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It's no secret that smug's /yuri/ has been borderline unusable for close to two years now, and the only reason it gets any traffic is because as far as I am aware (and the same seemingly goes for other users) there isn't any english speaking yuri board on the internet.
In light of the fact that the meta thread is once again at something like three out of every four posts getting deleted, it doesn't seem wise to try and co-ordinate a migration from the board itself.
Any ideas?
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Intermittently even visible. There's a board there (/u/) but it seemingly isn't actually restricted to yuri (the most active thread is a futa general) but in any case it's not like it's possible to actually post on .moe anyway.
>Make a board on cafe
You can ask. Considering it's a dispute with webring moderation I don't think you'll get anything from cafemin.
I swear there was a board there (that again, wasn't actually limited to yuri at all) with a sane but ESL and kinda dumb owner but I can't find it. Julay isn't really usable for torposters for such an image-essential board anyway.
Replies: >>4395 >>4406
There does seem to be a few intermittently hidden bords. Smug hid its /support/ board from the webring to cover up their trigger happy glownigger discord mods and its likely they are not the only ones who have hidden boards.
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Yeah, but the julay(?) board I'm (mis)remembering didn't seem like the owner would hide it. That was long enough ago that it's entirely possible that the board was there and doesn't exist anymore.
>Smug hid its /support/ board from the webring
I mean I can't find it by checking direct urls.
But yes, the glowniggery on smug has resulted in a crop of mods with no interest in the board topic doing the usual discordfag blog spam and then deleting posts when they get called out on it on a board where the core userbase are all extreme purityfags.
Replies: >>4398
Its likely gone since julay is called alogsspace now. I was a mod there for about a year and the site is almost as bad as the rest of the webring. 

Most of the board owners there are either gone, bronies or some other kind of faggot. They are complicit in allowing discord/reddit cabals form offsite to shut up their boards with a “I dont give a damn what happens on other sites” mentality.  I am not talking about /cow/ but every other board there.
Replies: >>4401 >>4402 >>4405
To clarify:  I don’t know anything about /cow/‘s moderation. I am an ex mod because the board I was modding for there didn’t like that I did anything about the discordfag blogspam and called it out for what it was while trying to help keep the board on topic even with him playing dumb and dismissing my concerns the whle time.
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Oh whoops, I didn't mean julay I meant prolikewoh
Everything you said applies to both sites, though
Replies: >>4408
>I am not talking about /cow/ but every other board there.
>alawgs as moral icons of the interwebz
Kek. I like a nice fat julay as much as the next Anon, but c'mon really?
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>Considering it's a dispute with webring moderation
LOL. Are you some kind of diversity-tier glownigger or what? At least you troons should do your homework first.
There is no webring 'moderation', faggot.
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Good morning, came here because the thread was linked on our meta.
prolikewoah never had a yuri board. It did have some dedicated threads on /animu/ back when the contents were completely wiped out by accident on the regular, I think only one of those threads still survives. I don't remember one on julay either, but I haven't visited at all since two years ago when the debacle was first starting. Remember the first webring-wide Christmas party held here, the one that had most webring admins and had them trying to teach anons how to set up webring sites? Rob was here and prospects looked bleak for julay so I never visited again. Then the whole debacle happened, julay died at least twice, alogs was born, there was another Christmas party, and here we are now yet another year later. I'm really looking forward to another event this year, by the way.
8moe had 2 /u/ boards born in the time they first joined the webring. Both dedicated to futa and bestiality. They were shilled on our meta but I really don't think they count as yuri boards. Doesn't mean there's any hostility at all, but they are a different thing. Those are probably still alive?
There was also an extra bunker on 9ch that /yuri/ BO set up when smug was being DDOS'd but it was never used and it died with that site. Unlike him, I think /yuri/ already has enough bunkers and fallbacks in case something happens, and I'm not pointing some schizo to the alternative communities. I don't hate them. I also think already making a bunker board just to leave it with no content whatsoever would be unkind to the hosts.
We ain't kidnapping anyone, OP you can go wherever you want or make something new.  At this point I think you should do whatever is best for your mental health. I'd never be against having more yuri around and I don't fear such an atomized community being further splintered.
Everyone else is also welcomed to pay us a visit, even just to say hi. That way you can check for yourselves the current state of the board, and all the past states too actually, since all our content is still live on the site. That includes the old meta thread, which is alive and well at https://smuglo.li/yuri/res/100.html
There have been some deleted posts, you can see exactly how many on the public board log, CP has been spammed before like on all boards and there's an autist repeatedly spamming a het doujin.
Many other boards and anons can attest to us being a friendly/welcoming board, conquering the Earth would just be harder otherwise...
Pardon the lengthy post? I'm really not used to posting outside my homeboard.
We haven't got any news about this year's Christmas party yet, but I sure hope to meet you all there again, please post any announcements for it on our threads whenever you have them. Together with icup that is one of the best chances to improve webring relations, and just anons' state of mind towards the end of a year.
Replies: >>4413 >>4414
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<OP Complains about banners and no one gives a shit
<Spams a hetro doujin on a yuri board when people don't listen 
<Gets mad when his shitposts get deleted and resorts to calling the board staff and anyone who disagrees with him a tranny glownigger
<Anons think he's a fucking retarded schizo
<Now he's trying to make a new board with no posters
Amazing, it's like OP is the unholy child of ACK and Voxxe.
>>4392 (OP) 

