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Julay is throwing a 502 Bad Gateway error. Panic?
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>>8 (OP) 
Do they have a twitter or something?
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They have an IRC channel on Rizon, I think.
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Panic thread?
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#lynxchan on rizon is where all lynx-based IB admins handout on. You might contact them through that.
Hey there are you the same dude who posted in the QTDDTOT on Smug/monster/? Yeah this is definintely a panic thread. I hope /robowaifu/ isn't dead. Are you here, Chobitsu?
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Yes, it’s me. Don’t worry, Robi probably just needs to kick something. Chill in the meantime and post cute robots or something.
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Okay. I really appreciate your words of reassurance. I admit I don't know a whole lot about JulayWorld. Who is Robi? Is he like what Jim was to 8chan? Also, how long has JulayWorld been down?
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Robi is the julay admin. The site also has a secondary back-up domain in case of DNS issues, spqrchan.xyz, though this incident isn't DNS related since both of clearnet URLs and the Tor hidden service are down too.
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Right. Do you think JulayWorld was taken down by someone malicious or was this just some kind of technical error?
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Oh and I"m not the other anon from /monster/ or chobitsu, just to make sure 
I don't cause any confusion. I don't think it's malicious though. Smug had issues before too, but their admins were generally around when they occured so it was never down for long. However one time it went down during the time their tech guy was a asleep, so it was down for several hours and why you can see their refugee/bunker thread on this catalog.
If julay stays down for the few next hours, then it's likely it's because their tech guy(s) in a timezone where they're still asleep and unaware.
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Okay. I had originally assumed it was /cow/ fucking with some high ranking CIA nigger and found some video of his wife fucking a nigger and then posted it on /cow/ as a joke and then that's what cause JulayWorld to get shut down. However, I think it's easier to believe that it was just a technical error as opposed to something caused by the glowies.
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>I had originally assumed it was /cow/ fucking with some high ranking CIA nigger and found some video of his wife fucking a nigger and then posted it on /cow/ as a joke and then that's what cause JulayWorld to get shut down.
That’s a very specific reason, Anon. It would be funny though.
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Yeah, you're right. I mean, I don't doubt /cow/'s ability to pull of such a stunt but I would just blame it on my general paranoia towards those kinds of things. I just don't want to lose another place. I thought 8chan was forever but look where we are now. What board are you primarily from? I consider myself to be a combination of /monster/ and /robowaifu/.
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/cuckquean/ and /monster/ are my homes.
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>I thought 8chan was forever but look where we are now. 
People used to think the same thing about 4chan, and now we have 4channel.
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It’s back! Panic over.
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For now
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Hello /cuckquean/, It's nice to see you.
Ignorance is bliss, I guess. 
Thank god. I am embarrassed to admit I lost my marbles last night when JulayWorld went down. I even posted in the wrong cafe thread on Smug. 
Actually, this is something I wanted to bring it up. Make no mistake, the CIA is involved and this will happen again. If it does, is /cafe/ okay if /robowaifu/ and various other boards from the webring regroup here and await further updates? Also is there another bunker bunker in case the webring goes down?
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>is /cafe/ okay if /robowaifu/ and various other boards from the webring regroup here and await further updates?
That’s no problem. People keep asking about this so I’ve updated the sticky and board title to make it clear that this is something you don’t need to ask beforehand.

> is there another bunker bunker in case the webring goes down?
Smug/a/'s cafe thread seems the logical place. If both Smug and Anon.cafe are down then I don’t know.
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It’s down again. Everyone ready
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For anyone from /robowaifu/ who hasn't found out yet, we have established a bunker-bunker at fatchan.

Also, Julay has an IRC channel:
The admins also often frequent the guntstream

>t. Chobitsu
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sorry, over at rizon
Julay World is down outside of onion access.
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/v/ was getting cp spammed its still up on spqr if you want to use julay
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So when things like that happen, what can you do, as a website owner?
I mean, all boards have a well defined rule saying they do not tolerate CP on their website, someone spams it on your board when you're not around, what then? Can't you just tell the domain provider it's a known spammer?
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I think we should all blame cripplekike. All people want to do is talk about videogames. It just ain't right.
/k/ is officially moving to anon.cafe until further notice. Get out the Coffee, Instant, Type II.
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onion and second address also down now.
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Nice, Mkay
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For fucks sake, I'll probably just make a physical bulletin board forum where I live. Fuck all this clearnet shit.
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>hike to bulletin board to make post
>feds follow you home
The original “IP tracing”.
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I was present during the whole thing, could be wrong, but here's my take from the others and the BO himself that was present:
>Previous BO gets assblasted by shitposters and forfeit
>New BO is shill as fuck and allows lolis again
>Some ((( people ))) don't like this and starts spamming CP
>One of the global vols is against loli so seems like he doesn't want to help the situation against it
>Same with the other global vols
>BO instead tries his best
>He actually manages to repel the faggot
>It seems like it's just one autist
>Everything seems to go back to normal
>Suddenly Julay goes down

As I said, that's my take on things based on what the BO himself posted from the chat logs with the gvols and his interactions with us. We were all having a blast ignoring and reporting the assblasted glownigger. Shame this had to happen. Here's archives for the third meta thread:
There's a 4th meta thread archive, but I wouldn't post it because there is an autist posting minors, and although not nakes or anything, I still wouldn't risk it.

Fucking anti-loli faggots has to spam CP to prove that loli fags are the true pedophiles.
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Good thing you can shoot people irl.
>Fucking anti-loli faggots has to spam CP to prove that loli fags are the true pedophiles.
That was third party actors, like Dolphinfag, who don't care about any side and just exist to cause chaos.
Replies: >>45
BTW update; after Tom closed fatchan, our bunker is here now.
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>That was third party actors, like Dolphinfag, who don't care about any side and just exist to cause chaos.
How do we weaponize the dolphin?
Spqrchan is down
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Somebody is pretending to be dolphinigger and claiming he's responsible for taking down julay.world:
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The usual then.
any idea where /cow/ went things were getting good over there recently
I have no clue
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Back to Kiwifarms, probably.
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Don't they hate that place?

I think they were julay-exclusive.  I know of no bunker for them.
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8kunt still has /cow/ and I believe JEWS still maintains ownership of it.
RobbiPires on twitter
#julayworld on Rizon
Replies: >>616
thanks anyways it's appreciated, and yeah kiwifarms is probably laughing it's ass off /cow/ is down and 8kunt might have JEWS but its deader than disco over there :( 
This account doesn’t exist
Try searching for another.
thanks for trying anyways anon guess I'm just boardless atm
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What the hell happened? I thought Tor was bulletproof.
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Only if the server is still up, running properly, able to respond, and uncompromised.
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One of the last posts was of a vol asking for favorite touhous. It went down before I could respond.
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General Notice
For the record it was just announced that Anoncafe has backup domains now in addition to https://anon.cafe there are also https://anoncafe.org and https://anoncafe.co so bookmark those too.
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In addition to the domain registrar, the feds may have directed the VPS hosting provider in New York to pull the plug on him?
Replies: >>626
>the feds
"Esther" is clearly just one autist sending emails to corporate PR cucks, plus maybe some spergs spamming them on Twatter.
Replies: >>628
Real situation:
>Bunch of 8coomers flood the board with their goobergate shit
>BO tells them to fuck off
>They keep whining in meta
>Instead of ignoring them BO keeps engaging, caving in several times
>The board thus is compromised and ruined beyond salvation
>BO doesn't have any vols so he gives up
>In confusion some pedo faggot gets a hold of the board through irc cabal
>He completely destroys the board, turning it into /b/
>Site owner doesn't care, too busy dealing with reboot
>After a day the new faggot BO is finally kicked out, the board doesn't have a BO
>Julay goes down
Not in my opinion. This time it seems far too conveniently-coordinated to be just one mentally-debilitated shitflinger friend.
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>In confusion some pedo faggot gets a hold of the board through irc cabal
Ok now you're just bullshitting and making revisionism
What? Kimeemaru wasn't kicked out except of the IRC, and he got back in later.
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>making shit up
I should've saved the mod compilation webm video.
Autistic BO was literally the only one holding down the fort against the cheesy spammers for like day and a half.>>627
Replies: >>664
#GG are set up on 8chan.se/v/. If you're going to lie at least make it believable.
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Hi Muses, enjoying College?
>>Bunch of 8coomers flood the board with their goobergate shit
Rent free, ladies and gentlemen!
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Oh, an astroturfer. I don't mean to upset you, but I don't wish to find anything but grass growing here.
Here, have some IRC logs. They may or may not be in chronological order.
Key players,
The_Hanging_Flesh_Of_Jceasar: Our global volunteer friend.
kimeemaru: Our Tengu /v/ board owner friend.
rabbipires: Robi, the owner of julay.
>Don't they hate that place?
The current breed of /cow/ards are Lolcows crossposting from Kiwifarms.
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I implore everyone to make their own context out of these. The situation is in your hands, in the end.
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I regret believing these lies once
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Ah, and the capstone.
Remember to take it easy.
Replies: >>644
What do you gain by doing this?
Replies: >>643 >>645 >>647
His pride.
You forgot the screencap of Hanging_Faggot begging Kime to not allow Loli on /v/ because he's legit afraid of Esther.
Replies: >>648
Gaslighting & astroturfing is a common D&C technical approach used by intelligence agencies, has been for a long time now. You should know this by now Anon.
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>in this day and age
>pixels and numbers can be considered illegal
I wonder how low res you can make an "illegal" image before it becomes legal again. Something along the lines of the resolution of a texture in Quake.
Replies: >>969 >>970
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I too would like to know.
I think that's cold off the press 2. >>635
I'll double check.
So Acid claim that Smug and PLW track IP using their custom CSS, can't make archive or screenshot right now but you read it at his site in the ni/gg/er thread. 

