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This is /shelter/ General, a thread for all your general emergency sheltering needs. Use this thread for anything that you don’t feel needs a full thread, as a hub thread to direct incoming anons, and as a discussion thread for any matters affecting the webring as a whole.

Please remain calm; keep panic and argument to a minimum here. If you want to yell at each other then do it in a site-specific, board-specific, or other specific thread.

If you’re hitting this thread during an event then please be welcome. Everything will be all right.

The previous thread is at >>5 and is archived at https://archive.is/MB5Kt
does anyone know what happened to 16chan?
Replies: >>3860
Admin got visited by the feds and shut it down
Replies: >>3861 >>3883
There were too many underage posters there in the end that mods refused to do anything about. The signs of a shutdown were all there. I wouldn’t be surprised is someone’s mom reported the site or some other retarded shit.
Replies: >>3883
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Where IS smug? Where is it? Where's my home? Tell me immediately!
Replies: >>3877
They're having scheduled maintenance, aren't they?
Replies: >>3878
Yeah, I wasn't aware and I got scared. But now it's back up.
Is there a replacement for /fascist/?
Replies: >>3886 >>3909
Replies: >>3910
There is mlpol if you are looking for a replacement for /fascist/ board.
8chan board was taken down. the current place is https://www.hivechan.com/fascist/
there's an additional bunker at 9chan, but its board software is inferior, so hivechan it is.
Replies: >>4206 >>4216
Appears that hivechan is down at the moment.
Replies: >>4207
Still down today, for me, is their TOR instance up?
Replies: >>4214
Hivechan seems to be completely dead and not coming back soon. In the meantime, a vol from 16chan has set up a fascist bunker at zzzchan.
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why was the 8chan one taken down? is that common, maybe just one larping millenial fedposting and wasting the siteadmin's time filing a halfhour report if FBI niggers demand them to
/late/ is giving me a 502 error. Are they doing maintenance or is just the host down?
Replies: >>4283
emailed quilt about it, they said they don't know what went wrong but they'll try to fix it sometime today.
Replies: >>4525
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What, is it going to be a chick behind the imageboard?
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Is the idea of an /abdl/ board for anon.cafe still off the table? Requesting one in 2020 was denied and since then the blacked.gov /abdl/ board has lost it's original BO and replaced with one that was stupid enough to stay on 8kun /abdl/ until 2023. The place now has become a normalnigger hellhole that's too uncomfy for anons that like to shitpost, post lolis and create OC content of board-tans since it's now more focused in nothing but 3dpd garbage. The new BO isn't encouraging the things that made /abdl/ fun during Julay and me and a few anons have had enough of it. We really could use a new place even if it's temporary. We were even desperate enough to set up a board on Endchan since it's one of the only IBs available that still allow board creations. 

If any anons know if there's any IBs in the webring that might be more likely to accept an /abdl/ board. That would be nice.
Replies: >>4705
Sorry to hear of your troubles. We still believe /abdl/ won't be a good fit for Anon.cafe, but please feel free to use a /shelter/ thread to muster while you search for somewhere permanent if you need one, although we'll have to ask you to refrain from posting anything more than the absolutely most mild of your board's content while you're here.

Can't say for sure that anywhere else in the webring would host you; zzzchan hosts many boards but you'd have to ask there directly to see if they'd be willing to take you on. Another option, if you've anyone capable among you, is to host your own site, use either Lynxchan or JSchan, and then join it to the webring.
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For erischan users:

As you know by now, Eris has shut us down. Heretic, she is!
admindude is currently unresponsive and the site has remained 'critically buggered' for over a week. So unless they've taken a 2 week break, we've run over the edge of the cliff, and now we're looking around stupidly before gravity says hi.

I am a mod of erischan.org, and you have the washing machine to prove it.  I've started setting up a bunker imageboard and will start import most of the living threads. My guess is this may take anywhere up to a week due to other obligations, giving admindude enough time to regain consciousness and fix the site. I'll try and keep this updated.
Thanks for the information, Anon.
admindude replied, it was apparently a sudden update of php 7.4 that fucked the backcode
The captcha is not working
Replies: >>5785 >>5835
I've never gotten the Erischan captcha to work. There's some black magic at work with that one.
What do anons think of forums and such that don't have anonymous posting?

