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A post spotted on /g/. Not looking forward to interacting with GPT-3 for now and forever on random imageboards and textboards. I'd understand the desire to have an instant community as a site admin but conversing with a chatbot living on localhost is way too bleak. Don't do it lonely admin!
Replies: >>458 >>1116 >>1164
>>457 (OP) 
The thread in question:

Of course, I'm sure there are a few folks already testing their bots on 4chan for fun and profit, Cornelia pls go.
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I see you Heyuri...
I appreciate their site and their culture, especially their cute Yotsuba emotes, but I'm still nervous about their owner(s).
Replies: >>466 >>476
It would help if I link the archived thread I'm referring to:

Also Junkuchan needs emotes too.
Replies: >>476
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Heyuri discusses, good luck Heyuri!
Replies: >>954
I do not like noko, please just let me stay in the thread Heyuri...
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/vmg/ is a good board, >>>/vmg/1048174 is a good post.
I wonder if Mohey Pori is still out there somewhere.
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The Grimchan admin slaps away opportunistic vultures even as he pulls the plug on his own site, admirable:

Replies: >>546
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Pffft, /kind/ is charming.
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Grimchan is back and the fuck is this thread? 
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Where did /late/ go?
Replies: >>562
/shelter/ thread

/comfy/ thread

Good luck with /late/ nights!
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I don't remember sites going up and down this fast during Junkuchan's "prime". Maybe I just wasn't paying attention.
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I really enjoy going to random, small imageboards and just shitposting. Lately I've been pretty anxious about moderators being able to see my posts though, mods can't see your posts right? My shitposts need to stay anonymous.
Replies: >>578
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this isn't a shitpost
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Strange apparitions have begun to appear in a few specific threads on 4chan, is /jp/ haunted?

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an imageboard for watamote fans has just dropped!


I'm unsure why I have to connect to googleads.g.doubleclick.net, fonts.gstatic.com, jnn-pa.googleapis.com, play.google.com, static.doubleclick.net, www.youtube.com, and i.ytimg.com to browse the site though.
Replies: >>584
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Oh fugg either I've been bamboozled (highly probable) or it's dead already. I figured it'd last a day after it got posted on /r9k/ at least.
Replies: >>585
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Gonna pour one out for the sad smelly girl fans.
Being a BO seems tough...
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/late/ made it, put down your roots!


wirechan seems like a good fit too.
Replies: >>604
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That didn't last long.
Replies: >>605
/late/ moved once again:

I hope the /late/ posters don't get fatigue.
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Imageboards come and go too fast, I suppose I should just enjoy the chaos but losing a site forever doesn't feel right.
There's been a disturbing uptick in wife-posting on 4chan lately.
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What are his intentions when he posts these images?
Replies: >>786 >>796
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Intentions are dubious.
Replies: >>786
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How to get in?
What's behind the login?

I am too curious.
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Happy 10k, /digi/!
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Meta threads are like crack to me.
[Hide] (3.7MB, 4000x3000) Reverse

/doll/ is comfortable and nice, I should use /doll/ more often though.
Is Junkuchan broken??
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Oh no, this man is well-known:
Replies: >>791
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It continues.
Replies: >>812
Mmmm, buttons
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This image has been banned from the webring look 👀 quickly!
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The cabal is gonna hate this.
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The lore grows deeper.
Replies: >>945
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textboard users are fucked in the head.
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An IPFS imageboard in the wild! I hope it grows to be a bit more stable.
Replies: >>941 >>942 >>943
I posted one thread and it went through three times, whoops.
I would like to seed plebchan, interesting project.
Plebchan won't accept my shitposts. 😔
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It continues
[Hide] (33.5KB, 602x339) Reverse
What goes on at picochan?
I will link back to this thread on picochan
Replies: >>952
Okay I did it hope the thread lasts forevermore.
Replies: >>953
We're best friends now!
Replies: >>956
>The thread you want to reply does not exist!
Replies: >>955
Jannies that delete discussion threads are evil.
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hopefully we can cuddle soon
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woohoo another board full of whining depressed fags
Replies: >>958
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kind.moe seems more cheerful but it also seems a bit forced. Maybe imageboard users that aren't on 4chan are just inherently depressing?