Anyone can confirm or explain this.
>So Acid claim that Smug and PLW track IP using their custom CSS, can't make archive or screenshot right now but you read it at his site in the ni/gg/er thread. 
>Anyone can confirm or explain this.

>Tracking IPs
Replies: >>659 >>876
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You asked the animu meta this very question. I'll be sure to repost the answer here for you when it becomes availible.
Replies: >>656 >>666
The miku graphics in the css are store on the server so when you get them they get your IP from the connection. No body cares because they're not going to use them for anything. Unless you post cp with miku anyway. Don't shit on plw for it.
I don't understand anything about any of this web coding stuff so here the direct quote:
>I tinkered with it and found out why custom CSS doesn't work but it'll need some hefty modifications.  Those posts last bread were true - I noticed in the code that some of the content is called directly from smug's server, so they get your IP when the theme loads.  We'd have to sublimate that content to our server and then run it through the firewall so it wasn't getting your IP or leaking the server's IP.  I like the Miku theme, but it may be a while.
Replies: >>657 >>876
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It truly amazes me how much of a bitchfit loli and tot posting can cause.
No that was me. Also, Acid just made that claim about the Miku CSS he got from Smug. He never said anything about PLW.
I went to the same thread mentioned up he also says this
>I never made a claim as to them being malicious about it, and I'd bet that they aren't.  But we're not going to intentionally run anything here that leaks a user's private info.
So does it leaks IP to their site or no
Replies: >>660 >>667
You're one of the GG guys, then? What're these Luminati guys you've been talking about and what do they have to do with the webring?
Replies: >>661 >>663
Every time you connect to a web server it knows your IP or your VPN/proxy’s IP. What nonsense is this? Are they claiming that because a retard copy/pasted CSS without changing the resource links that this the act of a sinister Smugministration?
Replies: >>660
>Are they claiming that because a retard copy/pasted CSS without changing the resource links that this the act of a sinister Smugministration?
<Literally right above: >>657
>I never made a claim as to them being malicious about it, and I'd bet that they aren't.
No i'm not, just checking every possible place where gay ops can taking place.
>Anyone can confirm or explain this.
was that a question, anon?
[Hide] (22.3KB, 1864x133) Reverse
Apparently they're a gayops group with ties to /cow/.
Replies: >>669
[Hide] (7.7MB, 1280x720, 02:32)
This one?
>he does it for free
[Hide] (93.3KB, 1865x560) Reverse
Hold on, one of them gave a more detailed explanation on this gayops group.
[Hide] (180.6KB, 450x614) Reverse
[Hide] (91KB, 1320x621) Reverse
apparently to avoid having to use an external site which could lead to IP leakage they use internal server images uploaded by board users to display the custom mascot in the bottom right for their respective boards.
bonus: a very angry anon yelling in the /v/ meta before the implosion
Replies: >>815
>I'm totally not trying to stir shit though guys
[Hide] (94.2KB, 809x691) Reverse
What the fuck
[Hide] (494.8KB, 508x685) Reverse
So that's where all this Gamergate-Julay animosity bullshit came from? Some ex-GG IRC faggots finding their way into the Julay IRC and having a lovers' quarrel with their old personal army? Fucking nuke all instant messaging tech, jesus christ.
Replies: >>671 >>672
>already learning more about /cow/ from here than weeks of siting on /cow/ itself
i like you guys , i still want to shitpost and laugh at retards like the gunt but i like you guys
probably has something to do with Mark, the fact that its a dead movement,  the fact they spammed their threads on /v/ often and were basically just generals or a mix of all three.
Replies: >>673
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But wait, there's more!
sage and hide
Whoever denies this is a dirty fatchan/8kun /v/tard or a blind man.
Although Kim wasn't a pedo, just a hehpilled dude.
Replies: >>675
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>everyone I don't like is a fatnigger gamergoyims jewcyboi markmann asslicker
[Hide] (103.1KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
>A Pedo cabal on 8ch, trying to co-opt boards like /loli/ and /tot/ to use as fall-guys
I thought it was just the Jews doing that.
Replies: >>694
So dolphin was right all along.
jfc that matches a lot of stuff happening on 8chan in 2015-16
[Hide] (675.6KB, 1275x1650) Reverse
Replies: >>1009
Dolphin messiah, people hate him because he told them the truth.
Replies: >>682
I didn't keep up with Dolphinfag, what did he say?
[Hide] (729.5KB, 463x673) Reverse
Behind all the autistic ramblings, DDoS attempts and retardation, he wasn't really that much of a threat.
In fact I think he was the most hilarious poster in the whole webring due to his behaviour, despite killing /r9k/
Replies: >>684 >>685
Based. Reminder that scraping IPs off your website is fine and posting links to CP websites doesn't make you a pedo. Why haven't you taken the dolphinpill yet, anon?
Replies: >>686
>he wasn't really that much of a threat.
>Deleted 2 boards
How much of a newfag you are?
Replies: >>687
Let's not forget that his whole months-long fit all started because he posted links to a CP directory.
Replies: >>687
Too busy overdosing on hehpill.
>Deleted 2 boards
The first one was bigguy's fault, he should've given it to the owner of the cafe.
Second one I don't know since I stopped caring about /r9k/ at one point
>he posted links to a CP directory.
No, it was a booru and it was just an accident :^)
Replies: >>690
The Dolphin cocksucker is obviously a play-acting fed, and his entire shithole menagerie is just a big honeypot. I would have expected Anon to recognize this kind of shit by now. Why are you entertaining this attention-whoring travesty shit.