I like imageboards myself but there are plenty of nice small ones I like. So I run a web forum. 
Do you only browse imageboards or anonymous sites, or are there others you use? 
Would any boards want/be okay sheltering in a forum? (generally not just in this case of anon.cafe closing)
>What do anons think of forums and such that don't have anonymous posting?
Personally I have no problem with forums. Autists don't like them because you can be linked to your past hot takes some autists have shit personalities and it becomes clear they are shit people when you interact over enough encounters and they tend to have moderation issues, but as a whole I'm not actually partial to imageboards or forums so long as I don't have to include shit like a cell phone number or non-anonymous email address. The important part is being able to disseminate information and cute anime girls.
Replies: >>5826
>What do anons think of forums and such that don't have anonymous posting?
They're pure distilled cancer sprinkled with autism juice.  If there is no anonymous funposting I want nothing to do with it.
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I am interested in anon culture and understand it's benefits, hell I'm even a fan of Kazerad's essays about them.
But I also appreciate the usefulness of identities, especially in boards with a lot of artsts. +4 used to have so many artists that half the posts or more were tripcoded. And it's not a problem, idealist autists will howl but its all about understanding a tool and whether it's materially appropriate in a context.
4kev.org (dead) really took me by surprise when I first saw it, where IIRC you needed to log in to post threads or images. But honestly, power to them.... until they died of course lol

If we move away from the culture of anon posting and go to the security that authentication can afford, it's a no-brainer: a forum with logins can avoid so much more ad spam if it locks itself down and adds more obstacles to raiding and samefag astroturfing. Those attacks are obviously still possible, but you're no longer an economical target for anyone not specifically targeting your site.

>some autists have shit personalities and it becomes clear they are shit people when you interact over enough encounters
One of the benefits of anon culture is that it can negate this: a sexist racist US /pol/troon guy and a gay anarchist Mexican girl can both talk about anime and maths without either's prejudice of the other being relevant. I've had constructive conversations online with people who would call for my death if they knew more about me (and merely because of irrelevant and trivial misguided assumptions).
Of course, the moderation issues are a downside. Anonymous sites become a safe haven for those who are kicked out of other sites for being unable to act socially, even in the low expectations of a typical imageboard. Look at ANORECTAL VIOLENCE poster, who invades boards, even worksafe ones, to screech about their obscene obsession almost every day for ten years. I've seen other anons actively try to gaslight staff who they feel slighted them over a miscommunication (one mod saying a gore thread was conditionally allowed, then another mod banning it), with months of getting banned on proxies then appealing by claiming they were a different person.
A related part that I do like is it also negates celebrity culture, or appeals to authority based on reputation points or identity status. But the flipside is, there are some people who truly deserve to be ignored on certain topics, and it's harder to recognize and ignore them without identities.

And yes: I won't touch a site with my personal email address or phone number. Not even once.
Replies: >>5898
The site isn't working, mod logins are down too.
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>>5596 (me)
Alright, I'm going forward with this. Vichan is a horrible software and the sooner we get admindude out of their abusive relationship with it, the better.

I will spend (hopefully just) a day checking all the posts migrated over fine and doing unnecessary red-tape bureaucrap like making sure people can post.
Replies: >>5852 >>5857
Replies: >>5856
Alright, looks fine. I'll make a launch post with the links on St. Tib's Eve, 00:00:00 UTC (about 15 hours from now)
Is there anywhere else I should share the links? Maybe AllChans and getting the webring running should be enough, most people will just find it through a search engine anyway I guess.
The wiki is still working, we can talk there instead.
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Eris is playing games with us.
I'm still going to go ahead and launch the site in parallel because I don't want to have to deal with re-importing posts again and I want to celebrate St. Tib's Day there. Everyone can have a look and discuss or something, lucky we're much too small and zen to split apart like other boards do.
Replies: >>5859
Eris is one super mega bitch, isn't she?
Replies: >>5866 >>5869
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New site is up. Happy St. Tib's Eve!

Pick your favourite. Both go to the same site.

You know, sometimes I wonder why I even worship that ungrateful shit. What have the Roman gods ever done for us?
Replies: >>5867
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Looks like Eris decided to play games with you too. That fucking bitch I swear nice dubs btw
Replies: >>5868 >>5886
Fixed! my db hack to get ddate working was missing an async/await and was delivering the goods before the goods were even made. have an empty box. Didn't affect threads, only replies.
Calm down lad, she's just havin' a giggle m8
Replies: >>5870
i keep trying to teach u but all you do is cycle into ur own ego lmfao
why is this funny
I feel a strong wind blowing, and rough times ahead (again). I don't blame this site for shutting down soon if the owner can feel it, too - may have said it's not from outside pressure, but anyone can tell from recent webring activity that something is coming, wouldn't be surprised if other got a gut feeling...we've all migrated so many times now you can sort of sense it. Maybe it's coming because it's a major US election year again? Don't know, could be a coincidence, but I have never felt more disconnected from anon that I have as of late, and that's usually because of shitposters trying to push anon away.

anonymous posting may allow some bad actors to poison the water, but overall like >>5826 was saying, you're judged by the quality of your posts rather than personal reputation, and that appeals to anyone who wants to discuss interests for their own merit, and not just the clout it gives you.
Replies: >>5905
beware confirmation bias
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