsense. Not only is it all trash, it's all trash that can't possible go any
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Most important take here is that you're trying to meme a very shitty fanfic into existence on the real 3DPD meatspace. Schizophrenic behavior.

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