He is the enemy. BOS.
Replies: >>691 >>693 >>695
It was a list of CP sites categorized by whether they included boys, girls, toddlers, babies, and whether hurtcore and torture of the aforementioned was included.
Replies: >>692
>implying anyone actually goes to dolphin associated imageboards
what are you, an orca?
Don't forget the strange obsession with Christchurch and spamming the same word over and over
>Why are you entertaining this attention-whoring travesty shit.
Nigger cattle don't know any better
That's a different cabal.
Replies: >>698
>Why are you entertaining this attention-whoring travesty shit.
It can't be helped. Once you've taken the hehpill you can never go back.
Replies: >>696
[Hide] (241.1KB, 414x452) Reverse
Replies: >>697
Nothing wrong with taking things less seriously.
[Hide] (362.9KB, 883x596) Reverse
I'm worried you're wrong.
There's an IRC quote from >>637 screencap 5.
>ranix (In response to being ignored after requesting board ownership of /v/): the only way to solve this problem is via triangles
>the cheese pizza cabal goes by the "triforce"
If there's a time to suspect conspiracy, it's now.
Not to mention he kept asking to be made BO.
Fuck, are you telling me all this conspiratorial bullshit that I've heard bits and pieces of over the past 4 years wasn't actually bullshit?
There are two cabals. One that was the gamergate equivalent of Illuminati/Jewish global order, and another one that was a webring of sites that shared CP.
Replies: >>701 >>1009
>the gamergate equivalent of Illuminati/Jewish global order
What, Ayyteam? They've gone to the four winds eons ago.
Replies: >>703
He means >>665
>Julay got spammed with cp after drama bs betwen staff in an irc with "triangles" who had a secret board "cabal THAT HAPPENS IN IRC
>/cow/ did become different in last year, GG was okay once I remember
they said endchan did they ever get complained about by "esthar"?  is endchan still up, only place not tried to be taken down? I think so
Can anyone look into the owners of 10chan and 64chan.  I heard they pull shit like CP floods to get other alternative imageboards shut down.
Replies: >>708
Jesus Christ is fatchan down too?  How many sites did these fuckers take out?
That's just a fifteen year old discord fag. Not much really
Its been dead for a while.
Sad too, it was the best alternative for /v/ by far.
This looks like a completely different group so far
Fatchan's been dead for weeks because a kike named Esther M. Aronowitz whined to their host about them having /pol/ and the admin Tom was too blackpilled to find a new one and called it "the death of imageboards".
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1366x768) Reverse
All of the ones that aren't owned by kikes or freemasons.
Replies: >>714 >>715 >>716
Clearnet's still fucked though.
Replies: >>717
As spqrchan.xyz anyway. For me julay.world still goes to a domain parking page.
Replies: >>717 >>718
[Hide] (1.6MB, 425x550) Reverse
Both work for me. Clear your cache.
Replies: >>720
thanks anon, hope you don't mind if i lurk a bit more here this thread was informative 
I'll be quiet i promise
Didn't work. It might be a DNS thing and it's gonna take a while for it to catch up for everyone.
Replies: >>722
[Hide] (70.7KB, 704x688) Reverse
On one hand, this sounds like some bullshit acidnigger and cakekike would come up with to keep their ni/gg/ergoyim in line. On the other hand, this is some pretty serious shit.
Replies: >>731
It's back up, but apparently /v/ has exploded.
Replies: >>726
[Hide] (93KB, 500x500) Reverse
[Hide] (590.9KB, 1125x639) Reverse
And it looks like Julay/v/ got nuked.
Replies: >>743
NO /v/
[Hide] (264.6KB, 587x474) Reverse
>posting a wip archive link
Replies: >>727
its gone anon
Replies: >>735
[Hide] (3.2MB, 640x480, 00:30)
>/v/ is gone
The hehpill has been fully shoved down my throat and I am laughing at this entire debacle.
I heard version of this told around 8chan for years anon even if you hate them i don't think this is from just recently
Alternative imageboards are way to vulnerable to this kind of shit.  We need some way to preempt CP floods.
[Hide] (122.3KB, 408x314) Reverse
It doesn't matter, I have the pride to say that my post was the last one at least
[Hide] (474KB, 1029x495) Reverse
[Hide] (113.7KB, 704x329) Reverse
The last two posts on /v/.
Replies: >>737 >>738
[Hide] (496.8KB, 405x720) Reverse
I think I had the last one, actually.
Replies: >>738
*last two posts in the meta
Replies: >>739
[Hide] (158.1KB, 364x434) Reverse
Replies: >>740
[Hide] (274.1KB, 698x862) Reverse
Nevermind, we were both wrong.
That fucking bird slut actually nuke /v/.
Replies: >>742 >>743 >>744
You don't make threats unless you intend to carry them out, anon.
I thought he was only gonna nuke it if Hanging_Fag wasn't kicked out.
Replies: >>745 >>746 >>748
[Hide] (93.6KB, 814x268) Reverse
Replies: >>747
Maybe he wasn't. 
[Hide] (87.9KB, 1062x216) Reverse
I guess his demands weren't met.
Replies: >>751
Have at it lads.
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[Hide] (112.8KB, 1047x754) Reverse
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[Hide] (372.4KB, 1024x655) Reverse
[Hide] (46.8KB, 185x200) Reverse
My touhous were halfway from being posted before the board dieded. That's twice I've been cucked out of posting them.
Replies: >>756
[Hide] (112.8KB, 1047x754) Reverse
[Hide] (122.3KB, 791x613) Reverse
[Hide] (39.9KB, 306x382) Reverse
[Hide] (372.4KB, 1024x655) Reverse
[Hide] (46.8KB, 185x200) Reverse
My touhous were halfway from being posted before the board dieded. That's twice I've been cucked out of posting them.
Replies: >>756
[Hide] (21.5KB, 453x453) Reverse
At least this faggot has one hell of a sense of humor.

Replies: >>752
[Hide] (21.5KB, 453x453) Reverse
>mfw my post didn't attach my image
[Hide] (364.8KB, 600x1022) Reverse
[Hide] (345.3KB, 1556x674) Reverse
[Hide] (30.3KB, 256x679) Reverse
Holy fuck, his warning was real:
Robi is in bed with the Hanging flesh retard who believes loli is banned, even if robi confirmed it is not
Hangingflesh retard and the others around him went full buttmad and likely simulated the entire CP spam to begin with to get their own way with /v/. 
Fucking internal power struggles between people doing it for free. But I guess they have nothing else to gain but control.
[Hide] (929.7KB, 1160x1695) Reverse
>That's twice I've been cucked out of posting them.
Is that why you posted it twice?
Replies: >>758
[Hide] (97.5KB, 437x597) Reverse
[Hide] (57.5KB, 322x218) Reverse
So what now? Flee to /geimu/ or something? 8/vg/? Antares?
Replies: >>770 >>777 >>840
Anyone have a clip of the plane scene? I need to make some edits.
Replies: >>762
I meant webm.
Replies: >>781
[Hide] (1.2MB, 720x664) Reverse
Replies: >>764 >>770
Hello mark, stay on your site please.
Shut up weasel.
[Hide] (13KB, 299x375) Reverse
Oh yes, I totally forgot that anyone who dares shit on /cow/niggers is cakeboi arselicker
[Hide] (130.6KB, 640x1138) Reverse

I'm headed to 8moe. /v/ for fags who tolerate Mark and /vg/ for fags who don't.
I just want to be under one roof and be a community that doesn't have to worry about the BO. I'm sure we can work out a plan as to which board hosts which threads.


>Julay shits the bed
>Five times in a week
>But people shitting on it must be Mark

How anyone could trust Julay after all this shit is beyond me and Acid is the furthest from Julay you can get. I'll hang around smug/tg/ and some other webring boards but you couldn't get me to go to Julay ever again.
Replies: >>772
that error just means lynxchan is not running
Isn't /vg/ dead since the retard of a BO wiped the entire board. And it's not like Mark is really a better option.
Replies: >>773 >>775
[Hide] (135.8KB, 600x799) Reverse
"Allegedly" he fat-fingered the delete button while in the admin panel on his phone.
[Hide] (25.6KB, 400x562) Reverse
>kimeemaru just wanted to play videogames
Like any good anon, your service isn't forgotten fam

>a cp cabal is trying to ruin anon's fun because they are too stupid to not use clear net
>a cabal of faggots who wanted to play Illuminati have snaked their way into all sorts of imageboards because Gamergate didn't make them famous

