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Just dropping by to mention /christmas/ was finally migrated to 8moe, so you can drop by to say hello here:
I'm looking forward to organize something for the upcoming winter festivities. 
You can also check the /christmas/'s trashchan board here:
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>>5778 (OP) 
Heh, thanks 8moe!  :DD

As mentioned, the Webring Festival will be held on trashchan.xyz/christmas/ . Please stop by there around December, when we'll be asking for volunteers to help spread the word for this year's party!

>t. anon/christmas/ BO, trash/christmas/ BO  :^)

cute Christmas Yotsuba.
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>>5778 (OP) 
Thanks for migrating, OP. I hope the board does well next Christmas regardless of where it's at and no third parties try to usurp the nature of its holiday cheer bringing together everyone. 

60% of /christmas/ comes from outside the webring   you territorial cunt! :DD
Replies: >>5781 >>5782 >>5793
>>5778 (OP) 
Good luck with the board, and hopefully there's more activity this year for you guys.
The name is just inherited from the anon who originally created it.
Still, please don't incite fights between the two boards as both can coexist together.
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Heh. You could -- roughly-speaking -- pick any other alt-chan site and it would be better than blacked.glow.gov !  :D

Besides, the spirit of the festival, and the board itself clearly originated, post-Watkins-usurpation, right here on anon.cafe . Regardless, this is clearly yet another jew-like move on the part of the other ((( BO )))... (which has already been adequately-addressed here before : cf. >>5456, >>5485, et al).

Cheers.  :^)
Replies: >>5788 >>5793
The one who started saying /christmas/ is a webring affair only was Chobitsu, which for the record is not correct, it's an inter-board event, any IB can join (IIRC the only rule was no raid boards), you can check the 2021 and 2022 and see by yourself.
>the board itself clearly originated, post-Watkins-usurpation, right here on anon.cafe
Indeed. That's why I'm taking it to 8moe. I helped with the 2021 event and hosted the 2022. I would've hosted the 2023 event too, but I was too busy with other stuff, so I decided to host it on 8moe instead, where it would be easier. I admit it was my fault for not making a public announcement and let the board go to the recycle bin, after the 2023 soccer tournament fiasco I just assumed no one would step in and host the event. 
I'm not saying "my board is better because I have a better curriculum" (that's gay and retarded but you started with that shit), what I'm saying is anyone can check and conclude which is a legitimate attempt to continue the annual event and which is a board run by a big newfag who just showed up three months ago.
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>I helped with the 2021 event and hosted the 2022. I would've hosted the 2023 event too, but I was too busy with other stuff
If you can prove that, I'll turn the board over to you (as I already mentioned publicly here).

>That's why I'm taking it to 8moe.
If you want to attempt spliting the community over that, then that's your affair. But as the BO of /christmas/ , I will not under any circumstances in good-concious recommend nor participate with any event on 8moe.

The /christmas/ Webring Festival will proceed for the 2024/2025 season on trashchan.xyz/christmas/ as planned -- all else being equal.  Simple as.  :)
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As the original BO of /christmas/ who started the idea for my friend (Holo-waifufag) as a christmas present, since he wanted everyone to come together for the holidays and put their differences aside, I don't care where you host it. I don't own the board any more and I haven't for a long time. But if you want to make it a webring-exclusive event or disallow guests that have made regular appearances over these last few /christmas/ occurences, then I can't in good conscience support that, and I'll actively promote alternatives next year complete with offering to radio-DJ, send out invitations, and the whole nine yards if your goal to stir shit.

Whatever your intentions are, don't be a shitter/try to sabotage the goodwill built between various imageboards on and off the webring. If you do that I'll act with extreme prejudice to the full extent that I am capable of with disregard for casualties of war. 
That's my two cents. Hopefully my only two cents on this slapfight.
Thank you for being the voice of reason, and good to see you back on imageboards.
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You're all complete niggers. Every last one of you.
>>5778 (OP) 
Nobody wants to use your fucking honeypot full of shitted porn and bestiality. Unironically hang yourself.
You are the worst fucking attention whore on the webring and that's saying a lot considering tenjew just nuked /k/ for no reason. You are a fucking mentally ill eyesore on the webring and I wish you would either shut the fuck up or hang yourself.