I don't want to go to work tomorrow.
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wow got a reply so fast 
yeah i know about kind it's gay and boring 
on nanosphere we at least have avatarfags that orchestrate whole theaters of metadrama for entertainment 
not sure the fuck is this place about 
nano also enforces privacy so i can post guides on nitrifying funny esters this one is hosted on a clearnet lmao 
using DNS in 2023 admin is such a cuck
Replies: >>964 >>973
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avatar posters seem annoying, I am glad you are enjoying yours though, sometimes stirring shit up for fun is worth it. I think junkuchan is about blogposting and posting moody anime girls, I'm not quite sure yet. I don't think the guy hosting this site even knows what tor or onions are.

Link your cool guides!
[Hide] (258.5KB, 828x938) Reverse
>Link your cool guides!
simply ferment soy milk for an improvised HRT (and diarrhea) 
me and one of mine "friends" are working on a wiki on explosives triggers and everything related to bombs and similar contraptions 
it's going to be a giant clusterfuck and it's p barebones now only like a few weeks in 
but i am quite experienced when it comes to exploding shit did azides NI3 picric acid and stuff and i am still alive you can ask question if you want (fucking reddit i swear)
Replies: >>967 >>973
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I'm not terribly interested in estrogen but your wiki sounds like a good project, be sure to shill it when it's done. I'll leave exploding things to others for now, I just want to shoot things like paper targets.

I don't care about reddit.
Share Picochan threeads

sluts where we at
Replies: >>989
One more, I'll keep looking.
Replies: >>989
Replies: >>989
he has been grooming me into becoming the new unabomber
he even killed ted the other day to pressure me to take his place
Replies: >>974
You are a grown man posting Japanese cartoons of little girls on a handful of imageboards, you are not being "groomed."
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UwU take the MKUpill and begin pushing teens to mass murders and suicide for political clout with me >///<
Replies: >>976
[Hide] (3.5MB, 1804x1275) Reverse
Replace the MKUpill with estrogen and this sort of scenario is an online reality. I pray for the confused young men and women of today.
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[s4s]! anime pillow fight!

This one flew my radar entirely, they have a pleasant amount of shitposting going on.
Replies: >>984 >>988
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>Replace the MKUpill with estrogen
those are synonymous baka 
>pray for the confused young men and women of today
but don't you think that those filthy industrialists/communists/conservatives/liberals/niggers/faggots/federal agents deserve to piss their pants and evacuate in fear while some exploding chlor-alkali plant fucking nullifies and resets ecological sphere around murdering thousands with toxic fumes that they have produced on their own?  
kinda defies the ecological stuff tho
Replies: >>983
Do I have to use the term glowniggers or is glowies fine? Someone called me a glownig once for using glowies on an irrelevant imageboard but it's objectively the better term.
[Hide] (83KB, 1024x1500) Reverse
glownigger sounds rude while glowie sounds so sweat and cuddly ^w^ 
but yeah no difference tbh both are the same the guy that called you a glownig was just out of arguments 
or you were really behaving like a glownig and he just pointed out a random thing in your post whatevs man idgaf
Replies: >>983 >>987
[Hide] (292.6KB, 2162x3244) Reverse
I don't care too much about what people deserve, I'll leave retribution to God.

thanky ou for your opinion, I'll be sticking to glowie.
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[s4s] posters are indeed pleasant! I will visit them more often.
cute tummy
[Hide] (119.7KB, 600x600) Reverse
I've been enjoying light shitposting there and on picochan lately, shilling works.
[Hide] (90.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse

