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Smugloli is down. Anyone know why?
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No clue, anons were saying "blacked.moe" was down as well but I've been able to access it multiple times in the last half hour or so. A couple of hours ago kohlchan was no working at all but seems to work now. Someone should message the meidos to see whats going on. Do the meidos have emails or just IRC?
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Actually kohlchan is still getting frequent 522 errors. Probably a coincident but still.
As far as I remember l this sometimes happens, but if it won't go online later then there is something wrong.
It has since been clarified the random smugloli downs are result of a denial of service attack.
What happened this time goddamn it
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Who knows, but it's back now
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my first and last ever reply on this site before this site goes down for good
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Welcome, Anon! Glad you made it on time! Cheers.  :)
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Hello and goodbye.
Goodbye guys... It was fun while it lasted.
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Well, one of the best things about the Web Ring is that boards can migrate with relative ease, and still maintain a sense of community with all the other sites/boards.
Stop using frogs you double nigger.
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