Anon I don't think you've ever used smug /a/ or /tg/. They are trigger happy glowniggers that make discord mods look relaxed.
Replies: >>4419
stay mad faggot
>We haven't got any news about this year's Christmas party yet
I think the anon who organized that last time has retired.
>hey, why are you keep posting solo girl on a board about yuri?
<NO, it's yuri because I said so
<keep spamming more solo pics anyway
<mods deleted the other anon asking why because the faggot keeps reporting it as "schizo"
>some anon made a thread about migration some where else
<it's about the schizo anon, isn't it?
Replies: >>4419
shut up, !Akemi
>>4392 (OP) 
<troon free site, fuck off so we can keep it that way.
>Shills trannycord link to an actual tranny cabal server at the top of the meta thread pinned to the top of the board.

Deleting my posts won't hide the truth nigger.
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>even crosssite in a /yuri/ thread trannymods don't post yuri
Yeah, but do you have any ideas for an alternative? The only on-topic imageboards that I can see are scanlator's sites which you wouldn't try to force topic discussion into.
Yeah but that's what people signed up for. If you used smug/a/ back in it's heyday instead of like, warosu/jp/ then you were making a decision that you wanted that shit. I would consider those boards unusable, yes; but /yuri/ had well intentioned if incompetent administration until OBO handed the board off to a discord friend who very soon handed the board off to a discord friend (the current sperg).
Replies: >>4422
I may have to do the same for robowaifu then. That current iteration is filled with spambots and actual redditor faggots shilling their subreddit. It has zero standards with the rare psuedo intellectual novel length shitpost. So much for being a DIY board when you let tom sawyer types roam scot free and dismiss+gaslight anyone who gets fed up with it.

I only found the webring a few years ago so I am not familiar with the history of most of these sites. I didnt sign up for anything.