I genuinely hate all of you. Please do us all a favor and fucking kill yourselves.
Replies: >>5805
>As the original BO of /christmas/ 
Neck yourself Piisu
Replies: >>5796
How old is /robowaifu/?
Wasn't Chobitsu visible since some time in 2022?
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By the end of this you'll either have fun with me calling me a fag, or screech at the good times that come with my vision from your cave, but that is neither here nor there and I gotta get steady employment before I focus on bringing said good times back first. Let's have fun together a year from now laughing about the bad times. We're gonna be back. The whole webring is gonna be SO fucking back, baby!

I've reached a pit of despair that nobody should ever have to go through and I'm climbing out of it like a mad oni on illegal stimulants. Learning Japanese, learning how to code, learning how to webhost... Good things take time, but I'm not gonna give up so easily. They killed my confidence but they can't kill one man's will and spirit to have fun at the expense of EZfags. 
δΈ€ζœŸδΈ€δΌš  >  γ‚†γ£γγ‚Šγ—γ¦γ„γ£γ¦γ­
We are back.
We are SO fucking back!
Replies: >>5798 >>5805
>everything from the /news/ debacle to shilling for mass migrations to blacked.moe to raid threatening on smug/kohi/ is actually the excommunicated panty stealer returning to the public eye and having a manic break
i guess i am kinda surprised torps didn't kill himself, but given his inherent attention whoring nature, it's not completely out of the blue
nice to have confirmation
Replies: >>5805
>mad oni
>illegal stimulants. 
I guess oni are legal now.
Replies: >>5799
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Nothing wrong with Japanese Goburin
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Do you have brain damage five seven nine seven? Can I assist you? I don't know where the bad anon touched you but it sounds like they are living rent-free in your head. Let's all celebrate that /christmas/ will continue one way or another instead of trying to start drama. Besides I have no idea what you're talking about in most of that post w.
Replies: >>5803 >>5805
>response in the most female passive-aggressive way possible, with a super thin veneer of calm
i can taste the seethe, that's our piisu bucket, i mean "the bad anon"
>One namefag shows up
>An anon shits on him
>Another namefag shows up
>Previous namefag disappears 
>An anon shits on the new namefag
None of you are anonymous.

Shut up, Piisu

Shut up, Chobitsu

Shut up, Becky
Replies: >>5810 >>5811
>he thinks Chobitsu made that fed post
Another retard to add to the collection
Didn't I tell you to leave the webring? Nobody wants you here.
Replies: >>5812
You told who what, faggot?
Replies: >>5814
It's just Becky. God, she's such a (You) slut. In her mind anything that doesn't conform to her very specific autistic interpretation of how things should be run are literally Hitler.
nice attempt at a false flag, but no genuine 8chan user would ever be caught dead saying kek except for the brain damaged /cow/ users (that you clearly are a part of)
Replies: >>5836
Nice attempt at astroturfing by a redditor. You should've seen this faggot's hour long spergout on the discord, he was begging Acid to " ban" the "evil pedos" while everyone laughed at his retarded ass. This is the type of person who flaunts his knowledge of memes he got from knowyourmeme and goes to reddit to correct people about the wrong usage. This is the type of low tier invader the webring is made of and is now trying to take over 8moe.
Replies: >>5837
It's useless trying to argue with them, they're some group of trannies from reddit who also have their own private discord circlejerk and are hellbent on taking over 8moe...  they've cropped up out of the blue and have been doing this for the past few months. they spend all day on discord trying to sow D&C and dissent against the MAP community on 8moe and since someone snitched about the new /hebe/ dead set on getting Acid to get rid of it again. You know it's them because they have absolutely no clue about the history of 8moe and will sperg the fuck out when you remind them we were there first and Acid welcomed us with open arms..
Replies: >>5838
I forgot but it's really like 2-3 people at most replying to each other or samefag and agree with each other claiming to be "true 8moe users" to push their narrative.. I've seen it done a million times in a ton of threads, just look at this thread which is already getting samefagged to death  >>5831 >>5833 >>5834  their favorite weapon is coming up with a random boogeyman to pin their empty accusations on so they can keep everyone confused and looking away from the truth, typical terminally tranny behavior. polite sage for double post but I'm really sick and tired of fags trying to take over my home.
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God I hate namefags so much. Anyone can set up their own board and migration plans, if you want to set up a bunker on trashchan is totally fine, what I don't agree is that jewish nigger mindset
>Every board which isn't mine is gayops and BAD!
Specially because Hispachan mods did that to their userbase, shitting on their bunkers while shilling their own, resulting on over half of anons getting lost. I shouldn't have to show my "past history with /christmas/" (I'm just some internet anon, so it shouldn't surprise you I don't sign on every project I work on), that's gay and retarded, but here you are the one playing that stupid game and you have your head so into your own ass that you don't realize everything you say about me can be said with way more reason about you, the fact that you keep repeating this painfully wrong shit "/christmas/ is a webring event" just shows the one splitting the community is you and you aren't suited to lead this project, you don't know shit about, it as >>5790 pointed out, the point of the event is to be a inter-board event and shouldn't be limited to only webring boards, nigger, that's why I'm stepping in.

