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use this thread to talk about your frustration with that website
good things/bad things
i havent posted there enough to know moderation, but i thought /bestpol/ was decent database.

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/christian/ is in a sorry state. the BO is staying silent while a ridiculous lolcow namefag moderator antichrist shits up the board, as other anons have pointed out there are major issues going on.

-the namefag mod seems to be very terminally online, making many many posts, most threads he shows up, he's very vocal and has left many users uncomfortable with hearing him go on and on about his masturbation habits, what kind of pornography he watches while he abuses himself, the list goes on. he doesn't use his trip most of the time, compounding the issue of his antagonism of the userbase, leading to him being impersonated many times, instead of sweeping these lengthy off topic posts he leaves them in threads.

-the mod and BO nearly got the entire board banned, just like /fascist/, lolcow mod antichrist was active in threads where users are discussing raiding other boards and posting cp. instead of banning them antichrist encouraged them to go ahead with the raid, leading to the global mods intervening.

- post 1 in /meta/ states that discussion of the boards themselves should be posted in the relevant board's meta thread, however antichrist has decided that anybody who points out these flaws in his moderation style is simply too much for his persecution complex to handle, and has chosen to ban users who simply asked for the BO to step in, as they disagree with his judgement. after previously being warned about distrupting other boards antichrist left ban messages to users directing them to the /christian/ thread on the /meta/ board, earning himself yet another admonishment from the global mods for shitting up their board and getting the thread locked.

but let's hear from antichrist, straight from the lolcow's mouth: what excuses does this swine offer for his piss poor moderation?

> i namefag as a joke lol.
>to combat other namefags
>want to namefag even harder just to piss you off
why does this pathetic swine want to be part of an anonymous imageboard where everyone except him remains anonymous?
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Raidfags on suicide watch
Moo moo moo nigger raidfag let me milk you some more. Moo for me nigger bitch haha cry about how you've been exposed then neck yourself troon
Moo moo moo raid nigger
Moo moo moo
This thread has degenerated beyond use; it has clearly ceased to be a bona fide refugee/shelter thread and will therefore be locked as a nuisance.

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Though pic related could be just shitposting, let's be honest here, something like this will likely be happening soon anyway. I doubt the webring is in any immediate danger because of it's obscurity and decentralized nature, but the menace of mass cuckchan rapefugee influx is a very real threat if it does go down. Everyone is advised to hold down to their butts, duck and cover and be prepared.
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8moe got smashed flat by the Russian government and bounced back in a couple of days. tbh they're the ones I worry about the least right now.
Replies: >>3104
Fuck off mark
Replies: >>3105
This kind of gaslighting has been here (and everywhere but blacked.mark) for about a year now, and obviously still going on even at this stage. Subversive little shit.
cant access 4chan. cloudflare is blocking. anyone else?

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Per ora siamo sia su rita.null che sul fossato di 8kun.top
Venite lì se avete problemi a raggiungere julay, che dobbiamo discutere sul futuro
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Replies: >>3857
uh? you can still reach it
did you change dns?
Replies: >>1121
Anon, the webring system itself shows the last activity on the site being 3 days ago.
I can't access rita.null via tor, can I?
Replies: >>1174
change your dns to an opennic one
>>784 (OP) 
Been on /ita/ on both Alogs and 8chan, but they're both ghost towns. What happened to the /ita/bros???

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8kun (previously known as 8chan) Possible Happenings:

>posting issues, almost all boards broken
>Admin Ron Watkins suddenly resigned Nov. 3rd
>Qanon AWOL since Nov. 3rd
[check any update feed]
>Jim Watkin's known to host CP
>Jim Watkins alleged to have been arrested for CP production [no good source yet]

Imagine trusting a plan.
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Yes. Heavily biased and unsourced = X to doubt.
Nonetheless, Hotwheels went to NT to host and they did knowing there was child modelling boards and kept them up, so it's easily within the realm of possibility.
Still no word on why Ron resigned? I can’t be assed to crawl through his endless twitter feed.
Replies: >>2690
He never gave a real reason. It could have been that he had been playing the part of Q and wanted out.
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don't mind me just putting this here because tvch is a broken retard site run by a fat retard
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cdn? fastly?
8kun.top - site not configured

