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Where did all the real Christians go? /christian/ is just full of faggots, atheists, jews, and roman catholics who are all destryoing the board with help of its board owner and jannies.
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why did the disbeliever bring up dick sucking out of nowhere? their arguments against God are always pee pee poo poo penis vagina. notice it.
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>clutching your pearls over someone using language that's direct and straight to the point
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you're language isn't "straight" in any way
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Says the guy who worships a rabbi who willingly got nailed to death by a bunch of men.
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not a christian, faggot.

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I was going to leave well enough alone with a simple meta post in the designated meta thread, but he's not even allowing that so if he wants to do this than let's do this. Here's a temporary shelter thread. Keep inter-imageboard dramafaggotry out of it and don't bring up the lolcow. Discuss /christian/ things here. Have a nice day.
Keep meta to the /meta/ thread: >>>/meta/15995
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zzz is more rulecucked than blacked or 8chan back in the day.
If you are zzz, then kys. You are a faggot.
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Hey, as long as the Christians are fucking adults, I couldn't give a shit.

>cuck black kys faggot
imagine thinking anons arent just laughing at you constantly when you post this teenager word salad
Get out AntichristHater.
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In case he deletes my post:
What's going on with the mods?

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I was checking on /robowaifu/ when getting my morning tea and https://alogs.space is giving me a 502. Not sure how long this has been going on for, maybe I'm jumping the gun and this is a small outage. But the site was fine a few days ago. Any way anyone else from /robowaifu/, should we be worried?
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>That was quick
Simple coincidence, just happened to be making the morning rounds atm.

>also no I was not aware that we had our own bunker board here.
We have two. Our primary bunker is here, and ou secondary is on trashchan.

Cheers, Anon.  :^)
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lmao, that shit will go down in 6 months
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The site rune since some years now and admin seems very competent. On what did you base your assumption ?
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Heh, how's that friend. The Trashmin is quite upfront about all the goings on in his 4yr+ -old site.
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619chan is a good site for /wooo/ shit, and for anyone who like 420chan-esc stuff since I know some of you miss that place.
rip anon.cafe also :^(
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You're a good friend 619.
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same u

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With the news that this site will be gone in March I've decided to make this thread to keep anons updated on where each board will go to. Post any bunkers that your board will be using in the near future.
Goodbye anon.cafe. It was nice while it lasted.
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Would you consider Anon Garden a viable option? Some boards on this site are already in the process of migrating over.
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I'd suggest you make an appeal to /k/, Admin. Maybe they would consider that. 

BTW, for other, non-nuked boards by their POS BOs do you have a full-automation migration pipeline in place? Most BO's would like their current board migrated over with no fuss.
>Some boards
Which ones?
ill join my pedobros in endorsing 8chan.moe as a safe haven for minor attracted peoples. excited about the /hebe/ revival. thank you @acidman you're the real mvp and you know we love you.
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shit meant to quote >>5584 too. whatever

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sturgeon here, somethings gone wrong with the proxy server. It's intermittent now and I'll be keeping an eye on it while I try and find the cause of the issue. I've also made a minds account :

I'll be posting on minds once they get around to sending my confirmation email.
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zzz went down the minute I was gonna post the new Sleepy Station #7... FML
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Is there a place where you guys archive those? I'd love to read them all.
Replies: >>4744 >>4745
I don't now if it's every single release, but there's at least one version of each issue in this zip.
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>Is there a place where you guys archive those?
Yes, all issues published so far (minus the new issue) are archived here:
There are also zipped links in the OP of every Sleepy Station thread:
tor link on zzzchan is dead. I can't access zzzchan with tor now. Fix when?

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What happened to /kind/?
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Is Wapchan being reverted to the old board software right now?
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> kind.moe currently does not have any sponsors for you.
Okay? What does this mean? Was the domain name sold?
Replies: >>4983
I don't know what happened to the domain after the BO sold it and /kind/ became a Wapchan board.
Site is back up now on the old software.
Replies: >>4985
Yeah, I was just going to come into this thread to post about it.

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>type url
>hello please wait 5 seconds
>oops look like it's broken, reload 
>hello please wait 5 seconds again
>now do this captcha as well
>oops fail to load again, reload site
>try to make a post
>please do a captcha please
>send you indecipherable mess
>nigger dick spamming
>do nothing for an hour
Genius at work. Site will be dead in 2 weeks.
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Replies: >>4924 + 2 earlier
It appears to be working. GET ON /B/ AND TEST IT  https://zzzchan.xyz/b/thread/171703.html#postform
Replies: >>4904
Works on My Box(tm)
>>4840 (me)
Also quest: brain's journey, and, though I hate this, shantae gayme was on it but the gba makes her look more white. Some things are too obvious. 

Megaman xtreme if autistic enough to not just play the snes game too...

Actually, the wario games were remade for the gba were they not? Even wario does not count......but by that logic Zelda LA does not count as the gbc dx is there.....

>>2179 (OP) 
Mark Mann being interviewed by some old Gamergator, hilarity ensues
Replies: >>4974
>that censorious jewtube
>that censorious faggot
>games when they censor too

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Hal Turner Radio Show 11-02-2023



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Polish companies have been the predominant source of our recent uptime. However, Cogent's CEO seems directly invested in shutting us down. I have had multiple run ins with Cogent and this is their most aggressive.

Usually the Tier 1 ISPs have censored the Kiwi Farms by simply refusing to broadcast my IP addresses. However, since Liz Fong-Jones has been successful in censoring the Internet this way, I no longer even try using my IPs.

This time, Cogent has directly instructed a customer of theirs to stop providing us - by name, through the customer's own IP addresses - networking infrastructure.

No company has done this until now. This is the most invasive, direct actioning from any ISP thus far.

If you are in the industry you need to make it absolutely clear to Cogent that you intend to move your business elsewhere.

Just to confirm, Cogent's CEO is directly forcing two customers to drop us, not just one.

There is now precedent for this to be done to ANY WEBSITE that some unelected fatcat deems unpopular.
Explain clearly this gay bullshit, anon.
Replies: >>4914
Big rich guy calls your company.
He isn't even your company's big rich guy.
"Stop giving these guys your business"
"I'm rich and I say so"

They never tell you WHY.
They never respond to questions.
There is no appeal.
You would need to have elon musk money to sue them.

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