With all that being said. Picrel is the dashboard of my streaming project neocities webpage:
I modified the landing page title so you would notice clearly I'm the page owner. Here is my post on the 2021 /christmas/ event advertising my stream
https://anon.cafe/christmas/res/227.html#391 (https://archive.ph/Lma9P#391)
https://anon.cafe/christmas/res/227.html#2347 (https://archive.ph/Lma9P#2347)
Here's my post on my organization thread on 8moe showing I'm going to stream for the 2022 /christmas/ event and the thread I made on /christmas/:
https://8chan.moe/ac/res/10117.html#13814 (https://archive.ph/gD1uD#13814)
https://anon.cafe/christmas/res/2591.html (https://archive.ph/Ykdh0)
And yes, I hosted the event on 2022, my account was christmas_anon and unfortunately lost the password after losing my hard drive and didn't set up a recovery mail. Nevertheless I do have access to the mail that I used to send the invitations, second picrel is the mail I sent to several imageboards listed here >>>/christmas/2549 (https://archive.ph/tzo1Q#2549). And finally >>>/christmas/2586 (https://archive.ph/pJ8Eo) this one is the Spanish speaking thunderdome thread I made on 2022, and I posted there using admin trip, I'm not exactly sure how anoncafe handles bypasses but if they are still on the sever you might be able to check the post history and find posts advertising my streaming project, I don't recall posting using a separated IP.

I hope all this bullshit is enough for you to show I'm a long lasting contributor to the /christmas/ event. Again, I don't feel comfortable pointing out everything I've worked on imageboards because I'm not an attention whore namefag but you are forcing my hand and, again, anyone can set up their migration plans and of course you can turn traschan's /christmas/ board into a yearly 4chan centered Hanukkah event or whatever the fuck you want, I don't care, but don't try to act like you are the only enlighten to set up the official /christmas/ successor board and then throw a tantrum when someone else steps in because he thinks you are going to fuck it up.
Replies: >>5845 >>5849 >>5851
Going to be honest. This site probably should have been nuked Feb 15. It'll be another couple weeks of this bullshit. It's just a festering corpse at the moment. 
I will never use blacked.kike, even in the name of Christmas.
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Lol, what a bunch of fagets.  :D


I thought I already made that pretty clear here on /shelter/ (and /christmas/ this past party), Anons?

Invite everyone you know to come to the party in December, being held on Trashchan!! [1]

Cheers, Anons.  :^)


>"So the master told his servant, β€˜Go out to the highways and hedges and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full."
https://biblehub.com/luke/14-23.htm  (BSB)
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>As the original BO of /christmas/ who started the idea for my friend (Holo-waifufag) as a christmas present
Neat! Thanks Anon... it's been a Christmas present to us all! Myself and anons on /robowaifu/ have attended every year! We put a banner announcment over our board, and try to invite others to come as well. What a great idea of yours Anon, thanks! Cheers.  :)
>God I hate namefags so much.
>posts his channel and id to try and score eceleb points
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How much is Acid paying your tranny ass to move to his honeypot? Or did he simply grant you access to his CP stash? Or maybe he had his fed friends give you a green card to immigrate to the US legally see how you're a spic?
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I am fascinated by how desperately obsessed a small group of /pol/troons are over literally who admins. It would be interesting enough if it were just the fixation, but the pathetic namecalling just makes it hilarious.
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>what I don't agree is that jewish nigger mindset
I'll lose however much money in stocks I want to, Karl!
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