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>Tor down for days
>repeated posting issues
>/fascist/ BO saying his email wasn't answer to owner of site
Is Hoppe dead already? Get in here /monarchy/, /liberty/ and /fascist/ bros.
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Wtf happened here why do I feel like there's a story here
Replies: >>3403 >>3404
Admin either got glowed hard or pulled the rug on several political boards as a troll, we probably will never know
The admin left the server unattended and the software shat itself
I only read rumors about whatever shitstorm happened to you guys, hopefully you get a stable place and hopefully I will be able to find it because I honestly lost track after the nth time /fascist/ got nuked.
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you are a faggot

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Welcome to the café. This thread is for general discussion.
Overall there should only ever be two café threads on the board, a locked old one for archival purposes, and one live thread. Once a café thread reaches 2000 replies it shall be locked and a new one created in it's place with this pasta.
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Replies: >>3729 + 2 earlier
Nigger those retards are still shitting up everything and have infiltrated the maidus.
>>3429 (OP) 
well with faggotcord trannies spamming their shit all over the webring and jannies doing nothing about it, one can only come to the conclusion that the webring is compromised. Boards like /kind/ and openly bragging about the other far more restrictive platforms they shill here and spread the faggot koolaid of, completely negating the whole point of the webring in the first place.

No one ever asked to be monitoring things 24/7 but its fucking ridiculous that there are actual months that go by where staff does not show up and are completely oblivious because they don't read reports. 5 minutes to clear the shit out is not the monolithic task these retards make it out to be.
Replies: >>3730
The fuck are you talking about, schizo?
Replies: >>3753

Kill yourself nigger
it seems smug is under heavy spam by bots

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Is 8chan.moe down for anyone else?
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It's dead, there's a fed run fake copy of it with Mark on it. Don't go there, use zzzchan.xyz/v/ instead.
Replies: >>3399
>implying it glows any less than 8chan.moe
Shut down because of a memefesto dropped by a shooter, now it's 8kun.top and barely functional as well as deserted. They didn't bother restoring most niche boards except for porn crap. At least they got rid of most remaining pedos by banning loli outright because it's a legal liability.
Replies: >>3401
>legal liability
Not in the US it isn't
They just did it to have a good justification to delete the spam/old man poison posts anons did on the q boards
Replies: >>3405
Section 1466A is a thing, anon.
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I'm afraid christ crashed endchan so I'll post toast

I don't feel too good about looking like the ONWO but these vaccine passports could be good, if and only if the policy was for all the smart countries to sand vaccine passports from all the countries citizens from countries that demand vaccine passports.

If we could separate cool danger world from hot police state world then this world cold war wouldn't be good for nothing.
Yes, East/West Berlin passports are good thing.
Welcome to Soviet Union comrade, enjoy your stay.
certificate of vaccination = certificate of retardation
you have failed the citizenship  test, you are evidently a danger to yourself and others around you
your right to vote, among other rights,  shall been rescinded as you are demonstrably without a sound state of mind, you and your genetic lineage shall be held as wards of the state, prohibited from making your own choices, your opinions, thoughts and desires are to be disregarded as the mumbling of an insane person

the future is near
thank god this injection leaves a permanent paper and genetic record, not one of you retards will worm your way out of due judgment

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that was fast
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>The skill to deanonymize a tor site I think is beyond the person doing this to sites on the webring.
It all depends on the admin not doing anything stupid. If they are competent and educated, it will take a full-time three-letter agency team months or years if its even possible (they aren't going to waste a hundred-thousand-dollar 0day vulnerability on an expendable imageboard, so it entirely relies on old-fashioned detective work like seeing if they imply where they live or where they work, etc) so effectively it won't happen unless you are a direct threat like a CP site or terrorists planning bombing attacks.
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Just like the 3rd Reich, the Tengu Reich technically never ended. Remnants of it can now be found across a few boards:
Replies: >>2710
Hey Eden, still mad that ya got kicked off /dup/ ?Why copy a low-PPH tvch board on blacked.gov?
Tengu Reich
What did he mean by that?
Replies: >>3317
Unwarranted self importance.

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