Is their admin in it for the long haul? Who could even say?
[Hide] (90.7KB, 534x350) Reverse
>Is their admin in it for the long haul? 
nah i doubt that 
well maybe he is he even bought a CLEARNET DOMAIN 
first time in the nanosphere history 
but we have two more sites and an IRC so pico is kinda redundant and useless
>he even bought a CLEARNET DOMAIN 
yea p cringe ngl
the last thing we need in out dead community is clearnet normies
>we have two more sites
one of them is a scam tho
so yea its good to have something for the times lambda goes down for no reason
[Hide] (313.2KB, 2048x1534) Reverse
srsly if you use DNS unironically GTFO from the nanosphere only autistic elitists and terrorists are allowed in
Replies: >>994 >>999
lmoa wtf did DNS fuck your sister or something?
Replies: >>999
I'm glad Junkuchan posters are normal and well-adjusted so we don't have to deal with glowies like the fringe schizos have to.
[Hide] (202.2KB, 1276x2456) Reverse
Dare you enter /cowe/?
im an autistic elite and terrorist myself
im guessing you never tried to have your own site
you have no idea the HELL that is trying to have anything with DNS
might as well have fucked my sister tbh
Replies: >>1003
[Hide] (25.3KB, 820x464) Reverse
It doesn't seem that hard, point the domain to the nameserver(s) and point the nameserver(s) to the IP. Doesn't seem like much of a hell to me. I hope your sister is doing well though.
Replies: >>1021
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Moderation logs are one thing but Nanochan apparently had most of its database available for download, neat. Good luck to the refugees, I hope they find a good home.
[Hide] (791.1KB, 654x1698) Reverse
I'm the creator/developer of https://brainworm.rodeo

It's slightly [s4s] themed. Right now mostly just a general purpose chan. Has lots of cool features no other chan has. People can make their own boards and enable/disable which features they want to let people use.

GPT-3.5 interaction is one feature, though we don't seed the site with fake posts or anything of course. Supports playing live-synced videos in threads like cytube. #yoink lets you steal images from people's posts and #gift lets you add them to posts. #say is Moonbase Alpha TTS, #spin spins. Also a lower-level language for power users called Wormlang that compiles to CSS. And way more.
Replies: >>1013
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1188x1197) Reverse
Neat and wholesome, liveposting freaks me out though.
Replies: >>1016
[Hide] (287.7KB, 1956x1832) Reverse
The internet is not dead! There's no way it is! Look at all these tiny, vibrant imageboards.
FYI we also support non-live boards. Board creators can configure their board to be non-live ("classic mode"). One example is here: https://brainworm.rodeo/classic/
Replies: >>1024
The guy running it doesn't seem to know how to handle the automated CSAM spam, that's a shame.
almost forgot about this thread
>It doesn't seem that hard
>t. actually never even tried having his own site
my trips were right
>point the domain to the nameserver(s) and point the nameserver(s) to the IP
just dont forget to negotiate a public ip address with your isp
and pray that they actually allow that
and that its not too expensive
only then you can actually pay for the privilege of having your domain name resolve to that address
dont forget to pray their servers wont be compromised and your record replaced
AND dont be a naughty boy or the dns mafia will revoke your domain
AND get a tls certificate for your site
AND pay the tls mafia to sign your certificate to make it 'legit' for normies
AND pray they won't fuck up their ((( verification process ))) and sign another certificate claiming to be you
AND periodically cough up more sheckels to renew your cert
AND dont be a naughty boy or the tls mafia wont renew it
now contrast all that cock and ball torture with having a site on the darknet
>have an httpd running locally
>config tor to be a hidden service
>tor automatically gives you a domain name and e2ee
>it also punches through nat, so no need for a public ip
>and your own key is used to validate your identity, so no need to worry about dumb retarded humans in the middle of the chain fucking it up somehow
isnt that 1000x comfier?
>I hope your sister is doing well though.
she came out as trans
supposedly i have a brother now
Replies: >>1022 >>1023
>((( echos ))) are a default feature even on an abandoned imageboard for sad weebs
Holy shit lmoa. I have nothing to add otherwise, praying for your sister to come to her senses.
Replies: >>1041
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Why would you deal with your ISP at all? Hosting from a residential IP introduces unnecessary complications whether you're on clearnet or on Tor's darknet. If you have trouble setting up a simple clearnet site you'll almost certainly fuck up your Tor configuration and expose your server's public IP, or your residential IP if you're hosting it from your house lel. Hosting some imageboard somewhere will cost 5-10 USD regardless of your network choice and TLS certs are free, just use Let's Encrypt. The rest of what you've listed is irrelevant to the difficulty of setting up and maintaining a small site to scream at marginalized people of color/gender.

