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c-could it be that the junku admin was a girl all along???
lurking a bit at /cuckquean/ im getting the creeping suspicion that it is a board by girls for girls
what the fuck
i thought it was some funny name for harem fetishism, but nope its exactly what it says on the tin
also i remember fujochan used to be hosted here before they got their own server, another board by girls for girls
so thats it huh? thats the true nature of the junkumin
ig that explains why she didnt participate in the jeffthread, too much 'boy's locker room' energy for her

btw i just remembered that junku was still listed as a secret location on my site, sorry about that, but you should have reminded me to properly link it
its not fair to have my site linked here and not requite
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sassy text for sassy posts
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>you mean me specifically or men in general?
>maybe its a different board culture bc back in nano we had a very strong identityfaggot culture which has survived multiple exodus
yeah uh that is. not how imageboards usually work in my experience. namefagging and otherwise identityfagging for no good reason is typically considered attention whoring. what you describe sounds like what the boards i am used to would consider a failure state, with people focusing on personalities instead of the ostensible subject of the board.

not to say identityfaggotry is always bad. there's at least one anon on /cuckquean/ working on some sort of vidya project, which may eventually make it useful for her to tripfag. and of course sometimes the jannies must wear their janny uniform and brandish their mops. but just being a site regular, that's not a reason in imageboard cultures i am used to.

illegible shit text for illegible shitposts
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>not how imageboards usually work in my experience
yea we are built different
>what you describe sounds like what the boards i am used to would consider a failure state
is it really failure if everybody is having fun?
ig from the point of view of ppl who ostensibly avoid having fun online, it must be
>with people focusing on personalities instead of the ostensible subject of the board
what if the subject is personality?
nah jk we really do indeed just derail everything into metadrama
not like any of us is pretending to be posting scientific papers that need VERY SERIOUS discussion
i really dont understand how tf anons manage to take themselves so seriously
the very first protojeffthread happened when i derailed one of osfie's usual blogthreads with several extremely long autistic rambles about whatever was on my mind
that was what solidified my current degenerate writing style, it optimized for time and word count, at the cost of intelligibility bc ik what i was writing didnt matter in the slightest
now i keep writing like this bc its comfy
>that's not a reason in imageboard cultures i am used to
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>is it really failure if everybody is having fun?
at this point i suspect they were not actually all having fun, and you just drove off a lot of people who didn't find it fun, without even noticing.
>ig from the point of view of ppl who ostensibly avoid having fun online, it must be
skill issue. that isn't what "ostensibly" means. and if i were not having fun at /cuckquean/ i would not be keeping up with it and following it to new sites.
Replies: >>5435
>without even noticing
hard to notice when they are all anonymous
>drove off
as i said, we have suffered several exodus
so ofc only the ppl who were the most invested on the community would remain
meaning the identityfags who made friends with one another
>that isn't what "ostensibly" means
skill issue. i can shove whatever word i want and you still understood what i meant.

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I REALLY appreciate Anis, even if her game doesn't hold my interest.
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professional tier 1 nipple concealer.
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This artist has good taste.
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she has some nice yummy fat milkers
this should be merged with the booba thread tbh
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I will not respect the jannies if they do this. Anis and her massive, fat tits deserve their own thread.

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Say hello.
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Good evening.
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Good evening!
hi there
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Hello :3
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<did it again
Did what again?
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((( someone ))) keeps trying to breech the firmament and enter the heavens
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sorry its in my nature
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i better not remember that you exist in a month

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Discuss how we would like to sculpt and tweak the board here. If you have any suggestions for improving the board or if you would like to change its look and feel please feel free to drop a post here. Would-be jannies can contact the webmaster to volunteer if they wish.

This thread will also double as the off-topic lounge thread until it gets too chaotic.

Kindred Souls

/robowaifu/ - DIY Robot Wives on ALOGS.SPACE

The recurring Robots, Cyborgs, and Living Dolls thread on 4chan's /d/
Archived on the saintly Desuarchive
Last edited by Hidden User
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Do VOCALOIDs count as robots?
I think so, yes.
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Hello, /christmas/ here. We want to invite you participate in our annual Christmas party again this year. It's already started, and the main stream will be from Friday 22nd, through Monday 25th : 3 pm PST / 22 UTC . 

'Please come and share some Christmas cheer with your fellow anons!'

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Post cool guides.

[Mirror] https://gist.github.com/WonderSwan/72deb6c85de2be8e4922

This one is a little old but I thought it was neat nonetheless, thank you nachash!
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>>Sometimes I just want to delete everything
yea ofc you do
youre the weirdest admin ever
imagine having an entire thread full of gay little animegirls getting down on each other all day long and instead of joining in on the the fuck you just lock yourself up inside the wardrobe to jerk off to it like a creepy voyeur
would (You) miss your own ib?
you dont even use it
why do you host it anyway?
Replies: >>3720
Who are you quoting?
Replies: >>3722
why are you pretending to be stupid?
Replies: >>3723
I'm definitely not who lives in your walls.
Replies: >>3726
ofc not
the guy who lives there isnt a massive faggot

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how do i?
is there a downloadable database containing all the posts?
thatd be p convenient, but i doubt your run of the mill ib backend has such a based feature
ig i could make my own scrapper, but itd be easier if there was a 'recent' page, where new posts are shown regardless of thread so there is no risk of them being swallowed by a quick burst of posts on the same thread
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bruh have you seem my thread lately?
its doing iron man numbers
>we arent using physical ttys anymore, faggot
tell that to the unix wiggers
imagine getting excited over "added readline integration" in the git log
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>still no tor address after 3 and a half internet years of waiting
fucking typical
just do it like lambda and make a random address first then you make the vanilla
not like it costs anything extra to keep both addresses up
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>update INSTALLATION.md with note about MongoDB CPU compatibility

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since the admin has added my site to the list of his sovereigns, junkuchan has officially become jeffzone territory
welcome to the jeffzone
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zero pussy and what it does to a mf
one day I will hold hands with a cute petite girl
jeffie ducky won
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the pedophiles are already spamming my thread with low quality shit
this arc fits too well something is going happen aryan lads

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Hello, please visit 4get.ca
I hate PHP
Please don't sell my search data.
IQ test
Due to getting hit with 20,000 bot requests per day, I had to put this up. Sorry.

Solving this captcha will allow you to make 100 searches today. I will add a way for legit users to bypass the captcha later. Sorry /g/tards!!
wait where else was this plugged? aside from 4chan's /g/ a bunch of times

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck

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OH NO NO NO wait until 4chan realizes!
There's literally only ~382 files worth of 4chan data that made it from ~Dec. 22th 2013 to ~Oct. 1st 2019 onto other sites as evolved data before that evolved data got blocked by ~2023:
Here it is 4chan.zip:
You can analyze it to figure out why 8chan managed to get taken off CloudFlare and why Discord got censored.
You can use AI/whatever/etc. to detect 4chan users on any site even after 4chan is gone.
These 5 I DEFINITELY didn't get someone to post through Indonesia.
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I hope 4chan is doing okay.

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