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You have been whitelisted, welcome to origin.
newfrens just dropped on junku, time for another jeffthread
why wait until tomorrow if i can do it today?
im having an episode of insomnia anyway
New thread.
A post spotted on /g/. Not looking forward to interacting with GPT-3 for now and forever on random imageboards and textboards. I'd understand the desire to have an instant community as a site admin but conversing with a chatbot living on localhost is way too bleak. Don't do it lonely admin!
Post maids and maids with large breasts.
This is the meta thread. Post your suggestions and complaints here.

IPs are now pruned from posts on /origin/ after 7 days.
Damn, those NFT people are nuts.
You will die in your lifetime.
Test thread because my Tor packets started to smell funny and the other test thread is a year old.

This board is too sterile, post some fat anime tits. >>1156 demanded a new thread so I had to oblige. Don't post flat chest, no one likes that.
backdoor in upstream xz/liblzma leading to ssh server compromise

LTS users appear to be unaffected.
It took me 48 hours to find somebody hiring for Jewish organized crime in Montreal. Annie was a mess. And that has now staged towards Karen Daniels constantly. I never got enough speeding tickets to turn her into Mia Townsend. The games never let you side with cops by design. Tortured South African diplomats are the hardest Ra social memory complex aspects to unlock: They are healing as Octave.
Post a belief you hold that others may disagree with. Don't make it about politics or society, make it about something frivolous.
Hello, how do one  knowingly produce succesful art that ll gain 6 digits traffic

How does things add ups.
Whats the algorythm/math

Let's see if we can share media.
Unanchor the feet thread. >>120
Speaking of which, why do so many people become inexplicably angry over foot fetishes? Despite its prevalence and harmlessness, people hate it almost as much as something as awful as NTR. Do these people look down and start screaming and freaking out or something?
There are people who genuinely cannot handle seeing this image for some reason.
Share what you're reading or dump a chapter, don't be bashful.
Tomoko on the front page!!
c-could it be that the junku admin was a girl all along???
lurking a bit at /cuckquean/ im getting the creeping suspicion that it is a board by girls for girls
what the fuck
i thought it was some funny name for harem fetishism, but nope its exactly what it says on the tin
also i remember fujochan used to be hosted here before they got their own server, another board by girls for girls
so thats it huh? thats the true nature of the junkumin
ig that explains why she didnt participate in the jeffthread, too much 'boy's locker room' energy for her

btw i just remembered that junku was still listed as a secret location on my site, sorry about that, but you should have reminded me to properly link it
its not fair to have my site linked here and not requite
I REALLY appreciate Anis, even if her game doesn't hold my interest.
Say hello.
<did it again
Discuss how we would like to sculpt and tweak the board here. If you have any suggestions for improving the board or if you would like to change its look and feel please feel free to drop a post here. Would-be jannies can contact the webmaster to volunteer if they wish.

This thread will also double as the off-topic lounge thread until it gets too chaotic.

Kindred Souls

/robowaifu/ - DIY Robot Wives on ALOGS.SPACE

The recurring Robots, Cyborgs, and Living Dolls thread on 4chan's /d/
Archived on the saintly Desuarchive
Post cool guides.

This one is a little old but I thought it was neat nonetheless, thank you nachash!
how do i?
is there a downloadable database containing all the posts?
thatd be p convenient, but i doubt your run of the mill ib backend has such a based feature
ig i could make my own scrapper, but itd be easier if there was a 'recent' page, where new posts are shown regardless of thread so there is no risk of them being swallowed by a quick burst of posts on the same thread
since the admin has added my site to the list of his sovereigns, junkuchan has officially become jeffzone territory
welcome to the jeffzone
Hello, please visit
OH NO NO NO wait until 4chan realizes!
what's everyone's ideal robot girl?

>mature woman, JK, loli?

>completely human personality, completely robotic, or some middle point?

>appearance-wise, basically just a human with robot parts, or entirely robotic?

>and finally, what would you use her for and how would you care for her (if at all)? any extra things you want to add also apply.
Why didn't they put some plexiglass or at least some chicken wire on Lucy's wheelie cage if they didn't want her to escape?

Also share what manga you're reading.
Post images and stories
Welcome back Junkuchan! I'll be (slowly) dumping dango-chan to celebrate.
Why are there so many sad fucks on imageboards that aren't 4chan? Have their brains crumbled from a lack of human contact or do imageboards inherently attract sad fucks?

Are you a sad fuck?
give me one reason why I should pay for anything online
How much social media is too much? I go to Twitter regularly to download cute anime pictures. I also enjoy lurking quite a bit. Although I have a regular rotation of websites I try not to waste too much time on any one site, but I do end up scrolling a lot every so often. I would like to think that I am not an addict.

