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You have been whitelisted, welcome to origin.

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newfrens just dropped on junku, time for another jeffthread
why wait until tomorrow if i can do it today?
im having an episode of insomnia anyway
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My post got cropped, totally not my fault 
>specifically big enough that it’s comfortable to fit sketches and other workings but can be folded over itself and quickly written on without needing to press against anything or use an uncomfortable hold
Do you scribble on it while hunched over in your beret, slowly puffing circles with your wooden tobacco pipe? 
>by catching or gumming up my pens 
What the fuck? How? 
>nothing quite replaces the instantaneousness or flexibility of paper
I am sure that everyone here agrees on that but paper isn't particularly reliable when it comes to preserving information. If it's really valuable you should make some backups, but i doubt that it's precious enough to warrant all the headache that comes with xerox. 
>but don’t you wanna be tactical?
I want to be free 
>for what purpose
The blow torch is very unique on it's own, one of a kind actually. It was handcrafted by one particularly skilled craftsman that bestowed it upon me around a decade ago. I don't believe that there's anything better on the modern blow torch market, so i latch onto it with my dear life. 
I just painted each individual part of the outer carcass so it's easier to reassemble, i think it looks pretty cool but of course the outer shell can't capture how truly beautiful it is on the inside.
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nice ass
idk why but a hand on the hip always makes a good ass that much better
>That would be the tank one
>gameplay didn’t look very good
i was gonna download that one just to see if youre as oblivious to good games as mahi, but the dl link is broken on my usual pirate site and i dont feel like checking the others so you win this round
ok this one is downloadable
>SFX emitted thrice when I randomly forget what I was supposed to be doing
at least you remember you were supposed to do something
i just carry on with my life blissfully unaware of my failed responsibilities
>specifically big enough that it’s comfortable to fit sketches and other workings but can be folded over itself and quickly written on without needing to press against anything or use an uncomfortable hold
yea i also glued a strap to mine so i can open it and keep it open with only one hand
>catching or gumming up my pens
doing what and what to your pens now?
>idk I just kinda need it
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I installed dda to see how it's like nowadays and the new update is literally called gaymen what the fuck, i also killed a zombie and there are lesbian flag stockings what were they even thinking about 
why are there so many condom drops now, why the fuck are condoms flavored too 
i mean they are flavored irl but why do they flavor them here 
why the fuck do they clutter my screen with stupid dumb shit why do they intentionally add multiple items that are completely identical but have a slightly different name. Do they expect tileset niggers to color each and every condom sprite 
why are there orange and strawberry flavored condoms why can't i fucking stack them together 
why has their description changed who the fuck thought that this is funny 
Damn it's gonna be like that year whey the committed nothing but fursuits. They also got back the ability to prone and damn, containers inside of containers inside of containers, shit's never gonna end. 
The new giant days tileset is pretty cool, seems to be an upgraded version of neodays, which is an upgraded version of retrodays. 
I wanted to play with the ASCII tileset but for whichever reason it fucking crashes instantly so now i am back to play in ascii 
There are also spear shafts and crafting categories within crafting categories 
>nice ass
It's rare to see cirno with perfect child bearing proportions 
>ok this one is downloadable
It's a little bit more complicated than magnum opus but it's pretty fun, give it a go. 
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>c'mon i think it's actually kinda funny
you think its funny?
ill show you whats funny
ill show you whats real funny
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>new update is literally called gaymen
>lesbian flag stockings
>so many condom drops now
>are condoms flavored too
>they intentionally add multiple items that are completely identical but have a slightly different name
>why can't i fucking stack them together
>containers inside of containers inside of containers
>crafting categories within crafting categories
welcome to the experimental experience
they added the ability to make vanity variants to items and ppl are going turbosperg on it
would be real epic if they had a mod to curb all that autism, like generic guns
that was months ago btw, i actually expected someone to have whipped out a mod for that by now
>It's rare to see cirno with perfect child bearing proportions
yea, i wasnt talking about cirno
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New thread.
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Having tea.
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Had tea with toast and fries.
sounds tasty
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Got another cup of tea.
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Got tea.

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A post spotted on /g/. Not looking forward to interacting with GPT-3 for now and forever on random imageboards and textboards. I'd understand the desire to have an instant community as a site admin but conversing with a chatbot living on localhost is way too bleak. Don't do it lonely admin!
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/g/ discusses the best imageboard engines in 2024 (they do not like AGPL)
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What happened to indiachan.net? They switched off of jschan for some reason.
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Is 4chan okay?
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I don't know. I thought it was a great concept, but then I stopped browsing IBs for a while.

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just some friends playing
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slightly obscured elf feet
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i prefer my elfeet with soles
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we're footposting
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Post maids and maids with large breasts.
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Such is life in Canada.
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Where can maids be found?
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Replies: >>5793
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what a lewd maid
where is her dress?

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This is the meta thread. Post your suggestions and complaints here.

IPs are now pruned from posts on /origin/ after 7 days.
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Go ahead.
Replies: >>5684
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I’ve introduced a few more post styling options: 3D text, glow, rainbow, and shake. These styling options have been ethically plucked from ECHOBUBBLE, back when they were running their own ratwires.space inspired textboard. The updated post styling inputs and outputs have also been documented in the FAQ.

Furthermore, post styling hotkeys have been introduced for posters with keyboards who are bold enough to enable JavaScript. Enjoy, and let me know if anything breaks.
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>I’ve introduced a few more post styling options: 3D text, glow, rainbow, and shake.
thank you admommy, very cool
no idea in what contexts im supposed to use those tho
Replies: >>5763
glow seems self-evident, but we can make it up as we go along. together.

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Damn, those NFT people are nuts.
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The art seemed cute before I realized it's all NFT cult nonsense 🤮
post her feet

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You will die in your lifetime.
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no its a sex with animals cult
Replies: >>5691
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maybe I should've stayed on windows
idk anon
id wager that windows has far more serious backdoors than an RCE that needs such an specific software stack to happen that prolly less than .01% of the users were at risk of being affected
besides, at least backdoors like that have the chance of being detected on free software, windows is just hopeless in that regard
That asks way more questions than it answers.
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today was stressful!

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Test thread because my Tor packets started to smell funny and the other test thread is a year old.

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I sure hope this works!
wow very cool
This will probably look a bit shit.


This should work too


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