>she came out as trans
This does not sound like good news, Friend. Hopefully she snaps out of it before she starts taking bathtub hormones or has surgery done.
Replies: >>1041
That's the only "non-live" board? Looks like it never got out of the testing phase three months ago.
[Hide] (61KB, 834x774) Reverse
/fit/ has fallen to the bots.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1000x1500) Reverse
Is it wrong to go on picochan and pretend to be a tranny?
Replies: >>1041
[Hide] (300.8KB, 896x744) Reverse
>Hosting from a residential IP introduces unnecessary complications
<hosting your own site 
<on someone else's computer 
big brain move 
>If you have trouble setting up a simple clearnet site you'll almost certainly fuck up your Tor configuration
having trouble? 
niggar number 1021 clearly figured out and solved all his problems by not getting involved with this retarded half-assed "protocol"
Replies: >>1037 >>1041
[Hide] (395KB, 2000x2256) Reverse
Why is hosting from your home better? Also most guides to running a Tor site read like this:
Doesn't read like an easy afternoon project for our would-be new site owner. DNS is not "HELL" at all in comparison.
Replies: >>1041
[Hide] (4.3MB, 1216x2176) Reverse
[Hide] (149.8KB, 961x757) Reverse
Why are picochan posters obsessed with lambdaplusjs and trannies? Are they the victims of a very slow raid right now or something?
Replies: >>1041
[Hide] (625.2KB, 507x709) Reverse
>(((  echos  ))) are a default feature even on an abandoned imageboard for sad weebs
as it should be
would it even count as an imageboard if antisemite memes werent hardcoded into it?

>Hosting from a residential IP introduces unnecessary complications whether you're on clearnet or on Tor's darknet.
like what?
>If you have trouble setting up a simple clearnet site you'll almost certainly fuck up your Tor configuration and expose your server's public IP, or your residential IP if you're hosting it from your house lel.
literally how
what the fuck are you talking about?
>TLS certs are free, just use Let's Encrypt
thats not the point, retard
relying on the TLS mafia at all is fucking braindead
browsers will trust a bunch of CAs that nobody has ever heard of just bc they are paid to shill them
wtf is even the point of a web of trust if "trust" is decided entirely by someone else
tls should work just like ssh tbh
remember the cert of the first connection, and warn if it ever changes
btw it doesnt matter if one single organization is giving away certs for free rn
they can just turn kike at any moment and start asking for your sheckles
then wtf are you gonna do? use selfsigned and filter out all your normie readers that you have now become dependent on?
yea ok self-signed certs are the chad's choice of cert
too bad cucked browsers will throw a temper tantrum if you try to access a site like that
so if youre gonna filter out normies, might as well preserve your anonymity while at it
>The rest of what you've listed is irrelevant to the difficulty of setting up and maintaining a small site to scream at marginalized people of color/gender.
thats were you are wrong
if you scream at the minorities too loudly, the big boys will decide to deassociate with you and you will get what you fucking deserve for having your infrastructure rely on 3rd parties

>>1033 (dubs of newfag)
that is literally its intended purpose

based post, based pic
holy shit now i want a lifesized fumo

>Why is hosting from your home better?
because you actually control your hardware
wtf is even the point of going through all the autism of setting up a server if the computer isnt even yours?
just go full plebian and use a host at this point
neocities is free
but you will prolly tumblr better
>Also most guides to running a Tor site read like this
holy shit im not even gonna read past the introduction
what the fuck kind of schizolord is teaching you to host a tor site, fucking hell
i literally explained how to run a tor site in just 5 lines
actually, that was only 2 lines
the rest are just clarifications
<doing something that will get glowies hot on your ass
yea how about you just dont?
if having the government trying to assassinate you is part of your threat model, you should probably look for a safer hobby
being an e-tranny isnt for you
>Doesn't read like an easy afternoon project for our would-be new site owner.
fighting gov oppression is never an easy afternoon project
>DNS is not "HELL" at all in comparison.
most of that hell is self inflicted anyway
and you cant even begin to engage all that schizophrenia if youre using DNS
well, ig with enough dedication you actually can do that on the clearnet too
see kiwi farms