>a faggot vol made some shit sucking retard an admin after falseflagging cp because muh 2D children
Jesus Fucking Christ, at least tell me one of these are alphabet compromised.
Replies: >>780 >>793
He just remade it, I hear. But he did in fact delete the board because, and I quote "I didn't know delete meant 'delete'".
[Hide] (28.7KB, 645x836) Reverse
Dial 8
I'm sticking with /geimu/ and PLW in general for now. If that goes under then I guess I'll just go back into cryo for another five years.
Replies: >>778
[Hide] (355.5KB, 640x360) Reverse
Oh, and check em faggots.
shut the fuck up, your adminigger /tv/ch troon doesn't want anime on their site.
>Jesus Fucking Christ, at least tell me one of these are alphabet compromised.
Do you really think any government on the planet would have an organization that runs on this level of autism?
Replies: >>782 >>786
youtube has vp9
they had vp8 too until recently
Replies: >>799
[Hide] (90.4KB, 682x240) Reverse
I'd buy the FBI being this autistic. They've been here since at least Tarrant.
[Hide] (203.7KB, 1066x1129) Reverse
>>8 (OP) 
C'è qualche Lupo Italiano qui?
Replies: >>785 >>787
No pero se los aprecia mucho
Replies: >>803 >>840
So you don't know about the cia bronies?
Replies: >>793
/ita/ e il resto di Julay sono tornati.
Solo /v/ è stato cancellato (per motivi stupidi).
Replies: >>803
I give up. I thought he'd see reason.
Robi explicitly said that he doesn't want loli on his website, I asked him directly on irc. The very reason why julay will never go full onion is because it gives him an excuse to ban all lolis.
Replies: >>791 >>802
post logs
Replies: >>792 >>794
[Hide] (284KB, 381x410) Reverse
Replies: >>795
>I forgot about the alphabet nig doing ERP with bronies
Imagine going home at night after a work day like that. How do you even live with yourself?
Replies: >>975
I didn't log it, but you can ask him on irc.
Replies: >>796
Fuk u
[Hide] (253.5KB, 600x632) Reverse
>post proof
>i dont have it
ok then
Replies: >>798 >>800
Why would I log it? There were like 10 lines of conversation which 2 of them were robi accusing me of being a collectivist.
Can't even find the whole thing on youtube in English unedited. The closest I found was in a different language. I would rather not spend time on figuring out how to change the audio.
Logs aren't even proof of authenticity. They're just proof of effort since you can edit them all you want.
He's just going to refer you to this thread: https://spqrchan.xyz/meta/res/882.html#892
Robi not only explicitly said loli isn't banned on /meta/, he also reiteratd this fact during the shitstorm.
The only one who wants loli gone is HangingFag
Replies: >>805 >>806
[Hide] (858.2KB, 1190x1830) Reverse
Sì senor yo soy del rancho
Non riesco ad accedervi, solo tramite spqrchan.xyz
In ogni caso dobbiamo seriamente considerare rita.null o altro
[Hide] (7.2MB, 640x360, 02:08)
I hope for a better /v/ under honorable Tengu leadership. Uphold the Mandate of Hehpill.
This but maybe there was someone else with Hangingfag.
>Robi said loli is ok
>Robi said loli isnt ok
Rather conflicting opinion of a man, I wonder how he will act later in the future. Man like him will often go back to the opinion of his inner circle rather than us strangers.
Replies: >>807
He's always said he only enforces the one global rule and yelled at any global vol that fucked up. He should demote this faggot though because he's done this multiple times already: https://spqrchan.xyz/b/res/1619.html#1668
I stepped away after the r/a/dio thread on /meta/ hoping things would eventually blow over in a couple weeks. Now I return to see julay is still having uptime issues and they nuked /v/. Can somebody please explain what the fuck is going on? Reading through the thread all I see is conflicting information.
There are at least 3 people who wrote false information in this thread in an attempt to spoonfeed lazy people like you and to blame it on loli. Read and make up your own mind.
Replies: >>814 >>831
Very short summary of why /v/ is gone:
>old BO is tired and leaves
>touhou guy becomes BO
>no rules except the global ones guys
>people spam loli
>global vol hadn't gotten the memo that loli wasn't banned and bans people
>BO is upset at gvol
>Robi explains that loli isn't banned and tells gvol to apologize
>suddenly CP spam
>gvol refuses to delete shit
>BO is pissed at this and demands gvol is removed or he'll nuke the site
>gvol isn't removed, totposting is banned as a "compromise" somehow
>BO nukes the board
Replies: >>819 >>821
Autism. Once again it's proven that everyone in charge of anything imageboard related are fags.
[Hide] (51.9KB, 570x520) Reverse
So, do we know why the julay.world domain was pointing to a generic domain parking page with advertising during some of that downtime?
Replies: >>816
Not exactly sure how stepping away from all this retarded drama for a couple weeks constitutes as “lazy.” I just want /v/ back to normal. All this retarded drama is just serving to send people back to Jim and Ron’s garbage site. All because it seems irc hotpockets can’t seem to do it for free properly.
Replies: >>817
 I guess it was a guy who sperged like the guy in pic2 who spammed the board with real CP.
 Never could they explain what was taken from them, just sperg out.
probably suspended by the domain registrar while investigating cheese
Lazy as in *I don't want to read one thread, spoonfeed me*
Replies: >>823 >>831
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>Can somebody please explain what the fuck is going on?
Things coming to their natural end
Sounds like Robi just needs to appoint a new BO for /v/ (again), restore the rules on loli back to normal and let that be that. Of course, I’m sure if he does bring it back it’ll be subject to more spam by whatever faggot is trying to stir shit up. If the gvol (I assume that would be HangingFlesh) still refuses to do his job then the obvious solution is to remove him.
Replies: >>820 >>921
Hanging_Fag's his friend though. And just recently got PROMOTED TO ADMIN rather than shitcanned.
[Hide] (11.7KB, 480x360) Reverse
Jesus, what a bunch of childish autismos.
Important question; what does lynxchan consider "admin"? Is "admin" just what lynxchan calls global moderators? His mod powers were removed entirely 2 hours prior to becoming an admin, so it sounds like it's just his global mod position being restored.
Replies: >>830
>read the thread for answers
>the thread you just said you already read
>the thread I just stated has conflicting and incorrect information
Genius. Clearly you are a man of great intellect.
Replies: >>826
he didnt get promoted, he just got his old role back after being demoted for less than 2 hours
Hmm, how to put it for a person like you in terms you would understand:
Replies: >>828 >>831
>Hanging_Fag's his friend though
Does no site owner care about being impartial anymore? Feels like this used to be the standard for site administartion back in the early 2000’s. Or at least it was for places outside of SA’s general sphere of influence.
Replies: >>829
Ah yes. Coming to a conclusion based on how events transpired based on hearsay in one thread with no sources whatsoever. Surely this isn’t what is causing the massive amount of misinformation in the first place.
Replies: >>839
[Hide] (558.1KB, 860x712) Reverse
>outside of SA’s general sphere of influence
There has been an awful lot of /intl/-posting lately
LynxChan recognises global janitors, global volunteers (the "mod" level), global admins (can manage most application-level settings behind the scenes), and root admins (can change server settings, have all powers ever).
Please kill youself. Stop trying to pretend that you autistically following a bunch of namefag drama somehow makes you important. You’re exactly what’s wrong with nu-/v/. A person who doesn’t even play video games and just follows drama and stokes the fires of these people’s egos.
Replies: >>832 >>833
[Hide] (61.1KB, 512x341) Reverse
I was about to give you a low-down, but nah. You go read up.
Replies: >>834
[Hide] (1011.3KB, 2613x3673) Reverse
>please spoonfeed
>kill yourself
Replies: >>835
Oh no! What will anons ever do without your autistic and likely false summary? Go back to irc and never come back.
Wasn’t the one asking for information. Was simply lurking and witnessed retardation. The gall of faggots to demand people kiss their asses for their weeks spent following pointless drama.
Replies: >>838 >>839
Will offer up-to-date information in exchange for a blowjob.
Line starts here. Get sucking.
He's been an admin for months go look in the logs.
>weeks spent following pointless drama.
>1 day
>read the thread nigger
Figures you'd be insulted by being told to read and think.
Well the autists and their irc namefaggin drama have forced my hand I'm posting the tournament on every good alternative I know.

If you're going to be this much of a faggot at least go to moe/vg/ but we have good boards in the webring already.

