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Where does /k/ go now? I'm not ever going back to cuckchan.
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The only boards outside of cuckchan I know of are in zzzchan.xyz and 8chan.moe.
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Blacked.moe it is then, unfortunately. Zzz is filled with scum and are just as rulecucked as blacked. At least there are oldfags on blacked.
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Eat shit, die in a kike rape tunnel that's on fire.
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>Where does /k/ go?
If you just want hobbyist discussion, dudder on sportschan already approved /k/ to come over to /h/: https://sportschan.org/sp/res/1599364.html#q1599393
If you are interested in current events, the previous BO has established a /news/ board on 8moe that he plans to use as a spiritual successor to the Israel/Ukraine threads among other spicy topics: https://8chan.moe/news/
You can see example articles here, he is trying to keep to this /k/ for /k/ discussion until the site is gone: >>>/k/60490
If you don't mind imkampfy-tier moderation that will ban you for posting anime girls, an alternative sister /k/ exists on the webring here: https://zzzchan.xyz/k
Sister /k/ boards:
You should review the sticky on /k/ for useful links: https://pst.moe/paste/zammwe
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So, more splintering and fewer users just like in the 8chan exodus. Except we are working with, what, maybe 10 guys?
 to this day the only people I've seen repeat "rulecucked" ad nauseam are pedophiles who got denied their "cute little girls" and "social media child models" generals. if that's what you associate yourself with, you're not making a strong argument really.
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Well that's nice. I never used that term. Why did you tag me, nigger?
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OG 8chan had /hebe/ and /littlegirls/, and /b/ had "daily pedo threads" under Lowcard until the pig farmer took control in late 2015 and no one was moral fagging like you newfaggots and it was nice. I'm not condoning it but you and yours should have stayed on Reddit. /pol/ likely wouldn't have turned into what it became, the moral fagging and infiltration wouldn't have happened and we would all be fine right now.
You need to go back.
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Pedos ruin everything they touch.
Ah yes, "moralfag," the term from the days when we all pretended to be amoral fagnostic ostriches, and that nothing bad would come of it.

I think you remember what happened next. And it wasn't the fault of people asking for restraint and sobriety.
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I remember directly reporting on both incidents that lead to the website going down. Both mass shootings were committed by /pol/anons egged on by imkampfy's banning libertarians and other dissenters from the board, not by the Moloch-worshippers.
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>the previous BO has established a /news/ board on 8moe
Any proof on him being the previous BO? It better not be the three-letter agent one, I swear
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>Any proof on him being the previous BO?
Yes, the fact that I am right here and verifying I am the BO from directly before Tengu took over.
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Do pedos even have a high scorer representative besides the japanese guy who was just doing it for shock value?
no, you stupidass /trannypol/yp, kampfy was gone by the time the shootings happened. /intl/ hyped Ron into banning imkampfy in early 2018 because people kept whining about how tight his moderation was, so the board was made global, it was essentially unmoderated and it predictably spiraled out of control not only because of the resident autists but also from violence promotion by outside forces, namely /leftypol/ and /intl/, and who knows what else besides glowniggers who were proven to be shitting up the board later on when jim was getting grilled by congress.
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Who the fuck do you think unnamed vol 4 was, you retard? 
>it was essentially unmoderated
Unmoderated my ass I got permabanned for making an ironpill thread a week before the fucking shooting happened. 
Living rent -free in your head you schizo /pol/tard.
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That's not proof, who the fuck are you?
>remembering all those namefags
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There is a form of honor inherent in keeping such a record in one's mind regarding the inside baseball of a taiwanese basket-weaving forum that relatively few people use. Someone needs to take record, it'd be a shame for this history to be scattered to the 7 winds.
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Sing of the imageboards of old, boardsinger! Sing of namefags and tripcodes and backchanneled chats, sing of administrators and registrants and hosts and developers! Weave for us the world that was, the world of anons and grudges and autism now long since swallowed into the great history-eating.

Boardsinger, sing us tonight the webring.
it was umoderated and relaxed when made global because "muh imkampfy". You are a faggot
>schizo /pol/tard
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Honestly that time was chaotic. I don't remember it being particularly useful with how much offtopic was there other than start of /pdf/ archiving era. First time it was one big cuckchan migration education episode.
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You should go back to 4/pol/ where you belong and stop ruining everyone else's time. Pathetic.
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>accused of 4cuck
>Uses 4cuck lingo
thanks 4 proving point, familam.
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The reason I hate blacked.moe is because /v/ on there is pretty much a "no fun allowed zone"
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>because /v/ on there is pretty much a "no fun allowed zone"
not because it's run by a fed asset and a jew? you know the things that are most hated on imageboards? not because they both act perfectly in character and pretty much trampled everything we had?
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Is there anyone here that can back up the /k/ threads listed here >>>/k/60614 to whichever board or boards we end up migrating to? I don't know how myself and my computer likely couldn't handle it if I did.
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I would recommend asking for technical support over at trash, even if /k/ won't end up there. Or just pop the threads to you preferred archive, or you could even right click and save the whole page locally.
So we have no where to go then? I'm not using either of those shitchans
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There's nowhere else and 8chan.moe/new/ blows dick. There's already /intl/ kikes shitting it up with crab/india/propane posting like its 2015.
I guess I will have to go to zzz/k/.
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I am in the process of doing that, but on Web Archive. If you want to save them proper I can ask Acid on 8ch.
The /news/ idiot already bailed. I can remake the board if you are willing to populate it with threads yourselves.
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>Implying you ever intended to use /news/
>Implying crab/India/propane isn't part of funposting culture
This is why the webring sucks.
Replies: >>5566
Replies: >>5575
>>5242 (OP) 
Come to Heyuri
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Hayao Miyazaki looks down on Otaku like you
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Well, it happened. Looks like I will post on the bunker on zzz.
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I'll continue working on my alternative in my free time so it can be dead on arrival when the zzz-Julay cartel comes knocking about competition.
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All the power to you. Whole point of the webring was that it wasn't centralized. That when one dies (like anon.cafe) another can take its place, and it broadcasts its existence to all the old users through the webring.
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