i can explain
you see, every site that associates itself with nanochan gets visited by nanotrannies
they dont intentionally try to ruin the site, but they are extremely loud and only know how to talk about 3 topics:
1. anime
2. trannification
3. pedophilia
and since they are the most interested in nano-related ibs, they will make up the majority of new users when one is born
so no, its not a raid
thats literally what the userbase is like
the fagmin brought this upon himself by using picochan as the backend
the same happened on lambdachan
i call this process Embrace, Effeminate, Enjoy
Replies: >>1042
[Hide] (729.5KB, 500x402) Reverse
Holy shit, winrar. Corpo slop suckers utterly BTFO
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1000x1000) Reverse
Every time I think of nano I tear up ;_;
Your site is configured to block Tor, sucks.
Replies: >>1049
[Hide] (2.6MB, 2560x1440) Reverse
Shame they deleted the cultural exchange thread over there. At least this one is up, apparently the webmaster for junkuchan doesn't care about anything.
[Hide] (509.9KB, 1109x3446) Reverse
This new imageboard has way too much baggage

also lmbo @ nanotrannies and lambdatrannies, excellent slang.
Replies: >>1049
[Hide] (361.9KB, 610x417) Reverse
the admin is a faggot
idk why spam the clearnet domain
dns was a mistake
yea well, its nanochan after all
but yea it does have a shitton of drama for a rather small ib
>nanotrannies and lambdatrannies, excellent slang
i wanna say im the one who came up with it, but i could be misremembering
we just use -tranny instead of -faggot bc that more accurately describes the users
wtf is it dead already or am I getting filtered?
Replies: >>1056
>wtf is it dead already or am I getting filtered?
tf you mean nigga posts still posted
Replies: >>1056
threads die
thats just it is
Replies: >>1056
[Hide] (136.9KB, 625x875) Reverse
Oh no no no clearnet sisters??
[Hide] (49.5KB, 426x496) Reverse
This is our fault and I feel a bit bad.
clearnet was a mistake anyway
Replies: >>1061
[Hide] (98.6KB, 205x304) Reverse
All my friends are on clearnet though.
Replies: >>1062
get them on tor faggot
Replies: >>1063
No friends can be found on Tor.
Replies: >>1065
i have several e-friends and they are all on tor
Replies: >>1066
How to get friends on tor?
Replies: >>1067 >>1068
Post pics of that tight gamer booty, ofc.
Replies: >>1068 >>1069
act like an underage girl and you will get lots of pedofrens looking to know you better :)
this but unironically
You're asking for the impossible. Every gamer is a fat ass.
Replies: >>1072
[Hide] (300.6KB, 1862x1594) Reverse
I wish I had a gamer girl with a fat as...
Replies: >>1071
i have seen some femboys with seriously fuckable asses
Link seems broken...
Replies: >>1091
[Hide] (46KB, 839x491) Reverse
Hello HikkiChan! Welcome! Hopefully they stick around and come out of their shells.

Replies: >>1077

/origin/ is here.
It's a mental illness, isn't it?
[Hide] (102KB, 1021x920) Reverse
Admiggers stop deleting shit
What the fuck, you're insane. This site is insane.
Replies: >>1088
[Hide] (388.1KB, 630x630) Reverse
Stop deleting posts.
Stop living in my walls.
It died. Forget about the site and enjoy Junkuchan and its friend boards
[Hide] (84.9KB, 700x400) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1000x1778) Reverse
Are they affiliated in some way? Also no one on /origin/ is a hikikomori.
Replies: >>1099
nah, it was being shilled on pico too
I went to the 3ch one and my phone crashed from the hieroglyphics lmbo
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x1417) Reverse
Anyone familiar with Floridachan? Did it ever get off the ground before it died or was it stillborn from the start?
looks like hikkichan has fucked up its spam filters
its literally impossible to post anything anywhere
and i had a huge textwall to post there
Replies: >>1107
[Hide] (390.9KB, 1570x800) Reverse
The admin seems to be responding to posts in /meta/ and has his email listed in a sticky. Perhaps you could screenshot what you wanted to post and ask him to fix his shit?
Replies: >>1108
yea the admin seems p friendly
too bad its impossible to post even on /meta/
and email is gay he should have an irc instead
im not joining the botnet just to talk to him
Replies: >>1109
Posting has been fixed, Friend, rejoice.
Replies: >>1110
yea it kinda works
i only got filtered after 3 consecutive posts
and now i cant post again lol
at least i could get like half of the replies in
Replies: >>1111
[Hide] (338.7KB, 750x750) Reverse
lmao, the hikki life is suffering.
Replies: >>1112
[Hide] (135.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>>1111 (checked)
straight facts
[Hide] (19.7KB, 350x300) Reverse
I'll be merging this thread with >>457 (OP) , since Picochan is ded. If you disagree with this action reply to this post with "FUCK YOU."
Replies: >>1117 >>1118
>since Picochan is ded
its not ded
just filtering out the clearnet niggers