 Its not surprising that most if not all contemporary imageboards are made or co opted by discord cliques. as the culture IB’s were made with no longer exists and its all antisocial cliques now just there to enforce censorship that previous mediums like TV could only dream of in this “TV 2.0” hellscape that is the modern internet.
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>>4392 (OP) 
The only problem I have with smug yuri board is that the site is run under glownig server backed by cuckflare.  Just now  they don't allow tor user to post anymore  so you pretty much have to expose yourself from gownig data mining using bare ip address whenever you post there.
>Just now
They monthban the hidden service every time someone uses it
probably to try to get you to post clearnet since they can't comprehend proxies
>The only problem I have with smug yuri board
You don't have any problem with the constant spam of hetshit and blogposts and futa and discord or the fact that it's a single thread cyclic general discord-offrun tranny blog board?
Replies: >>4517
For lesbians 

I'm voting for two big hairbows

Not south park
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I can still can bear some of the banners which you assumed it as "het" meterial. It might be subltle in that regard but I still think it's kind of a meme tier shit in the banner. Maybe it has something to do with shit and giggles in the past who knows. There was one occurance about hetshit that was posted beforehand and that link was a doujinshi from dynastyscan. Actually there were part of it that was het but the rest 97% of them was based on gay girls. That was the only time I felt It was quite disturbing, and I still don't understand why they have such horrible taste on what they consider it as yuri at that time. Since then they never post anything like that again. As for discord, I never care to use them and I have no idea whatever had happened in that discord link. Can't blame of some of anon over there are just fucking retarded when it comes to software transaparancy. Here's a thing, there's a real tranny out there that is so obsess with tracking anonymous users. These are the people that something that I don't want to deal with because I've seen their honeypot site before. They are the kind that the like host free software service and dox whoever them. I wish I could describe more but due to security reason of my behalf, I rather not to.
Endchan has a yuri board.

It's called "/lez/" and it's for yuri and for lesbian content in general. Which means it allows for irl (3dpd) lesbian content in addition to anime/cartoon yuri. Anything relating to female homosexuality, including lone nude or self-pleasuring women, is permitted content.

The only rules are "no romantic, nude, or pornographic content featuring males or male genitalia". So that explicitly excludes futanari content. Lesbian loli is allowed, of course, but obviously the irl (3dpd) equivalent (cp) is not.

It needs a new owner who could clean up the posts that nobody wants to see, in fact I think it might be best to wipe the whole board and start anew.

I personally quite like the idea of allowing real lesbian content in addition to the drawn depiction of such on a yuri board.
Replies: >>5473 >>5479
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>Lesbian loli is allowed
It can't be, since endchan has a global loli ban. In particular, the admininstration has clarified that something like pic related is explicitly banned.
It doesn't work in the first place. Image posting randomly fails and the administration denies the issue.
>I personally quite like the idea of allowing real lesbian content in addition to the drawn depiction of such on a yuri board.
3dpd couldn't be further from yuri if you tried. Hetshit tier.
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Hello Anon, since last Christmas I have not really been at peace with myself. I went to the Christmas mass of my Protestant church and I noticed that cake was sold in the church. Isn't it disgusting to see a temple of God degenerate into a financial hub?

I searched the Bible for an answer and kept coming across the passage where Jesus beat the merchants out of the temple with a whip. 
Anon, I'm at a loss. They always say I should take Jesus as an example; but should I go so far as to buy a whip?
Replies: >>5479
>It can't be, since endchan has a global loli ban. In particular, the admininstration has clarified that something like pic related is explicitly banned.

The front page says "loli is ok".

>It doesn't work in the first place. Image posting randomly fails and the administration denies the issue.

The site may have its issues, I agree.

>wew 3dpd couldn't be further from yuri if you tried. Hetshit tier.

How so? You like drawn girls kissing each other, but can't stand the real deal? How are pictures of actual kissing girls the exact opposite of the drawn depiction of the same thing? Calling videos of lesbian sex "hetshit" is straight up retardation.

Yuri and real lesbian content should share their own board.
Replies: >>5479 >>5482 >>5514
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Based and Christpilled

>Shilling CP(loli)
Accursed Child Abusers like you should be publicly excecuted, /yuri/ is a pedo board confirmed, your ISPs will make sure this accursed board never sees the light of day after this debacle.

Burn in Hell Child Molesters
/yuri/ on Endchan isn't really about yuri, when I talked to them the Anons there expressed it was kind of an unfortunate choice for naming the board. They have another one they use regularly beside, perhaps you guys can talk to them about what's what.