Are you an addict, /origin/?
It sure looks like Discord to going to start loosing up its ToS but you'll have to wait and see.
Hey /origin/ what's your vagina's name? ^_^
stay tuned for manifesto & live stream
Hello /origin/, I want to share UFOSHOCK with you today.
Are ublock origin and a pi-hole enough for a safe browsing experience for most sites? I use Tor occasionally, but only for sites for fringe weirdos. Thankfully my ISP gives out new IPs like candy so I'm not too concerned about being tracked that way.
Is it pronounced "Dogisaga" or "Dogisaga"?

Also Dogisaga thread because everything constantly gets obliterated forever.
No one will see this, I'm not sure how I should feel about that.
>inb4 not allowed
please don't ban me, board owner-san if this wasn't allowed.

To keep the weeb theme, Kemono/Japanese furry style only!
NSFW or SFW, anything that's worth sharing. Dump some stories about robots.
i have this list and want to make this list into a horizontal line so it can work with httrack. do anyone know a program or script or something that can help ? computer wizards pls help!
In Children of the Corn, at 19 years old you die. If there was no school, or idea of childhood (no rights till 18th birthday) I don't think this would be a bad lifespan. There are phrases stating that you have only one dog and or only one home, the one that was yours as a child. It rings true. Human attractiveness begins to fall in the 20s, and by the time a woman is 30, or a man is 40, most attractiveness has faded. In Native America they used to kill widows, and I don't think this is a bad idea. COVID-19 kills only people older than 45: if it was created by humans to kill old bags, I think the creators of it are good. In a utopia I think humans should get married at 12, and die at 30, or earlier, and if your spouse dies you should, too. Suicide isn't a bad thing, either, and I think people should be ok with death.
Is Kiwi Farms, the notorious stalker site, a serious detriment on society? What should be done about them?
Admin is insane and deletes his own insane posts as soon as you read them to make himself look innocent. Discuss.

Don't gaslight me.
>You cannot delete old threads or threads with too many replies
please remove all these restrictions. kthx.
Goodbye Origin.
I've been playing with stable diffusion lately, here's what I've got.

I hope it's seen by anyone and this site isn't forgotten
I'll visit you in your dreams, /origin/.
give me it
chibikki evokes a feeling
I love my wife 2B so much. I want her to sit on my face so badly I don't care that she weighs 328 pounds.
Mods are asleep, post Jenny.
Porno did nothing wrong.
I want to take Martyr home with me.
I wish Charu inhabited my computer, she is the perfect friendly and helpful girl, she would be a great girlfriend...
Waha thread! waha~
Post damaged robogirls or damaged robogirls getting repaired, anything float the boat as long as it shows internal mechanism that aren't supposed to be seen.
Why are girls with donkey ears so erotic?
Would you keep your robot maid wife updated? I usually like to keep my things updated but I'm not too sure if I would want to keep my maid updated or even connected to the internet. Knowing I'm one bad patch away from potentially losing her personality is a disturbing thought.
be there or be somethin else
I want to save her... I also want to make her my robot wife.
Uhh, is the board okay??
The Mekabare thread is a bit too hardcore for my taste, I just want to see some bare metal qts!
I wonder what's on her mind...
What do you think you're doing?
Tanuki x Kitsune
I'm in a process making techno music. I think this is quite too hard for me for this kind of genre because I have 'zero' experiance in making techno music. What depressed me the most is I kept forgeting the idea that I just got few minutes before I tried to transcibe it into midi. Haven't figure out how make the best chorus out of it. Thanks for reading.
What are your ideas for a society with robogirls or even your ideas with robogirls? Can be SFW or NSFW, just any ideas you really wanna get out there and share.

Can range from the whole society, to specific things about bots themselves.
Oh fuck, I didn't think you'd actually do it.
I wish to have a robot wife.
I see bright things ahead for Junkuchan! Many new features! Many new faces! No more Kusaba X! Perhaps Kusaba X 1.0 will drop instead! 2023 will be a prosperous year with many opportunities and exciting events sure to happen. Perhaps we’ll even get emotes like all the other cool, popular imageboards.

Happy New Year everyone!
When people arrive on Junkuchan they encounter the >>>/whitelist/ and get bored. They don't know what exists at the /origin/, but I suppose that's okay.
Share your 2hu music here

Paste shamelessly stolen from /jp/:
What if the intent was to prevent a real connection online? Do you think they're trying to inhibit communication except through approved means? When's the last time you received an odd error message on a backwater website? Things are a bit too sanitized these days.

I don't like social media.
heh heh
Go read planetarian. Disconnect from everything and go read it. I'm serious, it's best read when you have no distractions and no connectivity.


Is this board only for producers or can we post touhou music we like?
Quan Chi
test pls ignore thank you

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