based ryona btw
post more
Replies: >>1119 >>1164
id fuck you hard if u werent such a creep
Replies: >>1120 >>1164
I click the link and it doesn't work though? Why did OP post a link that doesn't work?
BO is obviously a basement-dwelling man, gay.
Replies: >>1123
im gay and i dont want the bo
Replies: >>1124
GOOD homo taste
wtf hikkichan is already down?
i thought itd last at least a few more weeks
Replies: >>1126
What the fuck, you junkuchan assholes are behind this aren't you?

Glowflare won't let me navigate to 3ch.one
[Hide] (49.3KB, 817x716) Reverse
I'm lurking picochan right now, no one can stop me.
Replies: >>1134
[Hide] (974.8KB, 1540x918) Reverse
I hope http://04.sbs gets better.
reply to my threads
[Hide] (505.4KB, 806x1200) Reverse
Why is 3ch.one so full of pedophiles?
Replies: >>1139
catchan infected it
never let catchan near your imageboard
fuckers ruined my otter channel
Replies: >>1140
Looks like a purgatory right now, lots of activity with zero direction.
Replies: >>1141 >>1142
Oh wait never mind I found the onion, gross.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 3072x2304) Reverse
it isnt 2013 but ok
Replies: >>1144
[Hide] (36.7KB, 762x544) Reverse
catchan is extremely active in 2023
Replies: >>1151
not what i meant but ok
bring hikkichan back already
i had some unfinished convos in there
Replies: >>1154
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1773x2220) Reverse
Admin ran out of server money because he was a smelly shut-in NEET.
Replies: >>1155
Why is this thread the most active one? It's just about other websites. Post some new threads, post OC.
Replies: >>1157
Because this site is stable but incredibly boring, so I come here to gossip about other, unstable imageboards while they're perpetually inaccessible.
Replies: >>1158
[Hide] (158.1KB, 1080x2160) Reverse
Thank you for your feedback, the thread has been merged with >>457 (OP) .
Replies: >>1166
Is hikkichan.net dead forever or what?
ugh typical trannyjanny doesnt give a shit about what ppl say
Replies: >>1167
The silent majority won this time.
well whatever
even the onion is gone now
Replies: >>1173
[Hide] (147.2KB, 551x852) Reverse
Who did this? Did you do this?
Replies: >>1174
[Hide] (44.9KB, 480x480) Reverse
Replies: >>1175
[Hide] (9.5MB, 2087x3055) Reverse
Disappointing, there should be more tiny imageboards available for me to barely post to and you're not helping.
Replies: >>1180
make your own and ill spam it with my rambleposts
[Hide] (10.5KB, 544x217) Reverse
Good luck choachan.cafe, come back soon.
Replies: >>1321
[Hide] (78.1KB, 1049x922) Reverse
/g/ wishes to branch out, again. I appreciate the idea guy posts.
Replies: >>1282 >>1283
/g/s been illegitimate for a while now
Damn, that thread is going to shit. I shouldn't have observed it.

[Hide] (2.3MB, 512x3272) Reverse
Great board for shitposts, it runs on PHP which is a soulful language. You can't post images though.
Replies: >>1304
Awful for browsing on mobile.
[Hide] (166.3KB, 900x735) Reverse
why are you browsing on mobile?
Replies: >>1317
It's what I have? I'm not going to the library just to observe hot shitposts in real time.
Replies: >>1318
[Hide] (118.7KB, 956x1024) Reverse
i pity you friend
[Hide] (7KB, 560x57) Reverse
This is  choachan now, explain. Who was mean to the sysop?
Replies: >>1323
[Hide] (462KB, 2034x686) Reverse
[Hide] (16.9KB, 650x188) Reverse
fujochan down too, something dark is happening.
[Hide] (102.2KB, 421x430) Reverse
[Hide] (13.1KB, 1920x1920) Reverse