>It doesn't work in the first place. Image posting randomly fails and the administration denies the issue.
Blatant lie.
>It can't be, since endchan has a global loli ban. In particular, the admininstration has clarified that something like pic related is explicitly banned.
Blatant lie. Posts that violates US law are deleted. Never issued a ban for lolicon.
Replies: >>5482
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>The front page says "loli is ok".
>Lolicon is allowed as long as it complies to US laws. Which means no naked genitals and sexual intercourse.
You can find numerous examples on endchan itself of site admins banning obviously legal lolicon.
>The site may have its issues, I agree.
These alone are a dealbreaker. I used endchan. The board I frequented literally died over these.
>How so?
Because it has literally nothing to do with yuri?
>You like drawn girls kissing each other, but can't stand the real deal?
It isn't the real deal. I do like the real deal (drawn girls kissing each other). 3dpd being disgusting isn't drawn girls kissing each other. This isn't ambiguous.
>How are pictures of actual kissing girls the exact opposite of the drawn depiction of the same thing? 
Because one is cute and valuable and the other is disgusting and pathetic?
>Calling videos of lesbian sex "hetshit" is straight up retardation.
The closest anyone has come to doing that is in your post just now.
>Yuri and real lesbian content should share their own board.
I dunno why you're shilling so relentlessly (with such blatant lies too) when all these claims were proven with examples already.
You're asking people to come to your broken site to post loli so you can ban them? What?
>/yuri/ on Endchan
Nobody mentioned endchan/yuri/.
Replies: >>5514
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board like /u/4cham has a dedicated gay girls jav thread you know. It's not something I followed throughly because most of it were shit due to the nature of 3dpd, but once in a awhile they tried to bump for a good one. Maybe for certain niche like lesbian brothels. You can thank that to itsuki kuro for trending that up.

>yuri board on endchan
Wow, it looks like another /b/ boards alternative for closet tripfags. Endchan used to be a cesspit for goonz hanging around in there. I'll never forgive them for flooding animu board with their garbage spam.
- voice acted by paid actresses who are probably straight.
- manga of the show was drawn by artist who is probably a straight guy.
- shows an idealized depiction of lesbian love, usually intended for straight male audiences.
- still has a sizable audience of female fans, many of whom are straight identifying.
- Focus more on romance and plot.
Lesbian porn:
- actual sex had by paid actresses who are probably straight.
- script of the show was written by author who is probably a straight guy.
- shows an idealized depiction of lesbian love, usually intended for straight male audiences.
- still has a sizable audience of female fans, many of whom are straight identifying.
- focus more on sex and titillation.
Replies: >>5574
There are also works of Yuri that are purely pornographic, and lesbian love stories acted by real actresses. Nothing is exclusive to one category or another except for the medium being used to depict acts of female homosexuality.
Let me ask you this question: In your opinion as a yurifan, what's wrong with lesbian porn (as in, actual recordings of real women doing homosexual sex acts with each other)?
Replies: >>5630
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x2560) Reverse
>In your opinion as a yurifan
The only connection between yuri and live action lesbos is etymological.
>what's wrong with lesbian porn
It's 3dpd. It's trite, it's incidental, and it's muddled; it also happens to be disgusting. This is the literal opposite of drawn yuri, which is meaningful, deliberate (artificial), and pure; whether a work is disgusting or not and to what degree varies on it's construction.
Industrial porn is a travesty, capitalist pig disgusting.
However, do you still disagree in the more niche case of actual amateur self-recordings of lesbian couples?
Replies: >>5641
I honestly think that it depends upon the work and who is making it, and that this is true with both actual recordings of lesbian romance and sex just as it is with the fictional depictions of it.