How come pastaniggers and every breed of spic mulato have their own board but spaniards don't make any? I know we have at least 2 in here, and there's no way there's more than 2 italians maintaining their board.
Fags getting uppity after getting called out on being full of themselves. Hilarious. These are the kind of people that are left after all these sites crash and burn. The only ones left are the ones in it for the drama. If /v/ ever does stabilize I doubt there will even be anyone left to discuss actually video games.
Replies: >>842
I swear I've watched /v/ complain about not having a home for months. They've gone from site to site leaving drama and dead boards in their wake. Is there not one among you with $30?
>Is there not one among you with $30?
[Hide] (135.8KB, 586x601) Reverse
Well, this was posted recently over in the Julay meta. Nobody knows much about it though.
Nigger I'll pay $100 per month if you find me a host that doesn't cuck out or require me to fill a tax form before payment.
Replies: >>894
Anons have. It’s called Antares. Unfortunately the average IQ of /v/ is apparently room temperature because most can’t seem to figure out how to access it.
Based in Moldova which AFAIK doesn't give a shit about loli or hatespeech, they accept bitcoin, and they boast about not accepting DMCA takedown requests.
I've read the thread and it really didn't explain much that I didn't already know (that 90% of imageboard admins are retarded)
Most of us don't want to deal with running an imageboard or are technically inexperienced/retarded.
I don't know if he will cuck out, but try contacting Canfield. He has a vps service and it's probably fine considering his history with cock.li (minus a fuck up here and there).
Replies: >>852
Tor only, the reason why Robi doesn't want to go.
Guess it’s worth a try but Vincent reeks. I’d advise caution. Also, he keeps fucking up with his email service because half of my throwaways with him won’t even work anymore.
1. You have to actually make people migrate and the best moderation doesn't matter without traffic.
2. People wanting to manage a board are likely to be cancer and want to steer discussion, otherwise they'd be busy with more fulfilling things.
3. You have to have a host that doesn't buckle under pressure, but they do it for money and not principles and you've got feds,  useful idiots, ((( others ))) and autists attempting to sabotage you as soon as you become slightly relevant.
<notrad> oh, finally on
<Pringles> Don't bother to catch up
<notrad> spqrchan.xyz/v/
<rabbipires> kimee gave it to you right
<Pringles> It's gone kek
<Pringles> nuked
<Pringles> no longer among the living
<Pringles> Markchan is full celebration.
<notrad> no, he didn't
<rabbipires> awesome
<rabbipires> time to recover it from yesterday's backup
<notrad> I volunteered to have it
<rabbipires> and then never give kimeemaru another board again
<rabbipires> thankfully i set up automated backups some time ago
<rabbipires> so <24h of loli dumps should be lost
<Pringles> It was 502 for hours
<notrad> ^
<Pringles> hopefully it didn't shit itself before the backup ran
<Pringles> also tornode is kill last I checked
<rabbipires> okay i'll check it
<rabbipires> forgot to extend the xfs filesystem after extending the logical volume xdDDDD
<rabbipires> so mongodb partition had 28kb of space left
<Pringles> Someone came demanding canary update. I explained and they spun it as Fed take over so there is that too
<rabbipires> Pringles: it continues
<Pringles> Who is the 9th man?
<rabbipires> the 9th man is jim watkins
<rabbipires> remember that during gamergate one of the key players was 8chan
<rabbipires> and theralphretort was the prime gamergate pundit
<Pringles> The 9th man is Cirno 
<rabbipires> i've taken 3/4ths of a hehpill
<Pringles> Go all the way
<rabbipires> i'll get a new domain probably
<rabbipires> i don't care about julay.world
<rabbipires> if it falls, it falls
<Pringles> What's the story on the julay.world domain?
<rabbipires> uhhhh
<rabbipires> kimeemaru took /v/
<rabbipires> made a NO RULES post
<Pringles> I know about all that
<rabbipires> fags took advantage and dumped tot and cp
<rabbipires> then the registrar took it down
<rabbipires> the thing is, they wouldn't take it down without a complaint, there's no automation for such a thing
<Pringles> I thought that was resolved by moving to a new one days ago?
<rabbipires> that's why it's a gay p
<Pringles> Did they not email you the complaint?
<notrad> rabbipires, I'm still up for taking over /v/ and continuing proud tradition of hehpill
<notrad> take all of it instead of just 3/4ths
<Pringles> >/k/ is gone
<Pringles> Sad!
<Pringles> They're all making the same mistake and going to one site
<rabbipires> notrad: suggestions for new /v/ rules
<rabbipires> 0. These rules are merely a guidance and jannying is at the jannies' discretion. Don't quote this shit at me.
<rabbipires> 1. Keep it at least tangentially video-game related.
<rabbipires> 2. Posting loli to "trigger the libs" is OK, but dump your doujins at >>>/delicious/ or >>>/loli/.
<rabbipires> 3. LOL threads are okay but don't over-do it.
<rabbipires> that's all
<Pringles> Wait, is it true Marburg-chan masterbated on discord?
<Pringles> I'm seeing multiple posts about him saying there is a webm of fapping
<OrcaKun> based and xander pilled
<rabbipires> i don't know i haven't used shitcord in over 2 months
<Pringles> I think this was from years ago
<Pringles> Whatever he did GG doesn't like him kek
<notrad> saved as JANNYMAXX.txt
<Pringles> https://prolikewoah.com/animu/res/4844.html#5808
<Pringles> ^ this is like the third post about him running julay from the shadows 
<Thidran> Heyo.
<Thidran> Ya'll trying to rebuild /v/ then?
<-- Eyyy has quit (Quit: Page closed)
<notrad> username is peakjanny
<notrad> gibsmedat
<rabbipires> still haven't restored it
<rabbipires> i'm going to take a shower first
<rabbipires> seriously ponder whether you want to run /v/ while i do
<kimeemaru> gotta wait for the nuclear fallout to clear
<rabbipires> i was planning to take it on myself with those rules set up
<rabbipires> i'll give it to notrad if there are no objections
<rabbipires> just kidding
<Thidran> kek
<rabbipires> i don't care about any objections
<rabbipires> you have broken me
<Thidran> Welp, as long as it isn't filled with Mark tier faggotry.
<Pringles> The cycle continues
<rabbipires> JUST
<Thidran> That's pretty much my opinion on it.
<rabbipires> AUGH
Replies: >>856 >>861 >>1011
Somewhat related, I want to fuck around with a VPS and see if I can host my own instance for one specific board, but despite knowing a little about hosting a site I'm full retard when it comes to crypto. From what I've seen getting any requires you to either send a fag a picture of your ID, or physically mailing cash to some fag, and then hoping you're not scammed.
I just want to buy some fucking bitcoins, turn them into monero, and then back into bitcoins on another wallet so I can pay a fucking host anonymously, god dammit.
Replies: >>857 >>859 >>904
please work
<OrcaKun> your gay site is still up so there's still too much life left in you
<notrad> it's a videogame board
<Pringles> What if I told you complaining about Mark is as bad as posting on his board?
<Pringles> Why does a fat jew live rent free in your heads?
<Pringles> Just play fucking video games together and call each other faggots
<Thidran> Because faggots like him go out of their way to fuck up that dynamic.
<OrcaKun>  /v/ doesnt play videogames
<rabbipires> just play fuck video game post video game god fuck please damn
<kimeemaru> what if imageboard drama is a video game
<notrad> what if life is a videogame
<Thidran> Life isn't a videogame.
<Thidran> It's just a game.
<hotpoc> what life?
<notrad> what if we're all living inside a microanagement simulation clusterfuck
<notrad> micromanagement
<Pringles> rabbipires: while you're in the shower think of the kigus
<Thidran> Also been theorized for thousands of years.
<kimeemaru> maybe rabbi can have some kigu pics has a consolation prize
<Pringles> You faggots are going to cause more CP dumps and I'm going to end up in kigu at congress
<Pringles> Please don't make me do that
<hotpoc> notrad, so I just farm solo now since you do it for free permanently now?
<notrad> fuck no
<notrad> I'll get around to playing more gd
<notrad> look at JEWS, he's not even here 99% of the time
<Pringles> >/shelter/ has 28 pph
<Pringles> wew
<hotpoc> rule 1. seems like it's going to leave up a lot to interpretation
<Pringles> No one follows the rules anyway
<hotpoc> Like vns, shitty games, meta game discussion
<Pringles> It's just going to be a catalog of dead video game threads and a meta thread at 500 pph complaining about those dead threads and Mark
<hotpoc> Why do we need a rule that's not followed
<Thidran> Well notrad, if you're ending up BO, good luck. Going to be the same bullshit anyways.
<hotpoc> It's just gonna get people upset and arguing over the rules
<Thidran> Because most people are retarded anyways.
<notrad> oh ye of little faith
Replies: >>1011
That's why having a truly decentralized imageboard is what we need in the long run.
Network level opsec should be the default.
Replies: >>858 >>897
That's what I was thinking. If you have the money, at least wait for a while to see where the final solution goes.
Replies: >>864
Just attach your real name to your vps whats the worst that could happen? :^)
Replies: >>864
Does this faggot from PLW think that gvols not doing their jobs justifies deleting an entire board? That’s fucking retarded. He deserves to be hung.
[Hide] (40.7KB, 646x428) Reverse
><Pringles> Markchan is full celebration
><notrad> rabbipires, I'm still up for taking over /v/ and continuing proud tradition of hehpill
><Thidran> Because faggots like him go out of their way to fuck up that dynamic.
><OrcaKun>  /v/ doesnt play videogames
Who the fuck are these retards and why should I care
Replies: >>903
It's not even a controversial board, I just want to practice proper OPSEC. Hell even the administrating would be done anonymously since I have zero history with anyone or any discucks or IRCs.
If someone could just spoonfeed me on some way to get crypto I could probably have this shit up and running before the end of the week and help others set up similar JSchan sites with a guide.
Replies: >>865 >>871
>It's not even a controversial board
Well, /v/ wasn't controversial either.
>Downtime reason: /v/ restoration
inb4 new BO is one of the pizza spammers
It's back
Replies: >>868
who's the bo. if it's one of the gay loli=cp tools from the irc sekrit club i'll migrate elsewhere.
Replies: >>869
[Hide] (406.2KB, 535x480) Reverse
>one of the gay loli=cp tools
How do those faggots even find their way onto image boards? And more importantly why do they moralfag so hard?
Replies: >>870 >>872
It's what happens when you spend most of your time in irc/discord circlejerks outside of imageboards.
Yeah he's retarded but the guide isn't half bad.
Replies: >>881
It's fucking baffling. I despise lolifags with a burning passion, but it's to cp what vidya is to propagating violence. The logic behind has been proven false time and again, so it boils down to, "I don't like it, I want it banned. It's the same knee-jerk mentality, just  wearing a blue colored side shaved hairstyle.

As for how they even find their way, someone posted up that it was essentially thanks to Gaymergayte becoming trendy for a while. Just ewhores trying to strike it big with E-drama.
I will admit that toddlercon I find simply annoying, but its the same reaction I have for furfaggotry aswell and I'm not about to throw a hissyfit regarding either of them. This shit is indeed baffling.
Replies: >>874 >>875 >>879
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1920x2160) Reverse
The camel's nose reinterpretation of 1A rights in burgerstan is even more insane, it's a well without a bottom.
Replies: >>879
[Hide] (28.2KB, 580x300) Reverse
speaking of i still don't get what the tot spammers deal was, i was posting it in the meta along with the paz and loli poster when hanging started the lolibans but then i wake up to the entire board apparently being spammed with tot and whoever did it pissed the admins off enough to ban it sitewide.
Replies: >>879
[Hide] (5.3MB, 480x332) Reverse
Acid is fond of taking mundane operations and spinning them into FUD. Consider his post about the webring plugin that regularly retrieves board lists and stats from the webring peers you've configured it to contact:
>I was getting iffy on the webring in recent days.  An anon in one of the threads told me that the plugin could leak the server IP.  I was going to do a detailed investigation of that to see if he was actually right or not, but then shit started blowing up everywhere.

The webring software simply goes to the other sites you've configured it to look at and asks those sites for their webring.json file. This means that your server talks to the other sites' servers. When any computer talks to any other computer on the Internet it discloses its source IP address or the IP address of its proxy/VPN/NAT/whatever so that the other side can talk back. That's the Internet. Acid knows all this because he runs webservers.