WillBoard just got plugged on /g/. Not quite sure what to think about the look and feel of it yet but the discussions in the thread are interesting.
oh gross it uses .NET
[Hide] (51.8KB, 675x1182) Reverse
4chan is toast, this is your fault /origin/
[Hide] (5KB, 510x98) Reverse
If you receive this error message turn off your VPN or get a new one, Tor users should not be affected.
kind.moe is gone, best of luck to /kind/ posters though.
Replies: >>1526 >>1527
[Hide] (653.5KB, 1225x1489) Reverse
Kind has a bunker thread on /shelter/
Replies: >>1528 >>1545
Seems sad over there too
New board had been made, I know nothing about Wapchan though

Their fonts irritate my eyes.
Replies: >>1707
>Enable JavaScript and cookies to continue
how unkind reminds me of the original 8chan metadrama where /kind/ was for bulling and /bully/? was kind
Replies: >>1549
lmoa did you actually get that message? glad I didn't bother clicking
Replies: >>1552
[Hide] (232.2KB, 422x500) Reverse
>glad I didn't bother clicking
ouch you got me
Replies: >>1553
it's okay I'll click the link so you can fingerprint my browser and harvest my vital data uwu
Replies: >>1559
yummy data ovo
[Hide] (503.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Red Channel - ريد تشانل
damn I wish I could read
[Hide] (38.5KB, 523x183) Reverse
Why is he doing it? Will this be a catalyst for the sharty's metamorphosis?
Replies: >>1668 >>1684
[Hide] (581KB, 1500x1800) Reverse
Not a clue where I could get more info about this, seems like a little bit of dirt is on /trash/:
Replies: >>1672
[Hide] (690.5KB, 1434x1800) Reverse
Found this neat little dump in that thread too.
[Hide] (31KB, 799x384) Reverse
Replies: >>1671
Was it CSAM that did it? Incredibly dark if so.
the salt flows in that thread
[Hide] (134KB, 850x708) Reverse
i dont understand wtf any of you is talking about and i dont see why this is important
Replies: >>1676
[Hide] (793.7KB, 3024x4032) Reverse
I am here to experience imageboard culture
[Hide] (274.5KB, 836x935) Reverse
Goodbye I guess.
[Hide] (63.3KB, 600x600) Reverse
just how the fuck do you make a site so expensive that you actually need to raise money for it?
my own site is so ridiculously fucking cheap that i sincerely struggle with this question
were they unironically using soyware that needs 16gb of ram to and a gpu to run?
bc i cannot imagine under what circumstances shitposting would need serious computational resources
was that site super popular or something and needed to be able to handle more than 4 faggots posting large files at the same time 24/7?
bc even if youre renting a computer, idk why youd pay for more than the basic plan which costs less than 1 visit to the mcdonalds per month unless youre gonna use it to mine bitcoin or something
Replies: >>1692
[Hide] (497.8KB, 901x3078) Reverse
The sharty was, according to my incredibly reliable sources on 4chan's /trash/, one of the larger English language imageboards and had a lot of legitimate traffic. They also had a lot of illegitimate traffic, mostly from the people they pissed off with their constant raids, in the form of both spam and DDoSes. In addition to the imageboard they were also running a booru with a decent amount of persistent content. Finally, I think they were running slightly-shit imageboard software, in my opinion.
>needed to be able to handle more than 4 faggots posting large files at the same time 24/7?
Yes, the spam from both regulars and outsiders with an agenda was constant.

In other news jakparty.soy is temporarily shuttered due to the sudden influx of refugees. Who knows what the future holds?
Maybe make a post asking them to change it?
Replies: >>1708
It's their culture, I can't just demand them to change it as an outsider.
Replies: >>1709
[Hide] (827.9KB, 1114x1214) Reverse
stop being a little bitch and kick down their door and say NIGGERS YOUR CSS FUCKING SUCKS CHANGE THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW
or if you dont have a backbone, you can instead lurk enough to be able to pretend to be a regular so you can complain about it
or even better: just disable custom fonts on your browser wtf i cant believe you actually have it enable lmfao
Replies: >>1710 >>1712
[Hide] (185.1KB, 940x1345) Reverse
I'd rather just bounce tbh unless wapchan is some little golden nugget of culture I'm missing out on
Replies: >>1712
also the animated background makes the fan on my phone spin up to an annoying whir
Replies: >>1712
There's a "Font Overrides" button that changes any theme's font to Arial.
It's nothing special, but I like it! The art section is cool.
>unless wapchan is some little golden nugget of culture I'm missing out on
prolly not tbh
looks kinda cringe
wtf does it even stand for anyway?
Wet-Ass Pussy channel? lol