I think that a lot of people in the yuri community are not honest with themselves and go along with a meme that has become the retarded official narrative of those boards cultures. The reason being that they are newfags who dont understand the history of imageboard culture. We used to have 4chan/u/ threads talking about 3dpd works featuring lesbian contents all the time.

I'd like a board that is just lesbian and female x female content generally, where anything to do with the content of females relating to other females (whether physically or psychologically) in a romantic or sexual manner (attraction/arousal, sex/physical intimacy, etc).

We'd allow yuri, but also 3dpd lesbian content, along with every other sort of content that doesn't break the global rules and is on-topic. So long as it has female beings being attracted to or aroused by other female beings (in a romantic or sexual way) or physically involved with them (in a romantic/sexual way), it should be allowed.

I'd also include /lesgen/ type content that has to do with the topic of irl lesbians. It's got to do with female homosexuality and female homosexual activity, it should be allowable.

There are a lot of women working in lesbian porn who are actually into other women (sexually), some go into it just to have sex with another woman they were attracted to, and some are also into other women romantically in their personal lives. There's plenty of production companies that specialize in producing lesbian porn that were founded by, and are run by, actual lesbians, with content intended for a primarily lesbian audience.

Many porn productions do a decent job of setting up lesbian love stories or scenarios for lesbian sex to occur in that are actually engaging, be they sweet or hot.
Some of it seems to have been taken right out of a yuri manga, because a lot of the audiences of lesbian porn are also yurifans, or of the same mindset as yurifans in terms of what they want to see.

Not to mention that when you look up lesbian content on porn sites and search for the best performing content, much of it is actually really sweet.
Like three beautiful women waking up in bed together after having (supposedly) slept the night together while naked and held in each other's arms.
Then having a morning threesome that is done in a very slow, tender, passionate, and loving way, in a way that shows how all three are really enjoying each other's "company". 

Yuri fans seem to miss on what lesbian porn looks like and rely on the most disgusting stereotypes that aren't the norm nor the best selling type of content.

In addition there is plenty of content being made by lesbian couples and poly relationships. Or by lesbians who get together to fuck on camera to earn cash. The fact that they are doing this for money doesn't mean they aren't also into girls, in fact, it strongly supports that they are at least a little gay if this is what they chose to make their money with, especially since they could easily make just as much if not more with other forms of content. 

One set that came out was pretty hot it was a pair of identical twins who regularly performed together, and they could because incest was legal in Virginia.
There were other incestuous lesbian couples of sisters who made such content out of that state, showing their id's to prove they were really siblings and not just pretending to be related for fantasy sake before they began eating each other out.

You'd think that the actual incest porn would be trashy, but these amateurs would do more than just fuck while gratuitously reminding their audience that they were sisters with their fetishistic sextalk.
What we got was stories about themselves, how they grew up, discovered their sexualities, and got over the obstacles (inner and outer) that stood in the way of taking their familial love to a sexual and romantic place.
We got some insight into how incestuous couples actually are in terms of their psychology and relationship to eachother. 
Spoiler: they werent from a particularly broken home, nor were they raised apart only to discover each other later in life, but they had just decided to try putting each other to the test and discovered that wincest was best for themselves.
Even some thoughts about the legality of incest between consenting adults and how it relates to the legality of homosexuality in the past.
The sex itself is not filled with "oh yeah lick me sis" kinda fetish fuel talk, but instead they just fuck like a normal couple would, because they love each other as a person rather than as some subject of a perversion.

There are Japanese lesbian couples who even use terms associated with manga to describe their shows together: "yuri" "gl" and such.

What /yuri/ hilariously fails to recognize right now is that a lot of the origins of yuri and gl works came out of the same publication companies that made lesbian pornography, because they made lesbian content in general. 
These were queer magazines that focused on female homosexuality and the community of actual female homosexuals that existed in Japan.
Stuff you saw in classic gl works were inspired by real experiences Japanese dykes had had in their irl love lives.
The queer community of japan was always involved in both yuri and yaoi productions.