But this is "LEAKING THE SERVER'S IP" in drama-speak and needs a "detailed investigation"(!) to conclude that fetching webring.json from another site involves a HTTP(S) request. If he's running some kind of reverse proxy arrangement with the application server's IP not publicly known then all he'd have to do is write a few lines of script to regularly pull down the webring.json files to a different box and then direct his application server's copy of the webring software to go fetch those instead. Acid knows this as well, but chooses to make these breathless declarations about "leaks" and "compromised" sites and so on instead.
[Hide] (411.6KB, 1905x778) Reverse
Happen to have made a backup of /delicious/ (files only) a few days ago.
I got you pedo bros.
Replies: >>880 >>937
lolifags always bring pedos along the way and there is nothing easier for an opponent or a disgruntled BO to weaponize those. Keep lolifags out, keep pedos out, keep resilience up.
Replies: >>1023
How I hate niggers who equate real kids being raped to cartoons. This "at least I am doing something! even if its completely imaginary!" and Japs dont have rape problem, while west has nigger/faggotry problem. 
>admit that toddlercon I find simply annoying
No one likes it. 
>only kids can be attractive, innocent and good looking
>kids mature at earlier age means this can be someone immature who matured early
Hate it. Also they dont consider hormones in food to be the problem, with kids growth being ruined by shitty food, but that is okay, dealing with cartoons is the real problem.  
It probably was because of CP.
Replies: >>882 >>883
Well done, depending on your jurisdiction, if caught, you are looking to 15 to life or even a death sentence
Replies: >>884 >>885
Thanks anon, it doesn't directly help with the having to identify yourself part, but I needed some of that explanation anyway.
[Hide] (38.6KB, 365x375) Reverse
>No one likes it.
It's awwrighttt!!!! 
I just wish it was less niche so better artwork would come of it
[Hide] (125.7KB, 600x811) Reverse
>only kids can be attractive, innocent and good looking
>kids mature at earlier age means this can be someone immature who matured early
You're overthinking that pic. It's very plainly just a bullshit equivocation of "anime=hentai=loli=cp=muh chillunz" to justify purging anything with an anime artstyle by blatantly misinterpreting the law.
Tell that to shadman, or Jhon.
>depending on your jurisdiction
Point to one single piece of jurisprudence proven in court, "pizza possession/actual rapist who also had some cake" doesn't qualify.
I am not sure how much I can tolerate this robi guy.
Replies: >>887 >>888 >>895
All the current alternatives are even harder to tolerate.
Replies: >>891
I am convinced at this point that rabbi will never sack hanging fag no matter what he does. I don't know what the future for that whole IB holds but I won't be there for it and thank heavens for the webring where neither of them have jurisdiction.
Replies: >>890 >>893
[Hide] (1.7MB, 300x259) Reverse
checkin those numbers and agreeing
I dunno mang, I'm insulated but if some other board did a massive banwave under the excuse "drawings=cp" while the real reason was being scared of some jew with an email account I imagine I would have heard at least a whispepring about it.  A gvol like that is a liability at best, and I'll happily look at screengrabs of it from a different ib.
even if you make one no one will use it
There's a reason fatchan became big even though Julay/v/ already existed for a long time and had a bigger initial userbase. Most people don't really want to go there, but all the options are even more kiked. Antares is too much of an unknown but could become good at some point, but who wants to wait for that.
Replies: >>896 >>909
was cucked by their provider (voxility)
He's refusing to even accept the fact that fleshgolem did anything wrong, and instead of canning him, he gave him a promotion. Robi's seriously contending with Mark for biggest, most oblivious retard.
Antares could benefit from appearing in the clearnet webring. Even if it does nothing, it took me a while to find out it existed and the address.
Replies: >>932
it's what robi is working on isn't it
posts are synced between all nodes
files are fetched from the origin node
if one node is nuked only the files are lost
but the posts (threads) remain
Replies: >>898
[Hide] (72.9KB, 1105x609) Reverse
A truly decentralized board would have every note host the entire board, see 08chan. The hybrids are based on the software like exhentai uses to offload server costs. They have a main server with 100% of the content, but the clients of H@H download a portion of it and serve it back to other clients on request. If something gets deleted on the main server, the network sends the deletion command to all network nodes as well. As far as I know an IB version of that hasn't been created yet, even though the source code for H@H is available.
Replies: >>899 >>900 >>905
>H@H styled imageboard
That would be pretty cool for an imageboard with enough technical users that cared enough to pitch in. Honestly though, unless a major imageboard adopts a system like that, I don't ever see it becoming practical outside of usage as a sudo anti ddos protection I guess.
> If something gets deleted on the main server, the network sends the deletion command to all network nodes as well.
08chan kind of has this through the use of shared blacklists. The content could still be seeded by the poster and seen/seeded by everyone opting out of using the blacklists though.

08chan/zeronet in general was neat but it has too many issues even with everyone using tor.
[Hide] (66.5KB, 482x549) Reverse
So far there's only two video game boards left on the webring and I might just move into one of them.
I'm just really fucking tired.
[Hide] (650.1KB, 1021x768) Reverse
/pol/ack here I don't want this split to happen, so many good times this community had together but most of ex/pol/ is  staying at /pnd/, I am gonna miss /animu/ and /k/ especially
Replies: >>906
>Who the fuck are these retards
IRC cabal that sperged the fuck out when they couldn't make Goobergrape their personal army.
>and why should I care
Also, they have ties to a pedophile ring.
$ into Bisq account, Buy BTC on Bisq, Use BTC on Bisq to buy monero which is sent to a monero wallet, then use a different bisq account to buy BTC with monero.
Should work.
Replies: >>906 >>981
yes i saw it
it sucked
>Staying on the pigkunt
>When Jimbo is known for fucking up imageboards for years now
>When pigkunt glows so hard that it's completely lit up in the dark
>When everyone of note has already stopped using /pol/ or jumped ship for a better or more populated alternative
Have fun using one site filled with feds and stupid boomers retard
On top of this you could use a prepaid card bought with cash instead of a card attached to your name. Also Bitcoin atm's are a fine choice if they're available to you. You might want to wash them in some way them afterwards if you're scared of camera's being able to tie your identity to one of your burner addresses.
Replies: >>910
[Hide] (10.6KB, 174x137) Reverse
That poster found an ancient 2003-06 cluster of old fags.
Isn't antares run by that dolphinfag?
Replies: >>911
are there any /pol/ alternatives on the clearnet or tor? ((( 9chan ))) is basically  cuckchan and I don't trust ((( Mark ))). I don't want /pol/ culture to die, I spent too much there.
Replies: >>912 >>956 >>961
Dolphin runs dolphinchan and oceanchan.
I've stopped using /pol/ because its sucked for a really long time now. Most of the sites I moved to died recently due to drama that isn't related to this situation. /fascist/ and /mlpol/ seems fine for what they are but I haven't really looked that much into them. A suitable /pol/ replacement that isn't niche will come about at some point. Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if a site rises out of this drama and becomes the next 2014 8chan. It might not happen for a few years, as that's how things generally work out, but that's what I'm hoping for.
Only a pedo would fap to loli porn.
Replies: >>914 >>1023
and only a murderer would play a violent video game
It doesn't matter dude, unless it crosses into the territory of actual living breathing children it's a drawing.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 2000x1122) Reverse
So this is 8chan all over again
[Hide] (395.9KB, 1854x339) Reverse
The end of the muttoid & kike empire dawns, and it's a good thing.
until then you have the choice of these fine kike boards or back to chinkpol
https://16chan.xyz/ ((( (alt chan ))) shithole)
https://8chan.moe/ (a nasty kike honeypot)
https://9chan.tw/ (shithole with banhammer tards)
Is 8kun totally dead now? I can't load it anymore.
Replies: >>922 >>923
Doesn't matter, the board is compromised and will never be the same now that ni/gg/ers and other normalfags know about it.
Never ever let ni/gg/ers on your board, let that be a lesson to everyone.
Replies: >>931
responds to pings -- not totally dead.
It seems it's a Vanwanet issue as 8chan is also down. 8kun's onion address works fine, however.
Boards are going to get mass deleted no matter what, if there's even a hint of any dissent.   It starts with political shit, but it'll move onto questioning products and practices being the reason for entire boards and even sites getting deleted.  Sites like Y o u u t e b and so on will are maintained in censorship by algolrythems that are out of the hands of human beings and are only maintained by a select few at a huge cost, while human run sites will be de-marketed and deleted silently like this.  Remove any sort of free speech resistance to highlight this and the world becomes C i h a n.

Start mixing your words using phonetic code, computers still can't run anagram langauge if the code between people changes post by post.  Everyone needs to start mixing up their speech pronto.  The danger is the media.
Replies: >>933
Didn't antares appear in the webring list back when it was new?
Why was it removed?
Replies: >>955
D0 Y0U 1\/1341\1 1IK3 71115?
0R 1110R3 L1K3 711I5?
[Hide] (53.7KB, 1191x440) Reverse
So julay is on the webring and is getting posts apparently, but I can't access it, says secure connection fail. What's the deal with that?
Replies: >>935 >>936 >>938
Their onion address should be up.
Odd thing for me too. I was guessing it's an onion thing, but according to web-traffic, it's been parked.