>the fan on my phone
Replies: >>1714
>wtf does it even stand for anyway?
Wapanese Channel
Replies: >>1715
wow thats gay
wtf is a wapa anyway
wet ass pussy chan is better
[Hide] (1.4MB, 836x8302) Reverse
ZZZchan discusses the demise of Soychan. "Good riddance!"

I'm glad the soychan refugees have to migrate to jakparty now. They're being forced to adapt to the far superior jschan experience. One step closer to the death of vichan
Replies: >>1752
why is vichan bad and what are the advantages of jschan?
where im from, autismos craft their own ib engines
Replies: >>1754
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1535x1050) Reverse
vichan has a cobbled-together feel, most site owners seem to just slap shit together without taking a proper look at the end product before letting it rot. jschan just werks out of the box, seems like most site owners don't fuck with it excessively either.
link some custom ib engines in the wild, I want to see true autismo performance.
Where did the files go
[Hide] (164.2KB, 566x341) Reverse
Someone decipher this please.
[Hide] (60.9KB, 879x1009) Reverse
3ch.one appears to be gone, what happened? I never really browsed it.
[Hide] (19.8KB, 259x224) Reverse
/azu/ is back! I never knew /azu/ was gone though.
[Hide] (2.2MB, 2958x4096) Reverse
Where is alogs.space
[Hide] (481.3KB, 1048x793) Reverse
Probably the best use of javascript I've seen on an imageboard. It's an excellent gatekeeping technique.
[Hide] (83.4KB, 837x720) Reverse
[Hide] (21.9KB, 585x210) Reverse
Did anyone manage to post on https://neets.club/ before it poofed?
[Hide] (6.4MB, 415x569) Reverse
hikari3.ch is a neat-looking imageboard, they've got a cute mascot, and their emotes are nice too.

seems like they have an unfortunate d*scord infestation though.
Replies: >>2110 >>2128
wasnt hikari already posted here
no its the other way around its a site for somewhat sane discord children
Replies: >>2113
[Hide] (70.5KB, 615x451) Reverse
I didn't see it, don't arrest me. Anyway, they're all d*scord children? I'd rather not touch that platform if I can help it.
Replies: >>2114
would you be willing to touch discord from matrix the bridging is rather good
thats how i found out for sure hikari is discord children ran
hate matrix for many reasons and dont use it now
Replies: >>2118
D*scord kills internet communities, if I interact with it I would be encouraging that even more so I'd rather not. Good to know hikari is made for and by internet-addled children though, maybe there's hope in a way.
it was shilled before and they banned me too
trash site smh
Replies: >>2177
[Hide] (107.8KB, 711x491) Reverse
Was it bait? I hope it was.

What did they get you for?
[Hide] (249.9KB, 1170x1131) Reverse
Don't go to [s4s], it's dangerous. 4chan's [s4s] is pretty risky too.
>What did they get you for?
based i couldnt even be assed to post there
[Hide] (99.7KB, 840x758) Reverse
So it may have not been bait, that's incredibly unfortunate.
That's what you deserve for joining IRC or whatever else whatever else was behind the curtain.
[Hide] (71.2KB, 1024x995) Reverse
here he goes again
i wonder if he knew what this post would do to this site...
also no wonder this is the 3rd most replied thread (very close to the dangospam thread)
this was the proto-jeffthread for a while
[Hide] (35.5KB, 724x724) Reverse
8chan is back again (again), apparently.
>Welcome to the backpage of the internet!
>On infiniteboards you can create your own imageboard for free with no experience or programming knowledge needed.

Good luck IB.t!
why does this brandon character keep doing it
Replies: >>2762
brannie raped my bussy
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