I think a board that mixes yuri with lesbian porn and lesbian content in general would be a great idea, and that all the disgust they have to the fetishistic stuff that /b/ used to love shows us how fall our ib communities have fallen into normiedom.

Visit the /lez/ board of endchan, the /u/ board of 8moe and smugloli, and other such places. They may not be perfect but they have content you could enjoy.

Imagine if you will:

Threads for various types of lesbian scenes from porn, eventually we'd start finding only the best stuff, just as we had with yuri scenes in hentai. (And unlike hentai, there is a cornucopia of media productions that have nothing but lesbian content).

Threads for female furries (and other anthro types), and even female animals (not anthro'd) who have sex with mates of the same sex.

Threads for anons (some of whom may be lesbians themselves irl) to discuss irl lesbianism, and the issues pertaining  to real lesbian communities. 

Maybe even a thread where they just post pictures of attractive women, just to admire them (if its females mirin or rating other women, its technically on topic).

Tl;Dr lesbian porn is by and large nothing like what /yuri/ pretends it is, and depending upon where you get your examples from, it can be everything that they would love to see in yuri, including with regard to its production staff and intended audience.

Yuri itself has strong ties to real lesbian communities in Japan (with actual experiences from Japanese dykes serving as inspiration for the content of many yuri manga), and that includes the kinds of porn made within that community (the majority of women watch porn, and that includes gay girls too), porn which features real women having sex together on camera.

/yuri/ suffers from groupthink, a need for ideological acceptance, and a failure to recognize what is just a meme from what serves as the actual attitudes of their communities.
Also I guarantee you that they watch chicks doing it with each other, and are just hypocrites. These are a bunch of hungry monkeys sitting around a banana and beating the ones who try to get it.

There's literally nothing wrong with a great deal of the porn featuring lesbianism, you just need to find the good stuff, which isn't hard at all to find BTW.

The amateur homemade scene is going to bring a lot of authenticity to the world of women loving women on camera, with performers who have their own stories and personalities that they share with the audience not to mention having the unprecedented freedom to make the content they want to make, to interact with the audience, and to collaborate with each other. 

A camgirl who advertises herself as a dyke that only does solo and girl/girl can do a show where she talks about herself, her sexuality, and her plans for the future.
 She can contact another camgirl who likes girls and get her over to shoot a show that they want to make together, maybe even get other girls like themselves involved as well.
The two of them could then start their own business where they recruit other chicks to make quality dyke flicks, where the performers are known to actually be gay, and where the gaysex is at a high level of authenticity.
Like the hololive of girls love, homolove.
Creators have so much power today, media companies can just be bypassed by enterprising entrepreneurs.

/yuri/ is full of brain deads.
Replies: >>5641 >>5642
Spoiler File
(310.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>However, do you still disagree in the more niche case of actual amateur self-recordings of lesbian couples?
There's literally no difference herr pinko.  It's not about the recordings, it's about the content.
>The queer community of japan was always involved in both yuri and yaoi productions.
The term derives etymologically from a fagmag, sure. That's about the extent of the connection in terms of content or interest themes.
>What /yuri/ hilariously fails to recognize right now is that a lot of the origins of yuri and gl works came out of the same publication companies that made lesbian pornography
And those are all fucking terrible. What's your point?
3dpd has literally nothing to do with the value of yuri in art. The actual strain real yuri works that are actually of value and meaning has literally nothing to do with hagfags either; they were born out of the admixture of sol comedies (seinen, in theory) and shoujo manga. The worst, most real-to-life shoujo manga had only a negative influence and aren't really part of the canon or culture of real yuri works.
There's no connection between works built upon the corpus of works and the aimless incidents of 3dpd nonsense. Not only is it all trash, it's all trash that can't possible go anywhere either.
Most important take here is that you're trying to meme a very shitty fanfic into existence on the real 3DPD meatspace. Schizophrenic behavior.
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