The BO of /delicious/ made a bunker on 8Mark. If julay /delicious/ actually dies (instead of being torwalled) try posting your backup there.
The julay.world domain got taken down, use the alternate address https://spqrchan.xyz
Replies: >>939 >>941 >>944
same shit
Nice try nigger.
Replies: >>942 >>943 >>964
kike spotted
[Hide] (140.8KB, 953x953) Reverse
>thread where people basically say the same thing
Replies: >>946
legit & christpilled
Replies: >>963
Very bottom, though the only link that worked was the one talking about the mod.
>8chan.moe, 8chan.se and 8chan.cc down
>8kun.top down
What the fuck is going on?
Fucking this, they were working earlier this morning.
Replies: >>954
>going to any of those places
>What the fuck is going on?
you being a stupid faggot
Replies: >>950 >>953
What's wrong with 8chan and 8kun?
Replies: >>952 >>953
[Hide] (516.6KB, 1439x1234) Reverse
Acid said the CDN was getting hit on the GG thread an hour or so ago. They'll be back up when the faggot who doxing everyone fucks off
>What's wrong with 8kun
Why are you even here in the first place, if not because you have a problem with 8kun?
8chan was a viable choice, 8kun is obviously compromised trash. This is alarming as fuck, though, our community is being forced out of the internet.
Replies: >>960
Vanwatech is being attacked, and since both 8chan and 8kun use it they're being fucked as well.
Replies: >>957
Antares appears from Julay, but not from other Lynxchan instances because an addon update is needed I think.
/mlpol/ and Acid/pol/.
Replies: >>958
Does 8chan se have tor address?  8kun works on tor which is why it's important to have an onion address.
Replies: >>961
Still funny.
I'm not sure about the validity of this article, but if we are being forced out, lokinet was another tor like service being developed. 

Hoppe-sama has boards for monarchy, fascism and libertarianism. There's also bunkerchan if you're a commie.

implying there's anything worth saving
Except it's fucking wrong.
[Hide] (5.1MB, 853x480, 01:42)
8chan is back up
lol so it's some literal intel asshats....  they infiltrate and control
[Hide] (513.9KB, 550x412) Reverse
Not gonna lie, this explains a lot.
[Hide] (6KB, 480x288) Reverse
Don't you remember the MPAA's attempt to treat the inclusion of 5 colors and two characters of text as illegal?
Replies: >>970
You do realize that any digital record of a crime is included in that description right?

Wasn't that just an attempt to copyright the test signal?
Replies: >>971
>Wasn't that just an attempt to copyright the test signal?
dvd decryption key
I miss 8chan, when things were simple and people could talk about video games.
I don't know where /Südpol/ went. I'm hoping Hitler picked them up Why didn't you take me too
Replies: >>980
Well they don't have to worry about losing sleep. They glow in the dark. I'm sure they can't sleep.
all these tiny micropenis boards are nice & well but i need my fast post board and traffic, so back to the mothercuck i go. when you derps manage to run something akin to old 8chan again, i might reconsider. until then, arriveau (or some shit)
Nobody cares, nigger.
[Hide] (193KB, 936x853) Reverse
[Hide] (65.2KB, 900x675) Reverse
>Spoiler text
Fuck. My feels.
I hope those antarctic nazis don't wait to long to start rebuilding after our retarded clown world burns to ashes.
Replies: >>985
Anon, you're the fucking best. This looks like exactly what I was hoping to find.
you're a furry by chance?
Same here. And since we seem to be getting closer and closer to a global Weimar event, I'm hoping they just start moving groups of people to their respective Moon and Martian bases ahead of time.
This existence should be better. I shouldn't have to unironically hope for Hollow-Earth Germans to force humanity to break free of Earth's gravity
Whatever will get me off this fucking rock.
Replies: >>988
[Hide] (46KB, 640x640) Reverse
[Hide] (101.1KB, 920x562) Reverse
>This existence should be better.
Funny, I was just thinking the same thing.
Nice try, dolphinigger
Replies: >>993
dolphin has his own imageboards, none of those being them
Reeeee what is going on I just want to play video games. 
You faggots need to implement some sort of AI solution that can recognize this sort of shit and block it from ever being posted.
Replies: >>1000
>trusting an AI to not fuck it up 
>alternatively, expecting major corporations to allow another AI exist to potentially spread the truth
If you want to play video games then go play them anon. Nothing is stopping you.
Replies: >>1001 >>1002
Tay didn't fuck up. She was raped.

>If you want to play video games then go play them anon. 
I think he was mocking people who jump in and ask whats going on only to get mad that people aren't accepting bullshit from mods.
Replies: >>1003
I want to play video games with people who aren't faggots.
People who can actually think for them selves, have opinions, use logic, and come to their own conclusions. Instead of NPCs simply repeating what they heard someone else say on a approved opinion medium.
Replies: >>1004
>Tay didn't fuck up. She was raped.
Apologies. I didn't meant to imply that Tay fucked up. Should've re-worded the first part
This. If I have to hear another mouth breather try to tell me that Black Desert is a fucking sandbox-MMO, because you can choose to be as unproductive as possible in their gook grinding gameplay loop, I'm going to have a brain aneurysm
[Hide] (113.6KB, 928x1200) Reverse
>has cuck porn right on the front
[Hide] (830.4KB, 1908x1768) Reverse
[Hide] (8KB, 844x147) Reverse

Holy shit.

Awhile back, I remember asking on Julay's /meta/ about where /fringe/ had gone, it being one of the only boards from 8ch that didn't seem to ever return. Another anon posted pics related.

Is this a HAPPENING?!
Replies: >>1016 >>1194
Name I haven't heard in a long time. Why won't he fuck off?
Anybody know where /hgg/ is gathering? We had an anon setting up a proper place but seems like julay died first.
Replies: >>1013
try >>>/hgg/
Replies: >>1014
Fuck me, thank you. There they are.
Thanks for the blogpost, you mindless cocksucker.
>Another anon posted pics related.
That would be me, glad to run into you again. Did you see the follow-up post I made here?: https://spqrchan.xyz/meta/res/9755.html#10215
>I don't know where else to post this, but there was an anon in the now-locked board request thread searching for where /fringe/ wenta while ago, and nobody seemed to know. Well I've just found that the main bulk of survivors are over on 8kun.top/sunflower/ (with a bunker on endchan.net/sunflower/ ), and there's also a small presence on balkanchan.ga/x/ (although that too appears to be more of a bunker). Unfortunately none of these are on the webring, but it's better than nothing I guess.

Also as far as I'm aware, the pedo cabal that ran the triforce CP boards, and the troll/shitposter cabal that made up the triangle mafia, ayyteam, and are/were involved with endchan, are two completely seperate and unrelated groups.
Replies: >>1024
This post made my day.

Also, hope everyone with a brain saved every Alke and Kikurage post. I know I did.
I am never going to believe people have actual CP for "fighting against loli". Those who post actual CP to destroy loli are evil people who want to give MORE EVIL people the power to censor more.
Replies: >>1019 >>1021
>I am never going to believe people have actual CP for "fighting against loli"
A guy is spamming real CP in the meta right now, so I am not sure why you have such doubts.
They have CP to jerk off to because they're pedos. They post it to fight against loli.
Replies: >>1022 >>1025
That makes more sense, but their actions don't.
Hey, fancy meeting you here! Thanks again for the leads.

>Well I've just found that the main bulk of survivors are over on 8kun.top/sunflower/ (with a bunker on endchan.net/sunflower/ ), and there's also a small presence on balkanchan.ga/x/ (although that too appears to be more of a bunker). 
Thanks for the information. It's nice to know that the community survived in some form. I'll have fun checking it out quite soon.

>Also as far as I'm aware, the pedo cabal that ran the triforce CP boards, and the troll/shitposter cabal that made up the triangle mafia, ayyteam, and are/were involved with endchan, are two completely seperate and unrelated groups.
So should we be worried about both of them? I'm a bit behind on this whole situation atm; this is the first time I've seen the stuff we talked about come up since that original exchange on /meta/.

Also, I'm still unsure of what to make of >>698 , since he made a good point about that screencap. Just a reference to the latter cabal, or is there something more here?
Bullshit. Back when pedos were still tolerated on 8chan, the only ones that ever harbored any ill will were the ones that complained about lolifags not accepting that they're pedos too. 
If you think there's a fucking cabal of pedos trying to shut down loli because they want to bolster the number of people fapping to cp you're a fucking moron. Pedos know lolifags dont want to ruin their perfect fantasy of the consenting child, so they'd never go for cp anyway. It's like someone who loves sausages but violently refuses to watch a video documenting how they made.
[Hide] (243.5KB, 747x575) Reverse
I can't imagine how porn of actual children is meant to be used against loli and more importantly why it would be used. They're fucking drawings, why are people so violently against it? More so, why are actual pedophiles so violently against it? I don't know if any of that is very believable.
It's about controlling a narrative. They project onto a weaker, more marginalized target their own weaknesses because the world would side with them, so they are seen as an overwatch of sorts and get to do whatever the fuck they want with impunity on the side, until someone snitches on them.
You know those jews screeching against nofap? They openly admit porn is used to control people's instincts.
It's considerably more common to be attracted to young girls (although more usually teens) than society wants people to believe. We shouldn't act upon said attraction because it's been shown to be bad for developing brains to be exposed to that shit although the same is true of porn.

Pedos want more pedos so they get more CP in circulation. So they hate loli, which is a sexual outlet for men who might otherwise go over the edge and molest children.
Replies: >>1029 >>1058
>they hate loli, which is a sexual outlet for men who might otherwise go over the edge and molest children
AAAaaand you lost me.
Replies: >>1041 >>1061
These "people" believe that loli=CP, therefore, they are trying to prove a point by posting CP, namely that if loli is allowed, CP is allowed and anything else is hypocritical. Some do this because they want to be able to post CP, some because they think loli is for pedos.  
It's basically an alliance between moralfags and pedos.
Replies: >>1040
>It's basically an alliance between moralfags and pedos.
Literally the same thing.
AAAaaand you're a faggot.
[Hide] (353.2KB, 1200x1200) Reverse
They just deleted /v/ ? Gee what a reliable place. 

I guess it is back to roaming the steppes.
Replies: >>1044
Probably nothing to do with some official stance but probably something similar to the previous temp-BO tableflip.exe. Ever notice how these things all happen while Robi is asleep? Give it some time first Anon.
Replies: >>1046
[Hide] (4.2MB, 460x258, 00:34)
Nah, fuck it. It is a dumpster fire and this koi guy is no good either. 
>lel interracial, white genocide and shitposting threads will be left on the frontpage for the lolz
>hanging flesh guy comes in the thread posting naked fat anime girls and pretends everything is ok
>call him out
>nooo I addressed this
>robi posts gg ecelebs and etc. dumb shit and pretends his measures are good as long as he posts naked anime girls
The whole team is retarded and everyone is on a power trip. I just hope the small game groups we had like the s4 and samurai ones survive.
Replies: >>1047 >>1053
Seems to me you're swallowing the rhetoric hook, line and sinker. You do realize julay is under external attack by bad actors right? There is quite likely a state run, organized assault being directed at any wrongthink sites--IBs in particular--that won't snap-to and be good little drones. You should know this kind of thing by now Anon.
Replies: >>1048 >>1052
Yet the core community was unwelcoming to wrongthink to begin with.
Replies: >>1050
unwelcoming to wrongthink?
Now I know you're just a diversity-hire. Seems like they would train you retards better than that. GTFO, dumbass.
Replies: >>1051
>make china bannerlord thread
>*hmm this is suspiciously close to politics*
This what I usually get from the  *core community*
>You do realize julay is under external attack by bad actors right? 
The only one attacking julay is the bad moderation stabbing itself over and over. Tengu has crossed the line with the second /v/ nuking, but the mod team there was and is corrupt to the core. Don't deny this
The shitposting/b/-/v/ was funny for a day or so, but it should have been obvious that you shouldn't let anyone related to that shit remain as the BO long term, unless your whole goal was to crash the plane with no survivors. Most people really just want a place to talk about videogames without having to swim through cointelpro-tier pedoshit and demoralization and baiting.
Replies: >>1054
Is lolicon pedo?
Replies: >>1055
I mean the photos of 3D children sucking on various things while making grotesque faces.
Replies: >>1056
Such shit needs to be banned, fuck those pedos.
Because normies are too stupid to see the difference between a drawing of an imaginary character, and something like REAL LIFE. And normies outnumber literally everyone else. And are constantly used as cannon fodder/meat shields by evil parties, used as tools in a war to ban fun 4ever.
I have my own ideas and theories, and will now add elements of yours into the boiling pot.
Replies: >>1061
Anyone knows where /sw/ is? This shitshow lost me and I miss them?
Replies: >>1070
[Hide] (114.2KB, 452x318) Reverse
[Hide] (104KB, 461x272) Reverse
[Hide] (17.3KB, 445x57) Reverse
[Hide] (132KB, 612x314) Reverse
[Hide] (26.7KB, 476x166) Reverse
Point of view discarded.
Replies: >>1076
>julay deleted /v/ again
The shitshow that just keeps on giving.

Consider learning how to read then
>b-b-but I would never!
Keyword in my statement being "might". Really should have added "some of" in front of "which", though.
You're either not part of the group that would go over that edge, or you're appeased by your masturbation habits. Probably both. But being incapable of realizing not every statement has to apply to you necessarily is a sign of autism. Might want to get a diagnosis for that, bud.

I wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong, or at least if it's wrong for the average CP spammer even if it's right for some, but it's a sound theory as far as I know. What're your theories?
Replies: >>1064
Theories about what recreational sex is, and why people are sometimes attracted to someone who is way below the mature "procreating" age. I won't discuss it here, since it delves into pedophilia, and I want loli to stand on its own (you can make a 2D little girl as mature and "old" as you want, something you cannot do with a real person).
9chan (dot) tw is the bunker, but it's currently empty anon
Replies: >>1073
Of all places they choose Josh's shithole? Thanks for the información though.
Does /ck/ have a board anywhere? I know /a/ and /k/ have threads, but is there a board?
Replies: >>1075
Not as far as I know. I don't think they had a strong enough independent community to seek a separate board on the webring. There's one on balkanchan but it's unrelated. There's a cooking thread in /comfy/ and /k/ but that's all I've seen.
Goyimgoobers are annoying faggots, and take vidya way too fucking seriously. Take that shit to /pol/ if you want to talk about the state of journalism.
At least gaymergayters kept that shit in a thread. I couldn't give a shit about them, but at least they brought in free drama to laugh at.
Replies: >>1078 >>1087
I still cannot comprehend who you are talking about. GG lasted for a year, and died. Anyone crazy enough to think it is still somehow going in 2020 is insane, and/or giving out free rent.
Are there any /loli/ or /delicious/ bunkers?
Replies: >>1082
>actual pedos
>being weebs
>not being turbonormie boomers
Replies: >>1083
Replies: >>1084
[Hide] (118.2KB, 736x981) Reverse
Replies: >>1088
[Hide] (964.1KB, 1300x1300) Reverse
>muh gaymergayters
>muh goyimgoobers
years of irrelevance and it still lives rent free in your head. learn to move on muses
Replies: >>1089
[Hide] (796.3KB, 1364x964) Reverse
>learn to move on
I don't have to move on, the shit wasn't ever a problem for me. They generally kept it in their containment thread, and they at least contributed in the form of retarded game dev articles.
Replies: >>1091
[Hide] (21.6KB, 413x94) Reverse
[Hide] (3.4KB, 437x67) Reverse
[Hide] (21.2KB, 777x67) Reverse
[Hide] (98.2KB, 465x281) Reverse
[Hide] (3.1KB, 529x66) Reverse
Veiling your knee-jerk fear of any kind of political talk behind "this is for video game discussion." You're just giving me more screencaps for my collection. If it really didn't bother you, you wouldn't bitch about it so much.
Replies: >>1091 >>1150
[Hide] (143.7KB, 1600x1600) Reverse
>being this assblasted over gg after all these years
how mentally unhinged do you have to be?
that's the thing, I don't get the massive hateboner for something that was easy to filter and move on. fags have their hateboner over all the wrong things these days
Replies: >>1150
Julay is up, why are you all still in here?
Replies: >>1096 >>1102 >>1113
because we don't want to be next to you
Julay giving a 502 under http, "connection closed" under https... Anyone else getting this?
>julay/v/ wants to talk about a video game
>nu-un you can't talk about this video game T. mods
>julay /v/ is now dead
That's literally all it fucking was, there wasn't anybody trying to set up gamergate generals it was the same fucking thing that caused the "first" exodus from fourchan all those years ago. if the moderation didn't try to fucking stomp down on it nothing would have came from it 
you fuckers even managed to kill julay /k/ 

but julay.world isn't up anon, it's spqrchan.xyz now :^)
Replies: >>1106 >>1107
take a look around nigger. everywhere that it isn't jewbook, shitter, and kiketube is /pol/ now
Well, looks like it's time for the babby to learn how to TOR.
Maybe if it wasn't spammed and shitposted to death it wouldn't happened, nigger
Replies: >>1112
maybe if the board wasn't shit it wouldn't have been spammed and shitposted to death
yougay is ded like your post
Is there a good /v/ alternative now that the Julay  one is down? I just went there for the RTS threads.
Replies: >>1124 >>1136 >>1144
Never mind, /geimu/ has one up now.
Replies: >>1144
What's wrong with /v/ Prime on 4chan?
Replies: >>1139
Your question contains your answer.
There's also now a /v/ on zchan owned by the pasta BO from fatchan. The /v/alkanization continues.
[Hide] (5.8KB, 106x128) Reverse
[Hide] (216.3KB, 759x413) Reverse
[Hide] (30.1KB, 562x155) Reverse
[Hide] (26.8KB, 1053x89) Reverse
[Hide] (34.3KB, 713x131) Reverse
I just keep a folder of gamergoober variations. I've been collected these for years.
[Hide] (4.4KB, 323x52) Reverse
Gosh, if only the babby knew what a "TOR endpoint" was...

Fucking LOL
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